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A worst use of credit cards in restaurants


									                  A worst use of credit cards in restaurants

Using your credit card at Restaurants

In the restaurants I have observed that Restaurants are much using credit cards thses
days.We don,t remember the digits more than four on the credit cards.As the time is
running so fast so we have to use the fastest growning technology.The use of technology
is emerging as a virus in the west.In Pakistani restaurants the credit card system is also
very popular .As a growing economy, Pakistan is running its industry on the modern
patterns of the time.

Customers finds the different amount on the credit cards as from that is written on the
bill.These people show their anger to the Restaurant Management.The customer always
belive that the restaurant is guilty of what is happening in the restaurant.The server make
a mistake on the credit card authorization.This amount has to be changed.. The processor
is suppose to delete the old amount and add new one.In some cases,authorization comes
on our cards systemWe have to be careful what is happening all around us.. Some times it
works correctly and some times it doesn,t work correctly.. Some times it is the fault of
the Restaurant Management.

Don't use bebit cards unless you are coiceless and think of g. A mistake with a debit card
is far woing to ATM.It is worse than thecredit cards.

The survey of TFS says that the average interchange rate for a pizza is about 12 % plus
1.56 % for transactions greater than $15, and about 4 cents plus 1.6 percent on
transactions.Suppose therestaurant's normal bill is $14, the average interchange rate for
this restaurant would be about 2.16.

The bottom line while eating will be:

While fees can be a concern, it is more a question of customer service," Stensson says.
"Our research shows that 75 percent of consumers say they would be likely to use a credit
or debit card at a quick-service restaurant as an option. If those customers don't see their
option of preference, no matter what it is, they are quick to vote with their feet and go
somewhere else.

We're continuing to see a steady increase of merchants switching from cash to electronic
payments because it's all about convenience for the customer," says Collins."I don't think
it's scaling back. If anything not accepting credit or debit purchases can be a business
decelerator because customers will find merchants who do accept them.

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