Learning About Prepaid Credit Cards

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					                    Learning About Prepaid Credit Cards

If there are reasons you can't get, or rather not have, a credit card there are still options
available that will give you the convenience of this type of payment method without all
of the risks involved. Prepaid credit cards have become a popular means of controlling
spending, teaching teens financial responsibility, and helping individuals with poor credit
get a card that will give them the convenience of paying with plastic. Here are some other
things you may not know about prepaid credit cards.

First, you do not need to have good credit to be accepted for this type of account. People
with poor or no credit can still be accepted, even without a bank account. Since the user
can only spend as much money as they load onto the card, there is no risk to the company
offering the card, which means anyone and everyone (as long as they are over 18) can be
accepted. Since they are often their own account, many will not require being linked to a
bank account which is great news for people who don't like dealing with these financial

Second, because a prepaid credit card is a "secured" card and does not offer a line of
credit, people who tend to rely on idea that they "can always just pay it off later" can stop
amassing large amounts of debt that can poorly affect their credit and cause stress during
bill time. Instead, a prepaid credit card can give the user the convenience and safety of
paying with plastic without allowing them to spend more than they can afford, which in
turns helps them to live within their means.

Finally, prepaid credit cards can also offer rewards and bonuses just like a traditional
credit card. Earn points by spending on certain purchases, signing up for direct deposit,
and depositing often. Each prepaid card will offer their own rewards and bonuses, so
make sure to do all of your research before you decide on signing up for one. Many of the
card companies also offer protection against theft and fraud just like traditional card
companies. Paying with plastic has become much safer and even more convenient than
paying with cash, so getting a prepaid card is a great option if you can't get a traditional
line of credit.

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