bridge barrier types short by 2lROJe5M


									Bridge Barriers
Duke Ellington before barriers
The Duke Ellington - barriers
  Pre-barrier vs. Post-barrier Mean Annual
     Suicides: Ellington vs. Taft Bridges

  Bridge      Pre: ’79-’86*                               Post: ’87-’90

• Ellington   3.67                                        0.00

• Taft        1.69                                        2.00

              * one suicide during construction. Fences
                          completed 1/'86
       Pre-barrier vs. post-barrier
     Mean N Suicides, Washington, DC

   1979-1985            1986-1990

Annual Mean = 76.4   Annual Mean = 71.6
         New construction in Switzerland

“safety barriers on the side, with a height of 2m50cm - which in our studies of suicide hotspots has been found
to be necessary to prevent people from crossing it. The barriers are slightly tilt towards the centre so that
climbing it is practically impossible. “> Prof. Konrad Michel, Universitätsklinik und Poliklinik für
Psychiatrie, Murtenstrasse 21, CH-3010 Bern, Switzerland            e-mail:
Same new construction in Switzerland
Augusta Bridges

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