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									                           Tear of angel making tutorial

Step 1
Cut 60cm sliver beading wire in 18 gauges. String one bead to the center of the wire.
Step 2
Bend two ends of the wire against the beads and point downward.
Step 3
Put the bead against on the ring mandrel of your desired size and then begin to wrap the wire.
Step 4
Press tight of both ends and keep your beads in place. Make sure the wire runs parallel at the
back of the mandrel.
Step 5
Wrap four loops and make the two ends point back in the direction it started, show in step 3.
Step 6
Take the ring out of the ring mandrel and hold the center of the bead, wrap one of the wire ends
around the ring band with three wraps.
Step 7
Use side cutting plier to cut the tail end of the wire.
Step 8
Do the same to wrap the other end of the wire. Use chain nose plier to trim both ends.
Step 9
Place the ring back onto the ring mandrel. Taking a rubber mallet to hammer the back of the ring
band, so the wires can lay flat.
Step 10
Congratulations! You have completed a wire wrapped ring.
Source from:http://www.beadset.com/step-by-step-teach-you-how-to-make-tear-of-angel/

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