; Kindle How To Publish, Promote & Profit: A Review
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Kindle How To Publish, Promote & Profit: A Review


Develop social proof and tap the power of social media in promoting your self published Kindle ebook. Know more about Tom Heatherington's Kindle How To Publish, Promote and Profit.

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									             Kindle How To Publish, Promote & Profit
                              by TOM HEATHERINGTON

Wednesday, June 20, 12
         About the Book

        Kindle How To Publish, Promote & Profit
         “Kindle, How To Publish, Promote & Profit” is a
         step-by-step blueprint that will guide readers
         through the formatting process, and explain
         every detail of what is needed to create
         awareness for their book, and drive targeted
         'ready-to-buy' prospects to the Amazon sales
         page. Readers will learn how to make “noise”
         online that gets the attention of search
         engines and the people (prospective buyers)
         looking for information related to your book's

Wednesday, June 20, 12
       Kindle How To Publish, Promote & Profit
      Book Review

     Tom Heatherington's new book is not only an eye opener to the possibilities of
     publishing on Kindle but, dare I say it, will become the go to resource for all
     prospective Kindle publishers.

     This book is exhaustive in its reach and the resources Tom includes are
     extensive.There is enough information here to help anyone get started.Some of the
     terms may be a little daunting for a complete Newbie to the Internet but the book is
     written in a style that doesn't talk down to the complete novice and you get the
     feeling that here is a guy that knows his chops and is getting a buzz about teaching
     his licks!

     This is not a book that you can read from cover to cover in one sitting there is just so
     much to take in.Tom has been around the Internet block since 1993 and he is
     without doubt someone to listen to and learn from. Amazing experience especially
     after reading 17 Kindle How-To books over a weekend.You'll need plenty of coffee
     and a comfortable chair.Thank you for a wonderful book!

Wednesday, June 20, 12

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