Town Board March 2012 by 2IlmwO


									Regular Town Board Meeting March 8, 2012
Present was Council-members Frisbee, Ganther, Leoni, Supervisor Merrihew and the Attorney
for the Town Siegel. Absent was Council-member Potter.
Supervisor Merrihew called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM followed by the pledge to the flag.
Prayer/Moment of Reflection by Reverend Solomon.

Floor opened to public comments on the agenda. No one wished to speak, floor closed.

Resolution #89-12- Council-member Frisbee motioned, seconded by Council-member Leoni the
approval of the February 9, 2012 regular town board meeting minutes. Motion carried 4 ayes,
Council-members Frisbee, Leoni, Ganther and Supervisor Merrihew.

Town Clerk read the clerks report for the month of February 2012.
Supervisor Merrihew read the Supervisor’s report for the month of February 2012.

                         Monthly Statement of Supervisor
Pursuant to Section 119 of Town Law, I hereby render the following statement of all money
received and disbursed by this office during the month of February 2012.


                FUND                            AMOUNT

                GENERAL FUND                    $ 50,634.33

                HIGHWAY FUND                    $      46.77

                FIRE PROTECTION                 $         -

                PARK & RECREATION               $       0.42

                PARKLANDS                       $       1.14

                SERVICE AWARD                   $       0.95

                SEWER DISTRICT #1               $      10.48

                SEWER DISTRICT #2               $      19.70

                           TOTAL                $ 50,713.79


              GENERAL FUND                      $ 103,504.74

              HIGHWAY FUND                      $ 29,969.95

              FIRE PROTECTION                   $ 93,990.06

              PARK & RECREATION                 $         -

              PARKLANDS                         $         -

              SERVICE AWARD                     $         -

              SEWER DISTRICT #1                 $ 19,225.19

              SEWER DISTRICT #2                 $ 17,870.63

                           TOTAL                $ 264,560.57
Dated: March 8, 2012                            Supervisor's Office
                                                Town of Duanesburg
Resolution #90-12-Council-member Frisbee motioned, seconded by Council-member Ganther
the payment of the following claims:
For discussion: Supervisor Merrihew the revisions are for the truck cap for the sewer districts.
Council-member Leoni; there was one highway voucher for eye glasses. In parenthesis family.
What does that mean? Supervisor Merrihew; through their Union Contract they are permitted to
purchase eyeglasses for themselves and their family. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members
Frisbee, Ganther, Leoni and Supervisor Merrihew.

                                      Vouchers to be Paid
                                         March 8, 2012
                                          Pay Before
                       Sewer District #1 Vouchers #19 to #22 = $3,350.03

                       Sewer District #2 Vouchers #18 to #20 = $2,952.19

                       General Fund Vouchers #A69 to #A72 = $1,463.30

                           Total Paid Before Vouchers = $7,765.52

                       Sewer District #1 Vouchers #23 to #31 = $3,317.42

                       Sewer District #2 Vouchers #21 to #30 = $2,066.28

                     General Fund Vouchers #A73 to #A91 =        $24,442.00

                               Highway In-House #H1 = $200.00

              Highway Fund Vouchers # H132 and #H144 to #H159 = $20,752.89
                            Total Vouchers Paid = $50,778.59

Committee reports:

Highway: Council-member Leoni reported, he met with Bill Reed on the 1st. He told me that the
county contractor Barry Strock was going to meet with him the next day. This is for the
consolidation to figure what can be consolidated with the county if anything.

As far is FEMA 15 project worksheets were done with a total of an estimate of about $87,000.
There are a total of 24 to be done. Bill met with FEMA today again hopefully more is going to
be finished up pretty soon.

At the time of our meeting the Ash Lane plans were not here they arrived today. They seem to be
very well done. They were given to Bill to review and to see how much of an input he can have
as far as the construction.

The 284 agreement Bill has in mind is to do Hardin, Gutha, North Rd. and Wells Rd. first.
Bill said there were some problems with the heating units in the garage and there was a delay in
the repair of them. He is also getting prices to install a fence across the front that is his way to
protect the town from people that may be taking too much sand for themselves. He feels that
there are people that are not residents of the town that are taking sand.
He is also getting prices for scrap, there is a lot of junk in the backyard that needs to be cleaned
up and hauled out.

Supervisor Merrihew as far as the sand putting up a fence across the front she assumes he will
put a procedure in place so that the residents of the town can still get some sand.
Council-member Leoni; I am sure he is the discussion was that he just wanted maybe to have it
available during working hours. If that is not feasible maybe just have a small pile outside the
fence that people can take advantage of.

Public Safety; Supervisor Merrihew reported there is a fire officers meeting next week and will
bring along copies of the town emergency plan.

