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      Live   Webinar      on
      Project Management in Human Resources
    Instructor: Cathleen M. Hampton

     Wednesday, July 11, 2012                                                                     Duration: 3 Hours
     10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT                                          Price : $295.00 (for one participant)

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    You as an HR leader play a major role in shaping your company's
    strategy as well as ensuring that the strategy is carried out as
    planned. While there is much written about the creation of strategy,          Instructor Profile:
    there is little written about implementation. Therefore, in this
    webinar, we will talk about strategic and effective management and                       Cathleen M. Hampton
    implementation of programs and ways in which you, as an HR                                Vice President, RCH
                                                                                                Resources, Inc.
    professional, can facilitate both in your company. More specifically,
    this session will focus on how project management is becoming a                
    critical success factor in the overall HR organizational strategy.
                                                                                  As a professional consultant with
                                                                                  over 25 years of HR experience to
     Session Outline:                                                             include extensive government
                                                                                  contracting, Ms. Hampton has been
                                                                                  responsible for planning,
       l   The Science of Project Management and the HR Professional
                                                                                  developing and executing a
       l   Project Management as a Process                                        comprehensive HR strategy in
       l   The Cast of Characters                                                 support of many client companies.
       l   A Written Charter                                                      Her responsibilities have included    
       l   A Framework for Action                                                 the need to evaluate complex
       l   Work Breakdown                                                         issues, identifying options for
       l   Scheduling the Work                                                    resolving problems, and
                                                                                  implementing comprehensive
       l   Adjustments and Trade-Offs
                                                                                  program solutions.
       l   Managing Risk
       l   Project Adaptation                                                     Ms. Hampton is a dynamic leader
       l   Getting Off on the Right Foot with Effective Meetings                  who has been instrumental in
       l   Keeping on Track                                                       growing RCH Resources into a
       l   The Closedown Phase                                                    much respected HR Services
       l   Managing Varied HR Projects                                            organization. She oversees diverse
       l   Supporting Critical High-Level Projects                                engagements where she partners
                                                                                  with her clients to develop
       l   Next Steps, Honing your PM Skills
                                                                                  strategies using the most up-to-
       l   Implementation Tools
                                                                                  date and sound industry trends and
                                                                                  practices. ...more
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       l   HR Practitioners
       l   HR Leaders and Team Leads                                                  Your Necessity is our Priority
       l   Organizational Strategy Leaders

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