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					                           Family Development and Self-Sufficiency (FaDSS) Council
                                           Telephone Conference
                                                  Draft Minutes
                                               September 9, 2010
                        Drury Inn - 5505 Mills Civic Parkway – West Des Moines, Iowa
    Improve the lives of families at risk of long-term welfare dependency or family instability
                           by creating opportunities for self-sufficiency.
Council Members Participating:

Stephanie Stebens –Chairperson                          Billie Marchik – U of I
Bill Brand - DHR                                        Tom Rendon - Dept. of Educ.
Zebulon Beike-McCallum – Domestic Violence              Jeannie Warning – ISU
Ann Wiebers – DHS                                       Donna DeSHaw – Business Rep
Michael Fleming – UNI                                   Marcus Johnson – Public Health
Senator Becky Schmitz – Ex-Officio – Via Phone

Council Members Not Participating:
LaToya Tyler – Citizen Rep.                             Representative Phyllis Thede – Ex Officio
Anna Bell – Citizen Rep.                                Lori Adams - IWD
Senator Nancy Boettger – Ex-Officio

Staff Participating:
Tim Fitzpatrick – DHR                                   Lorie Easter - DHR
Marcia Thompson – DHR                                   Janet Shoeman - DHS

Others Present:
Mindy Dolan – Operation Threshold                       Diana Duitsman – Operation Threshold
Angela Orr – Operation Threshold                        Buffy Constant – Operation Threshold
Ann Smith – Operation Threshold                         Ann Smith – Operation Threshold
Leanne Spears – Operation Threshold                     Lisa Matthews – NEICAC
Billie Rail – NEICAC                                    Carrie Pach – NEICAC
Kim Soukup – NEICAC                                     Brenda Watson – SCICAP
Kristie Davidson – MATURA                               P J West MATURA
Annetta Kline – SCICAP                                  Doug Stodgle – Family Resource Center
Curtis Page – FRC                                       Jeanie Running – FRC/YSS
Beth Moore – YSS                                        Amy Goerdt – YSS
Sheila Paul – YSS                                       April Norte YSS
Deborah Arringdale – YSS                                Elizabeth Matthias – YSS
Lynda Sundell – YSS                                     Sandy Rayhons – North Iowa
Chelsea Chisholm- North Iowa                            Jody Suntken – North Iowa
Julie Weber-Davis – Four Oaks                           Beth McClain – Four Oaks
Abbie Dorsey – Four Oaks                                Heidi Wall – Four Oaks
Jessica Weis – Four Oaks                                Mindy Clayton – MICA
Rachel Porath – MICA                                    Kathie Kothals – Mid-Sioux
Angela Nilles – Mid-Sioux                               Nicole Jones – UDMO
Alisa Schlief – UDMO                                    Amber Mercil – Four Oaks
Kelly Haymond – Four Oaks                               Nancy Cleary – Four Oaks
Christy Ainesworth – Four Oaks                          Jamie Cody – Upper DSM
Jessica Berg – UDMO                                     Abby Vandenberg – UDMO
Chris Kaska – SIEDA                                     Deb Harbor – SIEDA
Molly – West Central                                    Marcia Blize – Polk County

          Ms. Stebens called the meeting to order at 11:05
        Roll call was taken
        Quorum was established

        Ms. Stebens asked for any additions or corrections to the minutes of May 20, 2010. There
         were none.

     MOTION:        Mr. Brand moved that the minutes be approved as submitted. Ms. DeShaw
                    seconded the motion.

     VOTE:          All Council members present voted aye. The motion carried.

        Ms. Stebens asked for any additions or for corrections to the Minutes of the June 7, 2010
         Council meeting. There were none.

     MOTION:        Mr. Beike-McCallum moved that the minutes be approved as submitted. Ms.
                    Wiebers seconded the motion.

     VOTE:          All Council members present voted aye. The motion carried.

3.   IFDA Update – Doug Stodgel
      Mr. Stodgel gave an overview of the Iowa Family Development Alliance.
      Established by Iowa Community Action Association for networking, collaboration, sharing of
        best practices and providing training for all family support staff across the state of Iowa.
      IFDA meets quarterly.
      IFDA Legislative Committee sets the day on the Hill and the Legislative agenda.
      Cost is $60 per year and is open to any program working with low-income families.

