WELB�s 35 Year Anniversary Publication by 2IlmwO


									          WELB’s 35 Year Anniversary Publication Contact List

                 Name of Centre                              Contact Name
                     Board HQ’s                                 Reception
                 Castlederg Library                          Edwin Johnston
           Castlederg Transport Centre                      Thompson Young
                   Central Library                            Maura Craig
            Centre for Migration Studies                   Christine Johnston
                  Creggan Library                            John Campbell
              Dungiven Branch Library                     Bernadette McCloskey
             Enniskillen Branch Library                       Alex Hackett
             Enniskillen District Office                       David Gray
           Enniskillen Transport Centre                     Willie McWilliams
               Fintona Branch Library                        Ann McCusker
       Gortatole Outdoor Education Centre                    Georgina Phair
            Irvinestown Branch Library                    Heather Hetherington
           Library Headquarters, Omagh                       Deirdre Nugent
              Limavady Branch Library                         Laura Brown
             Lisnaskea Branch Library                       Gerry McKenna
            Lisnaskea Transport Centre                        Noel Bussell
        Little Oaks Learning Centre, Derry                    Janet Peace
           Londonderry District Office                   Bernadette MacFarland
           Londonderry Music Centre                         Majella Gallagher
          Londonderry Reading Centre                         Heather Haslett
Magilligan Field Centre / Outdoor Education Centre           Freda Topping
               Maydown House                         Siobhan Dunn/Majella McLaughlin
         Newtownstewart Branch Library                      Kieran McGuigan
           North West Teachers’ Centre                       Barbara Moore
             Omagh Branch Library                     Ann Duffy/Margaret Cummings
               Omagh Music Centre                           Mairead Gallagher
             Omagh Teachers’ Centre                           Winnie Burns
         Omagh Transport Central Depot                        Elaine Butler
             Omagh Transport Centre                          Michael Dean
          Residential Centre, Folk Park                       Russell Allen
                   Robin House                         Clare O’Hanlon/Ann O'Kane
            Shantallow Branch Library                      Stephanie McNicholl
          South-West Teachers’ Centre                          Helen Kelly
          Springtown Transport Centre                        Tommy Meehan
             Strabane Branch Library                   Kate Devine/Angela Kerrigan
             Strabane Reading Centre                          Janet Cooper
            Strabane Teachers’ Centre                        Marie McCullagh
            Strabane Transport Centre                          Alan Porter
            Strathfoyle Branch Library                      Philip McLaughlin
          Technology Education Centre                          Annette Fox
            Waterside Branch Library                           Jim Stewart
   Welfare Office (Londonderry/Limavady Area)               Ursula McDermott
          Welfare Office (Strabane Area)                     Patricia Devine
              Western C2k Centre                            Angela Brannigan
          Youth Office (Enniskillen Area)                        Ita Vesey
          Youth Office (Limavady Area)                      Ann McCausland
        Youth Office (Londonderry Area)                     Mary McGarrigle
       Youth Office (Strabane/Omagh Area)                    Ronnie Russell

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