Expectations for Subordinate Managers by Xna6TiQ


									    36 Expectations for Subordinate                    22. Brief me in a clear, direct, and concise manner.
                                                           Anticipate my questions and the information I’ll
              Managers                                     need.
           By Karen O’Hara                             23. Tell me when you think I’ve made a mistake.
                                                           Correct me with tact, especially in front of
SUPPORT YOUR SUBORDINATES IN THESE                         others.
WAYS:                                                  24. Once you state your disagreement with me on an
1. State your performance expectations clearly and         issue but don’t succeed in changing my mind,
    in writing.                                            support me fully.
2. Teach them. (Show them how to solve
    problems rather than giving them solutions).       ADD VALUE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS IN
3. Thank them and praise them for their efforts.       THESE WAYS:
4. Use constructive criticism.                         25. Exceed the expectations of your customers.
5. Spend thirty minutes a day in MBWA (Managing            Treasure your customers and dazzle them.
    By Wandering Around).                              26. When you fail to satisfy a customer need,
6. Continually ask them for ideas on doing the             make it right quickly, happily, and generously.
    work better, faster, and differently.
7. Take time to listen to them.                        ADD VALUE TO THE ORGANIZATION IN
8. Delegate increasingly more challenging              THESE WAYS:
    responsibilities to them.                          27. Be a self-starter. Volunteer for difficult and
9. Develop them. See that they are properly trained.       unwanted assignments.
    Encourage them to improve themselves.              28. Organize your work; attack your priorities
    Enhance your subordinates’ ability to take over        systematically.
    in your absence.                                   29. Find ways to save money.
10. Stand behind them; support their well-             30. Find ways to make money.
    intentioned efforts.                               31. Represent this organization well in the virtue of
11. Get feedback from them on how well you’re              your conduct.
    serving them as your leader.                       32. Represent this organization well in the quality
12. Hold them strictly accountable for their               of your communication skills.
13. Accept the responsibility for their performance    ADD VALUE TO YOURSELF IN THESE
    and the outcomes of their efforts.                 WAYS:
                                                       33. Accept criticism in stride. Always be a tough
SUPPORT YOUR PEERS IN THESE WAYS:                          self-critic.
14. Cooperate with them; look for ways to make         34. Accept praise graciously. Don’t feign false
    them a success.                                        modesty or negate praise by saying, “That’s
15. Resolve your disagreements with them                   what you pay me for.”
    quickly, directly, and tactfully.                  35. Continue to grow in your field. Take charge of
16. Find out what they need from you; be a reliable        your professional development.
    source of it.                                      36. Maintain a healthy balance between life and
17. Be a team player.                                      work. Don’t let work destroy your home life.

18. Keep me informed on your progress. See that all    _______________________________________
    the news I hear about your area, good and bad
    comes from you.                                            Karen O’Hara is the president of HR to Go
19. Solve most problems before they get to my          and helps companies understand and implement
    desk.                                              employment laws and provides a Virtual HR and
20. Don’t come to me for unnecessary guidance.         Training Department.
    Instead of merely offering me alternatives, tell           Karen can be reached at 916-444-6200 or
    me which one you recommend.                        KarenOHara@HRtoGo.com.
21. Find out what I value; make my priorities
    your priorities.

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