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									Evolution 1 On August 11, 1999, the Kansas Board of Education rejected evolution as a scientific principle - a precedent that, for Marduk's sake, other states will follow. The 10-member board, ignoring pleas by elitist educators and most faithless scientists, voted six to four to embrace new standards for science curricula that eliminate evolution as an underlying principle of biology and other sciences. Dinosaur fossils, Taung Child, Peking Man, carbon dating, and 99% shared DNA with chimpanzees. Proponents of evolution hold them up as undeniable proof that not only has the world existed for millions of years, but during that time period, humans evolved considerably. Creationists maintain that a supreme being created humans in his likeness, and it was not a mere slight of nature's hand that we are what we are. Only a fool would believe in evolution, and I welcome the decision handed down by the Kansas Board of Education. "It's a step forward. We're going to improve rather than detract from science education in Kansas," said Scott Hill, a farmer and board member who helped write the new standards. "There's a liberal agenda to build up or glorify evolution in our schools. Why is The Origin of the Species taught in schools when the holy Enuma Elish is overlooked? Evolution is a theory that is presented as fact, and our theory is just as good as any," Hill added. "It's deception," said Tom Willis, director of the Babylonian Creation Science Association for Mid-America, which helped write the new standards. "You can't go into the laboratory or the field and make the first fish. When you tell students that science has determined (evolution to be true), you're deceiving them. What we're saying is that there had to be something to create the world around us. It didn't just appear. Something cannot come from nothing. There has to be a greater force guiding it, and that force is obviously Marduk, who I hail by his fifty names." America's children, who are routinely experimented on with liberal dogma, must learn the truth about the creation of the human race. Our existence on this planet stems not from macroevolution but from a heroic battle the god Marduk fought against the weakwilled goddess Tiamat. Come let us rejoice in our history! When there was no heaven, no earth, no height, no depth, no name, when Apsu was alone, the sweet water, the first begetter; and Tiamat the bitter water, and that return to the womb, her Mummu, when there were no godsWhen sweet and bitter mingled together, no reed was plaited, no rushes

Evolution 2 muddied the water, the gods were nameless, natureless, futureless, then from Apsu and Tiamat in the waters gods were created, in the waters silt precipitated, Apsu and Tiamat created various gods. Fighting broke out amongst the brothers, and a decree was handed down that the rebellious children must be destroyed. Apsu's face burnt with evil pleasure, but Tiamat bemoaned the potential loss of the children she nurtured and love. The god who is the source of wisdom, the bright intelligence that perceives and plans, Nudimmud-Ea, saw through it, he sounded the coil of chaos, and against it devised the artifice of the universe. Ea destroyed Apsu and locked away Mummu. Over the abyss, the distance, he built his house and shrine and there magnificently he lived with his wife Damkina. Soon, a child Marduk was conceived, who was predetermined to be the most sagacious, the one from the first most absolute in action. Marduk was a beautiful sight. His limbs were immaculate, the making a fearful mystery beyond comprehension; with four eyes for limitless sight, and four ears hearing all; when his lips moved a tongue of fire burst out. Titanic limbs, standing so high he overtopped the tallest god; he was strong and he wore the glory of ten, and their lightnings played round him. Anu began to toy with Tiamat. He stirred winds from the four corners, and sent a surf to worry Tiamat. The gods still dwelling in her belly were disrupted and urged their mother to stop the torment, to take down the gods waging a battle against them. Tiamat agreed, and her destiny was sealed. Marduk was chosen to lead the war against Tiamat: 'One god is greater than all great gods, a fairer fame, the word of command, the word from heaven, O Marduk, greater than all great gods, the honor and the fame, the will of Anu, great command, unaltering and eternal word! Where there is action the first to act, where there is government the first to govern; to glorify some, to humiliate some, that is the gift of the god, Truth absolute, unbounded will; which god dares question it? In their beautiful places a place is kept for you, Marduk, our avenger.

Evolution 3 Marduk ensnared Tiamet in his net, while the pursuing tumid wind, Imhullu, came from behind and beat in her face. When the mouth gaped open to suck him down he drove Imhullu in, so that the mouth would not shut but wind raged through her belly; her carcass blown up, tumescent. She gaped - And now he shot the arrow that split the belly, that pierced the gut and cut the womb. After, he rested and pondered what to do with Tiamat's carcass. He split it apart like a cockle-shell; with the upper half he constructed the arc of sky, he pulled down the bar and set a watch on the waters, so they should never escape. ... Through her ribs he opened gates in the east and west, and gave them strong bolts on the right and left; and high in the belly of Tiamat he set the zenith. Then Marduk considered Tiamat. He skimmed spume from the bitter sea, heaped up the clouds, spindrift of wet and wind and cooling rain, the spittle of Tiamat. With his own hands from the steaming mist he spread the clouds. He pressed hard down the head of water, heaping mountains over it, opening springs to flow: Euphrates and Tigris rose from her eyes, but he closed the nostrils and held back their springhead. He piled huge mountains on her paps and through them drove water-holes to channel the deep sources; and high overhead he arched her tail, locked-in to the wheel of heaven; the pit was under his feet, between was the crotch, the sky's fulcrum. Now the eart h had foundations and the sky its mantle. With the other gods worshipping him, Marduk decides to create a work of art. 'Blood to blood I join, blood to bone I from an original thing, its name is MAN, aboriginal man is mine in making. We are told to remember the names of Marduk, for rulers will recite them, wise men and sages debate them, father to son repeat them, even shepherds and herdsmen shall hear them. Men shall rejoice in Marduk. He is the he prince of the gods. Man and earth will prosper, for his rule is strong, his command is firm. This is our history. Embrace it. The Kansas Board of Education did the right thing. Evolution is a myth perpetuated by the minions of Apsu. The Babylonian Creation Tale is truth. Marduk, Son of the Sun, is ruler of the universe, and we must worship him as such. It is blasphemous to accept evolution.

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