ESCAPE FROM KRAZNIR - DAY 3

At last you have managed to defeat the soldiers of Krill and after resting
have finally left the mountains. You have reached the River Glin but are
not in the same place as in the journey to Kraznir. Krill’s soldiers are still
following you and are not far behind so you can not double back to the
safe crossing point. You must cross the river quickly. The River Glin is
very deep and fast flowing, so you are not able to swim across. Luckily
you have found a small boat.


   The boat will carry only four people, or the same weight as four
   The boat needs one person to row it and one person to steer it.
   There are five of you.
   There are also two bags of food. Each bag weighs the same as one
   There is also the chest and it weighs the same as one person.
   The wizard’s magic does not work on this river.
   Instructions:

1. You must work out the shortest number of trips in which you can
   ferry the whole party and its luggage across the river. Do not forget
   that each time you have to send two people back across the river –
   the boat cannot row and steer by itself.
2. Just as you are about to begin the river crossings, something terrible
   happens to you and your companions.
3. You must decide what this is.
4. Decide what happens to the boat.
5. Decide what the rest of you do about it.

                               Writing Task:

Tell the story of what happens. Begin from when the boat starts on its
first journey. By the time you have crossed the river it will be the middle
of the night. Remember you must protect the chest with the plans in it
at all costs.

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