SANDY TOWN COUNCIL
                        “SERVING THE COMMUNITY”

                       CORPORATE OBJECTIVES
             To be read in conjunction with our Mission Statement

1.   To provide and maintain a range of public services
     To provide and maintain to a high standard the following local facilities
     and/or services to the Community:
         An efficient public information system through our Council staff, the
            Council’s web-site ( and our periodic
            newsletters and bulletins
         Town Centre Car Park
         Parks & Open Spaces within the Council’s remit, including grass
            cutting and litter collection
         Play equipment, maintained to a high and safe standard
         Footway lighting, in conjunction with the County and District Councils
         Sandy Churchyard and Cemetery plus the provision of a sensitive
            and sympathetic burial service, responsive to the needs of the
         Allotments for use by residents
         The Tourist Information Centre
         Public Conveniences in the Car Park and at Bedford Road
            Recreation Ground
         Quality sports facilities to meet local needs

2.   To create an “attractive” town
         To maintain the public flowerbeds and planters
         To continue to improve the floral enhancement of the Town Centre
         To manage the Friday Market
         To promote visiting markets and events as an encouragement to
         To continue supporting an A1 Bypass for Sandy & Beeston
         To campaign for improvements to the public transport network
           serving Sandy
         To develop an effective Flood Plan
         To maintain and extend when and where applicable Security
           cameras and footway lighting
         To provide seating, shelters and bins at appropriate locations within
           the area
         To support initiatives to promote community safety
3.   To develop services and facilities
        New Initiatives, including taking on services & facilities from the
        higher Authorities
            To initiate discussions in accordance with Quality Council Status
            To explore external funding partnerships for major projects

        Tourism, History, Nature and Culture
           To develop a local Tourism & Events strategy
           To promote the town and district as a tourist destination
           To promote local countryside walks
           To promote the Town through local council contacts through the
              offices of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Clerk
           To promote the Roman Sandy story
           To develop The Riddy Local Nature Reserve and the Pinnacle for
              the benefit of the Community and visitors

4.   To maintain a high standard of administration
           To comply with local government legislation and expectations
              associated with Quality Council Status
           To maintain accessible and clearly understood Council records
           To maintain an efficient and effective accounting regime
           To respond to all consultation documents within the time period
           To promote equal opportunities
           To follow customer care policies

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