Write the script for the film opening by Ob6Nhe9


									           Year 7 English Homework Project for “From Fiction to Film”

                From fiction to film

 For this homework project you will be creating your own film opening
   (no more than 90 seconds long) based on a book of your choice.

You should create a project folder. How you choose to present this folder is up to
you. Complete each of the following activities in order.

1. Choose a book or story that you want to turn into a film. It must be a book that
   hasn’t already been turned into a film.

    In you folder you must include the opening of this book (first page or first
   chapter). You can retype it or photocopy it, this is up to you.

    You must also include a short explanation about why you wanted to use this
   book. What was it that you thought would make it a good film?

2. Write the script for the film opening. This should include stage directions (e.g.
   POLICEMAN enters interview room. Pauses at door. Sits in empty chair).

    Include the script in your folder.

    For help on how to write a script look here -

3. Create a storyboard of the book opening. This should show exactly how you
   intend to film it. Including actors, sound effects, camera angles, music etc.

    This storyboard should be included in your folder.

    Use this website to help you if you’re stuck -

4. Now you can film your movie opening – this is optional, but if you produce the
   best opening, you will win a DVD of your choice!

    Include a copy of your film on CD in the folder. Make sure it can be accessed
   by computer or DVD player.

The deadline is: the last day of half term.

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