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How to Refill the Samsung ML-2010d3 toner cartridge?


									How to Refill the Samsung
ML-2010d3 toner cartridge?

                The toner refill
                process needs:
                   An empty but
                   A small
                   A compatible
                    toner refill
     The refill process:

1. Do the toner refill process in well-lighted and ventilated room.
2. If possible do the refill on a sturdy, flat level surface. Keep a plastic lined
   trashcan nearby.
3. Place the empty Samsung ML2010 series toner cartridge. Loosen the two sets of
   screws on the side of the cartridge. Use the flathead screwdriver to uncover the
   large plastic seal of the toner chamber.

4. Again use the small flathead screwdriver to pry open the plastic seal. Take extra
   caution and avoid damaging the plastic cover.

5. Once the fill hole is open, hold the cartridge with the fill hole directly over the
   trashcan. And discard whatever is left of the old toner.
6. Clean the toner chamber thoroughly. If possible use an approved vacuum
   cleaner to suck contaminants out of the toner chamber. Take note that
   contaminants must not mix with new replacement toner, print defect can
   actually result.
7. Take out the bottle of replacement toner from the Samsung ML-2010 toner
   refill kit. Hold it upside down and tap it over the flat surface to loosen
   clumped toner. This will allow toner to flow freely.
8. Open the replacement bottle cap and pull out the seal. Attach the funnel
   cap securely on the rim.
9. Hold the bottle with the cap, aim directly and insert it into the fill hole of the
   cartridge toner chamber.

10.       Toner should flow freely into the toner chamber. Should toner refuse
   to flow, take off the funnel cap, reseal the toner bottle with the cap and jar
   the replacement bottle over the flat surface again. Continue the transfer of
11.       Once toner transfer is completed, reseal the fill hole. Use the same
   plastic cap that was pried open previously. Secure a tight and leak-free seal
   by placing a duct tape over the fill plug
12.       Clean the Samsung ML2010D3 cartridge of residual toner use the
   toner wipe that comes regularly with a toner refill kit.
   13.      Pull out the used reset fuse from the cavity and insert the new fuse
      that comes with the kit.

   14.       The printer cartridge refill process is now complete. Shake the
      cartridge slightly from left to tight to distribute toner evenly inside the
      cartridge. Reload the freshly refilled cartridge back into the printer and print.

   The refilled cartridge will refuse to print if the reset fuse is not replaced.
   As a precaution against toner stains wear the accompanying latex gloves
     during the refill process.

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