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Sample Program Plan - Tender Years Child Care by Ob6Nhe9


									                                           JK/SK Program Enriched Curriculum

Language Arts                                                         Mathematics
    A. Oral Language                                                  A. Patterns
    B. Reading and Writing                                 B. Classification
             Book and Printing Awareness                             C. Numbers
             Decoding and Encoding                        D. Number Sense
             Phonemic Awareness                                      E. Time and Measurements
             Reading and Language Comprehension                      F. Money and Geometry
             Writing and Spelling
     C.   Poetry                                                      A. The Human Body
     D.   Fiction                                                     B. Taking Care of the Earth
                   Stories                                           C. Introduction to Magnetics
                   Aesop’s Fables                                    D. Seasons and Weather
                   Canadian Legends and Tall Tales        E. Plants and Growth
                   Literacy Terms                                    F. Animals and their needs

History and Geography                                                French
     A. Canadian History                                             A. Alphabet and Colours
                  Native People’s, Past and Present       B. Numbers
                  Early Exploration and Settlement        C. Days, Months, Seasons
                  Prime Ministers, Past and Present       D. Oral Presentation
                  Symbols and Figures                     E. Weather
                                                                     F. Foods
     B.   World Geography                                  G. General Classroom
             An overview of the Seven Continents          H. Time
             The Olympics                                 I. The Body
             Wonders of the World                                   J. Zoo Animals

     C.   Canadian Geography                               Physical Education
             Canada, Our Home and Native Land             A. Stretching
             Symbols                                                 B. Exercise
             Resources                                               C. Sports and Games
                                                                      D. Gymnastics
Visual Arts
     A. Elements of Art
                  Colour
                  Line
     B. Looking at and talking about Works of Art
     C. Sculptures
     D. Types of Pictures

    A.    Elements of Music
    B.    Listening and Understanding
    C.    Songs

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