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									Comparing the iPhone and the Galaxy

If you are planning on upgrading your smartphone, you must already be thinking to get either the
iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S II, the two most popular smartphones these days. But before
choosing the phone for you, of course, you need to dispose of your old one first. Unless you want to end
up with a phone you don’t use anymore in your drawer, why not sell your smartphone and get cash
from it? In the meantime, here are some points of comparison between the two:


The iPhone 4S is powered by the iOS 5 while the Galaxy s II is powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

If we are to talk about stability and performance, the iOS 5 is better than Gingerbread. But when it
comes to the degree of customization, the latter emerges as the better one.

In reality, both are good operating systems. These operating systems only vary at certain high points. For
example, the iOS 5 is more secure as all the applications it will enable the iPhone 4S to have are
monitored by Apple in their App Store.

Only the significant things will be downloaded through the App store for the iOS 5.

Meanwhile, using the Gingerbread, there is the common complaint that there are a number of
insignificant downloads for the supported phone. Due to its ‘more customizable’ characteristic, Android
phones are more susceptible to malware.

The Beauty of the iOS 5

These are just some of the wonderful things you will get with the iOS 5 in the iPhone 4S:

    1.         Siri, the artificial intelligent voice command assistant
    2.         iMessage
    3.         iCloud
    4.         the iPhone 4S as a world phone (GSM and CDMA capable)
    5.         AirPlay and AirPrint

Battery Life

These smartphones can do so much better than others which is why they have good battery life.
However, if all their new features are used to their maximum potential, both phones cannot last a day.

But because Siri eats more energy of the iPhone 4S than the apps found in the Galaxy S II, the latter
receives the praise for having a better and more efficient battery life. That’s certainly a plus if you’re
planning to sell your old smartphone or Sell Used Cell Phones for either an iPhone or a Galaxy S II.

Overall Verdict
As stated in the beginning of this article, these phones are the ruling smartphones of today, which is
why it is very difficult to choose between them. However, matters can be addressed concerning the
needs and personal requirements of the potential user.

If you are looking for a phone that is more customizable, then the Galaxy S II is for you. But if you are
looking for a more secure phone with all its great apps, get the iPhone 4S. With that settled, you should
look into how you can be selling your used smartphone so that you can go ahead with your upgrade
without any hitches.

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