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Values = Goals = Behavior = Self-esteem
 “If I had 8
  hours to
chop down a
  tree, I’d
  spend 6
   my ax”
 Abraham Lincoln
What is a goal?
  Activity: Shrinking
       Shrinking Circle Discussion:

   What happened when the goal to fit in the
    circle got harder?

   How does that relate to our life?

   What are some of the things that
    prevented us from achieving this goal?
              Short vs. Long
   A short term goal is                Long term goals will
    achieved quickly                     take months, years,
          Finish a term paper,          all of your life.
          Wash dishes,                        Graduate from college,
          Mail Christmas cards by             Become a pilot,
           Friday, ect.                        Lose ____ pounds, ect.
    They help you
    achieve your long
    term goals.
Why do we
set goals?
Story: Oh the Places You’ll Go!
 Make a list of things
you’d like to do before
        you die.
    Another Check Mark On The List
One rainy afternoon an inspired 15-year-old
Boy name John Goddard sat down at his
kitchen table in Los Angeles and wrote three
words at the top of a yellow pad, “My life
List.” Under that heading he wrote down
127 goals. Since then he has completed 108
of those goals. Some of the goals he listed

Excerpt from Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.
These are not simple or easy goals. They
include climbing the world’s major
mountains, exploring vast waterways,
running a mile in five minutes, reading the
complete works of Shakespeare and the
entire Encyclopedia Britannica.
               John Goddard:
   What kind of person do you think John Goddard
   Some say that he had to be wealthy in order to
    accomplish all of his goals, do you agree?
   Do you think that the length of time a person
    holds a dream is in any way related to the
    outcome? Why or Why not?
   What do you think is the main factor in a person
    accomplishing a dream or a goal?
What is the difference
 between a dream
    and a goal?
A dream is a desire for something.
    Whereas a goal is specific,
 measurable, and has a deadline.
Would you like to
add to your “My
  Life List?”
          Guidelines for Goals:
  Goals Must be Specific – a specific goal has a
   greater chance of being accomplished.
 Goals must be Measurable – when you can
   measure your progress, you stay on track, and
   experience achievement.
 Goals must be Attainable –
 Goals must be Realistic - your goal is probably
 realistic if you truly believe you can accomplish it.
 Goals must be Timely – a goal should be grounded
   within a time frame. With no time frame there is no
   sense of urgency.

            Use these Guidelines and
           your goals will be SMART!
            “Success is in the Bag”
   You need “purse”-severance.
   It requires the same amount of energy to
    be successful as it does to be
   99% of your assets are standing in your
   80% of success is showing up.
There are three types of people:
   People who make things happen.
   People who let it happen.
   People who don’t know what happened.

      What one are you going to be?

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