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									Drugs Dispensing
      Aws Alshamsan, RPh
   Department of Pharmaceutics
    College of Pharmacy - KSU
          What is Dispensing?
• It is defined as the supply of a medicine to
  an individual patient in accordance with
  a prescription given by a practitioner
  and should be under the direct
  supervision of the pharmacist.

• Dispensing is based on the prescriber’s
  instructions i.e. through a PRESCRIPTION
Prescription Anatomy
Poor Prescription
Types of Prescriptions
Types of Prescriptions
What is the Problem in this
Prescription Error
•   Hold upright, remove the
•   Shake well.
•   Breathe out fully and tip chin
•   Place puffer in mouth or three
    fingers distance from mouth.
•   Start to breathe in and press the
•   Continue to breathe in for 5
•   Hold breath for 10 seconds (or
    as long as comfortably
•   Breathe out gently. For
    additional doses repeat steps 1
    – 8.
Addition of Spacers
• Remove cap.
• Hold upright (coloured base
  at the bottom) and twist the
  coloured base as far as
  possible to the right (anti-
  clockwise) and then left
  (clockwise) until it clicks.
• Place mouthpiece in mouth.
• Suck in deeply and
• Breathe out gently.
• For next dose repeat steps 2
  – 5.
                       Eye Drops
• Wash hands.
• Tilt your head back and look
  at the ceiling.
• Gently pull the lower eyelid
  down until it forms a small
  pocket, or pouch.
• Squeeze the bottle or the
  dropper to release a single
  drop into the eye. Take care
  not to touch the eye or
  eyelid with the nozzle of the
• Release the lower lid and
  close eyelid for 30 seconds.
  Dab excess with tissue.
               Topical Products
• Ointments:
  – More greasy.
  – Preferred for dry skin.
  – When deep
    penetration is needed.
• Creams:
  – Good in humid skin.
  – Easy to wash off.
• Gels:
  – Fastest drug release.
Insulin Types
Mixing Insulin
• Dispensing involves the interpretation
  and clarification of the prescriber’s
  wishes and the preparation and
  labeling of the medicine.
• The dispensing process includes the
  handing of the medicine to the patient
  and the giving of any necessary advice.
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