4    IFDA Presentation – P.J. West
      Ms. West has been a FaDSS Coordinator and Specialist with MATURA Action Corporation in
        Creston for about 12 years.
      Ms. West explained her duties as a FaDSS Specialist and gave a presentation of “A Day in
        the Life of a FaDSS Specialist”

5.   DHS/DHR Restructuring Updates - Ann Wiebers & Bill Brand
      DHR restructuring currently in progress. Downsizing from 9 divisions to 3.
      Will have a DHR Board with oversight responsibilities for the Department.
      FaDSS Council remains the same except for rule making authority which now will go to the
       DHR Board.
      DHR lost 13% of staff to early retirements. DCAA lost only 1 employee.
      DHS had over 600 early retirements or 10% of staff. Only about ½ of the 600 positions will be
      Ms. Wiebers lost 30% of her staff.
      Ms. Wiebers distributed a map of the new DHS Field Offices. (Dotted counties are now less
       than full time offices)
      Gone from 54 full time offices to 42 full time offices.
      DHS has centralized several functions which include:
            o Child Care – both eligibility and payment.
            o Child abuse intake
            o Medicaid – centralized into western service area.
      DHS is reinventing itself and will continue to reinvent itself under the national health care
       reform. (This will mean adding another 80,000 adults to the Medicaid program by 1/1/14)
      Caseloads are currently between 600 to 900.

         They are moving away from IM workers managing cases to having a team managing cases.
         New Field Offices were established on population to even the work load for the service areas.

6.    FaDSS Administrative Rules Update – Bill Brand
       Legislative Rules Review Committee reviewed the FaDSS rules for the final time in June or
       Rules are officially in effect beginning in September. (They can be viewed on the FaDSS
         web-site, under Section 1 of the Information for Grantees Section).

7.    Nominations Committee – Tim Fitzpatrick
       Nominations committee met in August to discuss the chair and vice chair positions.
       Nomination forms were sent out. No nominations were received.
       Needed to re-confirm membership of Stephanie Stebens which is done every three years.
       Nominations are needed for another Business Representative to replace Lynn Jansen who
        resigned from the Council to move to Wisconsin.

      MOTION:               Ms. Wiebers moved to retained Stephanie Stebens as the citizen member
                            of the FaDSS Council. Ms. DeShaw seconded the motion.

      VOTE:                 All Council members present voted aye. Ms. Stebens will remain on the
                            Council for an additional three year term.

         Every two years an election is held to elect a chairperson and a vice chairperson of the
          FaDSS Council.
         Ms. Stebens asked for nominations from the floor.

      NOMINATION:           Mr. Beike-McCallum nominated Ms. Stebens to serve as chairperson for
                            the next two years. Ms. Marchik seconded the nomination. Hearing no
                            further nominations, nominations were closed.

      VOTE:                 All Council members present voted aye. Ms. Stebens was elected

         Ms. Stebens asked for nominations for Vice Chairperson from the floor.

      NOMINATION:           Ms. Stebens nominated Ms. DeShaw. Mr. Beike-McCallum seconded the
                            nomination. Hearing no further nominations, nominations were closed.

      VOTE;                 All Council members present voted aye. Ms. DeShaw was elected vice

8.   YWCA Update – Bill Brand
       Mr. Brand reviewed the problems with the YWCA. .
       The YWCA owed the State of Iowa some money for disallowed costs. The state ultimately
        owed the YWCA money for the services they continued to provide for a time. Ultimately all of
        the finances have been untangled.
       There was approximately $90,000 remaining in the YWCA’s FaDSS allocation which was
        reallocated to the remaining grantees. (These funds have to be expended by 9/30/10.)

9.    FY ‘11 Budget and Capacity – Tim Fitzpatrick
         A handout was distributed showing the 2011 funding and capacity per grantee.
       Overall capacity is up by 80 slots from fiscal year 2010.
       Polk County is serving a total of 9 less slots.

10.   FY’10 On-Site Review Summary - Lorie Easter
         A handout was provided showing a summary of the grantee strengths, standards not being
         met, standard exceeded and comments.
       Anyone wanting full reports should contact Lorie or Tim.
       A handout on the FaDSS program standards was provided and explained.
       In error, Youth and Shelter Services was left blank but it should show that all standards were

11.   Staff Update – Training - Lorie Easter
       The IFDA Retreat will begin at 2:00 on September 9th at the Drury Inn, Council members were
         invited to participate.
       Each FaDSS grantee must have a trainer for the FaDSS Code of Ethics. The trainer must be
         trained by DCAA. This training is being scheduled for early October.
       The Difficulty of Service Matrix requires a trainer at each grantee. This training is also
         provided by DCAA. This training is being scheduled for early October.

      CAPACITY – Tim Fitzpatrick
       A formal report on capacity is not available at this time. It will be available in November.

       Mr. Beike-McCallum moved that the meeting adjourn. Ms. Warning seconded the motion.
        The meeting adjourned at 12:35.

                                                                  Respectfully submitted

                                                                  Marcia Thompson


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