Communication Theory

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					Communication Theory
   Communication Barriers

           by Neelam Raj    1
‘A breakdown in speech communication is what
happens when a barrier works.’ (Penny Byrne)
The more we are aware of the different barriers
that hinder understanding, the better
communicators we can become.

                     by Neelam Raj                2
• Lack of interest (with poor listening habits)
• Competition for attention from all that is going
  on around us makes it extremely difficult to
• People tend to become selective to avoid
  suffering from information overload.

                      by Neelam Raj              3
             Barriers (cont.)
Poor Expression
• Messages that are expressed badly fail to

Premature Evaluation
• Occurs when a person has heard part of the
  message and jumps to conclusions regarding
  the rest of it, then switches off.
                     by Neelam Raj             4
• Often act as comm. barriers.
• When we feel deeply, whether it be hate, fear,
  love or anger, we cannot communicate
Distrust of inconsistency
• Distrust builds up when a person giving orders
  has often changed them in the past.
• People then tend to wait to see what will
  happen next.

                     by Neelam Raj                 5
Physical Barriers
• Often cause great difficulties and leads to
  confused messages…like competing sounds,
  poor eyesight, tiredness, inadequate ventilation
  , stress etc.
Insufficient Warning Of Change
• An insufficient adjustment period leading to
  change often upsets people.
• It takes a while for all the details of change to
  sink in because people become emotionally

                      by Neelam Raj               6
        Individual Differences
a.   Gender differences
b.   The ‘generation gap’
c.   Lack of confidence
d.   Past experience
e.   Education differences

                    by Neelam Raj   7
         Individual Differences
f.   Ethnic backgrounds
g.   Cultural differences and insensitivity
h.   Personal beliefs
i.   Ingrained attitudes
j.   Perceptual ability

                       by Neelam Raj          8
         Language Difficulties
1.   English as a second language (ESL)
2.   Variations in pronunciation
3.   Tone
4.   Idiom
5.   Vocabulary

                    by Neelam Raj         9
Lack of Feedback
• When messages fail to return to the
  sender, there is a breakdown in

Insecurity of Communicators
• Happens when people are insecure and
  they tend to block communication on
  occasions in a multitude of ways.
                   by Neelam Raj         10
          Minimising Barriers
•   Individual Motivation
•   Audience analysis
•   Listening
•   Empathy
•   Planning Communication
•   Building Redundancy into Messages –
    (repetition of messages)

                     by Neelam Raj        11
• Communication barriers are easily set up and
  gaining rapport and achieving smooth
  relationships is indeed a very difficult task.
• The technique is not to simply become
  competent in the various skills but to bring the
  other person’s opinion and feelings into focus.

                      by Neelam Raj              12

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