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					     Charles John Huffam
               1812 – 1870
 The Background and Experiences of a Great
Author, from a Harsh Childhood to a Wonderful
  Adulthood, of becoming a Famous Writer

    The Start Of A Great Author
 Charles Dickens was born on February 7,
    1812, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.
   Dickens’ parents were John and Elizabeth
    Dickens who had 8 children and Charles
    was the second to oldest child out of all of
   After he was born, his family moved to
      Dickens described his years living there
                                                 Young Charles Dickens
       “the happiest time of his childhood.”
   His parents were always free spirited and
    spending money on parties and balls which
    caused them problems later on.
   Dickens’ father worked for the navy as a
    payroll office clerk, but the job didn’t pay
    enough for all of the festivities.
  The Start Of A Great Author
 Because they had so many children and parties
  and balls, financial problems were always a
  concern for the Dickens family.
     Because of their financial problems, they
      later had to move to a smaller house when
      Charles was just 4 months old.
 The Dickens family was considered middle-
  class, but for only a short time because they hit
  financial problems which, in 1824, caused them
  to be imprisoned for debt.
 To pay off the debt, Charles’ father pulled him     Charles Dickens'
  out of school to work in a shoe-die factory.             House
     Charles considered this experience to be,
      “the most terrible of his life.”
     But, most of his harsh experiences
      influenced him to write his best novels.
  The Start Of A Great Author
 Charles parents also saved as much
  money as they could for one child to start
  an education at a university.
 Unfortunately, Charles was not that child.
  His sister Fanny was.

                                       Charles’ Grade
   The Beginning Of A Hard Life
 When Charles turned 12 years old he hit
  the hardest point of his life and his
  dreams of becoming a gentleman were
  looking dim.
 Dickens’ father was sent to jail for failing
  to pay off a debt.
 This loss put the family and Charles into
  sad times for a while.                            Etching of Charles
      His debt and loss of a family member is       Dickens’ father,
       also expressed in an ironic way though the         John
       book. Pip suddenly falls into debt after
       spending too much (like Charles parents
       did) and loses a family member, Mrs. Joe.
   A Better Looking Future
 Only a short year later for us, but a sad and
  depressing, slow year for Dickens, Charles’ father
  was released from jail and times were getting better
  for Dickens.
 Charles was also released from his, so he calls it,
  “horrible” job at the shoe-die factory.
    Charles’ life course is very close to Pip’s life
      course. In the book:
         At first, life was normal.

         Pip dreamt of becoming a gentleman.
             (Pip becomes a gentleman – Charles, on the
              other hand, does not.)
        Pip falls into depression.                        Charles Dickens
        Pip gets money from benefactor and
         becomes happy like Charles gets his father
 Charles’ father was released from jail because the
  debt was finally paid off from an inheritance of
  money given to the family.
       A Better Looking Future
    Even though Dickens’ mother
       wanted him to keep working, his
       father disagreed and allowed him to
       return to school.
          Even though Dickens’ mother was
           against Charles going back to
           school, she was the main person to
           teach him reading and writing.
    Unfortunately, when Dickens turned
    15, he was forced to return to work          Sketches of Charles’
    again and his education from that                  Parents
    point ended.
 Later, he had a different variety of jobs including:
      A clerk in a law firm
      A shorthand reporter in the courts
      …and finally parliamentary and newspaper reporter
       The Start of His Love of Writing
   In 1833, Dickens started writing short
    stories and essays for periodicals.
   Later, he started providing writings
    for comics (how he got his skill in
    adding a little humor in his stories
    like Great Expectations) which, in
    1836, were published as the
    Pickwick Papers.
   With this, Dickens became, within a
    month, internationally popular.

 After a while, Dickens resigned from making comics and
  writing newspaper reports to become an editor of a monthly
  magazine called Bentley's Miscellany.
      Ironically, Dickens probably used this magazine name for Bentley
       Drummle in Great Expectations.
   The Start of His Love of Writing
 In 1836, Charles married Catherine Hogarth.
 Together they had 10 children but only 9
      Their names were:
           Charles Culliford Boz Dickens
           Mary Dickens
           Kate Macready Dickens
           Walter Landor Dickens
           Francis Jeffrey Dickens
           Alfred D'Orsay Tennyson Dickens
           Sydney Smith Haldimand Dickens
           Henry Fielding Dickens                  Charles Dickens’ Wife
           Dora Annie Dickens
           Edward Bulwer Lytton Dickens            -Catherine Dickens –
 They finally separated in 1858.            Chalk and Crayon Sketching

 After, Dickens started secretly dating a young
  actress named Ellen Ternan.
        Dickens Continues To Work
     Shortly after 1836, Dickens decided to
      continue his career as a writer and
      continued at a quick pace.
     One of his first writings was Oliver
      Twist which was first put into Bentley's
      Miscellany in 1837.
     Dickens, later on, started many writing
      projects, that were due on a monthly
      basis, but barely was able to finish all
      of them because there was so many to
                                                             Dickens At Work
        This is what caused the intense pace
          of his career.
     After, his career still continued at a fast
      speed where he started writing novels
      and other short stories in about 1850.
 Later on, Dickens’ stories started fading and only talked about the pains of
   the common man (like Great Expectations).
  Dickens’ Horrible Death
 In 1869, Dickens’ health
  started to decline.
 On June 9, 1870, Charles
  Dickens died from a mild
 He died after a hard days work
  of writing his new book Edwin
  Drood which, unfortunately,
  was never finished.
 Charles Dickens was buried in
  Westminster Abbey. A
  graveyard in England where
  very respected people go.

                  Dickens’ Signature
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