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					                                                                                                              Rabbi David Liebe
God’s Appointed Times Ministry would like to invite you to our 8th Annual Feast of Tabernacles                  “On the fifteenth of this seventh
Celebration October 2 - 11. As most of you know, the number 8 in Hebraic understanding stands for               month is the FEAST OF
new beginnings. It seems quite apropos since this year we will be hosting the Feast of Tabernacles at a         BOOTHS for seven days to
new location. Our Sukkot will be held in Suches, Georgia at Old Mill Creek Campground, formally known
                                                                                                                YHVH…You shall celebrate the
as Skennah Creek Campground.
                                                                                                                feast of YHVH for seven days,
What a wonderful opportunity awaits the called-out assembly who will hear the voice of Yahweh to                with a rest on the first day and a
rehearse the Feast of the seventh month! Although we cannot comply with absolute correctness (until
                                                                                                                rest on the eighth day… You shall
Yahshua returns), we are able to rehearse the Feast much like Hezekiah did with the Feast of Passover (II
Chronicles 30:17-19). Although everything was not done correctly, Yahweh honored the hearts of those            rejoice before YHVH your
seeking Him. Those who are seeking to obey by setting apart this Appointed Time will be welcome at              Elohim… On the first day is a
the celebration.
                                                                                                                holy convocation; you shall do no
We considered going back to North Carolina, however YHVH shut that door; we realized that it was time           laborious work of any kind. For
for us to move on. We diligently searched many locations both in North Carolina and Georgia and know            seven days you shall present an
that this is the location where HE wants us to meet with Him. Our heart’s desire is to keep His Mo’adim
                                                                                                                offering to YHVH. On the
as He has outlined to us and to meet with Him as He desires to meet with us. We want to be forthright
and inform you that Old Mill Campground is a little rustic, but it does meet all of our needs. Let me           eighth day you shall have a holy
encourage you not to compare the new location with the old one. We are to look forward, not behind.             convocation to YHVH…You
The campground is also smaller, which means we will have the campground all to ourselves. Only those            shall do no laborious work...”
who are with our group will be allowed in the campground. This means we will not have a need for as
much security as we have had in the past.                                                                                      Leviticus 23:34-36

In the last several months many of us have felt an urgency to prepare for what is ahead. First and foremost one must prepare themselves
spiritually. Secondly, one must seek the will of YHVH concerning preparing for those who will be disillusioned by the system when they
are not taken out of here in the so called rapture. Third, one must prepare for the greater exodus where YHVH will guide, care and
protect us. Because of this, we have chosen “Prepare the Way” as our theme. We plan to focus on preparedness and John Cunningham
will be speaking at a workshop on this subject.

We will be having a Midrash session almost every day where you are encouraged to ask questions and join in on the discussion. We will
also come together and welcome in the Shabbat with the traditional candle lightings, blessings and breaking of bread. Also, each family
will be asked to bring food to share for an old fashion dinner. We’ll also have a family day with fun and games and invite all to enter our
annual chili cook-off. We will be spending a lot of time around campfires, dancing, singing and enjoying each others company.

We are planning this event with an attitude of selfless service to our brethren. As we acknowledge Yahweh’s Moed (Leviticus 23), we
prayerfully ask that all those wishing to celebrate with us come with a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 11:14). As “soft clay” believers (Isaiah
64:11), we ask that those attending also have a pliable spirit, possessing a willingness to share and a willingness to learn.

If you have not yet started planning and setting aside the funds needed to attend, it is NOT too late! YHVH’s Torah contains instruction as
to how we are to financially prepare for Festivals. There are three tithes outlined in the Torah. The second tithe is found in Deuteronomy
14:22-29, where we are instructed to put aside 10% of our increase so that adequate finances are available to attend the Feast of

We ask you to seek the Lord as to where He desires you to gather for Sukkot. If you join us, please complete the attached registration
form and return it no later than September 11th. We strongly encourage you to register early. Any registration form received after
September 11th must add $10.00 per person to the registration fee. Once registered, you will be sent a packet of information that
provides you with the full details and instructions concerning the gathering. Our office will close promptly at 5:00 p.m. on September 25th.
After that date no one will be taking registration forms or phone calls as we will already be headed to the campground in order to begin
preparing the camp for the Feast.

Lastly, we urge all of those called to intercession to begin praying. Not only for this gathering, but for all of those who have been called to
host Sukkot gatherings worldwide. These are “holy rehearsals” and our desire is for Father to enter the camp and be pleased with all He
sees. We do this for HIS GLORY.
                                                                                         Brachot v’Shalom,
                                                                                        David & Janette Liebe
                                 God's Appointed Times Ministry    5900 Spout Springs Road, Suite 3C, #147
                                  Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542; Phone: (770) 287-0003 or (828) 773-7078

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