Get start to refresh your life with acrylic rhinestones by jewelrybeads


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									              Get start to refresh your life with acrylic rhinestones

It’s just in time we have our new arrival beading supplies-flat back acrylic rhinestones. Easy made,
vast choice in colors and shapes, and flexible creation possibility, all these good features have
made rhinestones the new favorite art supplies, especially for home and wedding decoration.
This time, 120 rhinestones in 12 colors and 10 shapes are prepared for your choice. They are in
hot neon colors, in pretty shapes of moon, flower, star, heart, teardrop, rhombus and so on. How
will we use it? It’s really countless ways as long as you can imagine.
You can decorate any you home appliance, like mobile phone, laptop, picture frame, light…
You can refine your wedding project, like invitation card, wineglass, wedding dress…
You can refresh your old jewelry piece, like hair clip, earrings, necklace…
You can make fun for your daily make up! Stick some on your nails, face, your lip…
I am sure your thoughts are more than that!
Get start to refine and refresh everything you may think about with new acrylic rhinestones.

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