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                                 Home Energy Survey Worksheet

   1. You will need your parent/guardian’s help to complete this activity, including a copy of a previous
      power bill (NOT brought to school, though).
   2. Complete this worksheet. If you live in an apartment, you may need to speak to management to
      get some of the answers to properly fill out the survey.

What is the square footage of your home? ___________ sq. ft.
What kind of heating do you have? Electric, gas/oil, room a/c, none.
When was your A/C unit put in? ___________
What temperature is your thermostat set at during the day? ____
                                             In the evening? ____
                                             At night? _________
How much insulation is in your home? (you need the R-factor, but can omit if needed)
Do you change the A/C filter? ____ How often? ______________
Do you use fans? _____ How many? ____ How many hours PER DAY is each on? ___
        (*add up the hours each fan is on to get “fan hours”)
What kind of water heater do you have? Electric, Instant, Heat Recovery, Solar, Gas.
How many gallons does it hold? _____________
What temperature is it set at? _______________
Do you wash clothes in hot, warm, or cold water? ____________
How many loads per week are washed in your household? _________
How many cubic feet does your refrigerator hold? __________ What is its age? _______
If you have a stand alone freezer, how many cubic feet is it? _______ What is its age?
How many lights are inside and outside your home:            During the day? _______
                                                             In the evening? _______
                                                             All night? ____________
If you have any aquariums, how many gallons? _________
If you have more than one computer (or other appliance) remember to calculate hours per day, like “fan
hours per day” above.
                                   Home Energy Survey Questions:

          1. Do you notice a relationship between the temperature and amount of your bill?
          2. In the “Your Bill Breakdown”, select “Annual” from the pull down menu. Fill in the chart
              below for work in class:
                    Appliance                  Cost            Percent
           Cooling & Heating
           Water Heating
           Pool & Spa
           Total                        $                        100%
          3. What “Express Recommendations” are given? How and why will these save your family
          4. What “Long Term Recommendations” are given? How and why will these save your
              family money?
          5. What “Personalized Recommendations” are given? How and why will these save your
              family money?

        Discuss these results with your family. Describe how this discussion goes. Encourage them to
complete any recommendations. Write about why this may or may not be feasible in your household.
Also, write about things you would do if these decisions were solely up to you. How does your success
or frustration make you feel? (Yes, once again, here we have ONE question with innumerable
parts…answer all of them for maximum points!)

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