Council-member Leoni stated he went to a presentation at the county that involves if you have a
property in a flood plain and the property was severally damaged you have two options for grants
from FEMA. One is a grant after the insurers pay off, FEMA will come up with a value of the
property and buy it but that renders the property in the future, forever not buildable. It will be
owned by the town but no permanent structure can go on it. It can be used as a park, it can be
used as a wildlife preserve but you cannot live there. The other option is to elevate a structure
above the flood plain.

Supervisor Merrihew followed up on that and sent letters to two people who will probably
qualify for the buyout program letting them know they qualify. She also sent the frequently
asked question sheet along with it so they can review it. The town on this program needs to be
the applicant.

Council-member Ganther what happens does FEMA help buy the parcel from the land owner at
a discounted price?
Supervisor Merrihew; believes it is 75%.
Council-member Leoni; minus whatever the insurance reimbursement the individual has already

Park and Recreation; Council-member Frisbee reported, there was a park committee meeting
Tuesday night. They discussed the intersection of 7&20 at the point. It pretty much remains the
same the county is supposed to come in and spread some top soil and some grass. That is pretty
much all we are going to do until we determine where the sewer lines are going.
The garden club asked what the intent was for the summer down there. She told them we might
be interested in some flowers by the fence.

They spoke about the summer program, there is not going to be a swim portion this year. We’re
going to try and have four weeks at Van Patten Park for the youngsters and the fifth week limit it
to middle school youngsters, basketball and kickball. Our director was saying a lot of the middle
school kids still enjoy the crafts but they don’t like to do it with the little kids. So we thought we
would try to isolate the last week of the program at VanPatten for middle school youngsters.

Supervisor Merrihew; See how it works out and it’s time to adapt, enrollment for the swim was
down to nothing the last couple of years.

Council-member Frisbee;We had also talked about the speed limit on the road going into the
park off of Depot Road. Vanessa said during the program some of the cars were driving pretty
fast in there, they’re bringing their youngsters in to drop them and taking off down the road and
there is kids running all over. At the park committee meeting they discussed putting speed limit
signs 5MPH She spoke to Bill Reed this morning and they have some signs over there to put up
pending the board’s approval.

Supervisor Merrihew; What’s really a shame is the fact you’ve got mother’s and father’s
bringing children into a park into a park setting to drop off their own children and they are
driving like a bat out of heck. And people should take note, use a little bit of common sense. We
don’t need any more laws we don’t need any more rules just use some common sense, it’s a park
with children.

Council-member Leoni; Thought a more effective sign may be slow children at play rather than
put a number there that is unenforceable. Or worst case scenario, have Bill drop off a couple
loads of blacktop and make bumps out of it.

Council-member Frisbee; We talked about speed bumps but the fact the trucks go in to pump out
the leachate would have a problem with speed bumps.

Supervisor Merrihew; I was at the meeting the other night the whole conversation is ludicrous to
me. But we need to do something to make people slow down, because if they don’t get the fact
that they should be slowing down in a park.
Supervisor Merrihew suggested Council-member Frisbee look in the catalogs in the mail room
and see if there is anything in there for signs.

Zoning: Supervisor Merrihew; We’ve worked several years and we adopted our Comprehensive
Plan in 2006 and we have been working ever since then to make sure our zoning ordinance
complies with the comprehensive plan. It’s finally done, and has been distributed to the town
board because we need to hold a public hearing before we can adopt it.

With John being new she thinks we should have a meeting with the ADHOC committee that has
been responsible for directing the whole zoning ordinance. The ADHOC committee meeting is
always on the fourth Tuesday of the month, she thought the clerk post for a special meeting to
make sure we are in compliance with open meetings law and would like to see all board
members there. If everybody has a list of questions or thoughts that would be a good time to go
over it before we schedule a public hearing. Meeting is March 27th at 7:30.

Supervisor Merrihew; Last month we had authorized Council-member Ganther to send a letter to
the county concerning our concerns over the land use sections of the Agenda 21 law by the UN.
Supervisor Merrihew asked Council-member Ganther to give a brief history on what brought all
this about and to read his letter.

Council-member Ganther; We had a presentation that was done here by Bill Park a couple of
months ago, where he alerted the board to what Agenda 21 was all about. Agenda 21 is a UN
initiative that was spawned to meet the climate change and CO2 emissions and just basically a
cleaner planet which is all good stuff.

What also came along with Agenda 21 was all this recommendations on how you need to change
your life and some of it in there is pretty bizarre once you start reading it.
There is an UN agenda policy the code word in there is sustainable development they list things
in Agenda 21that they say is not sustainable going forward by nations like United States,
industrial type nations. Some of the things they consider are not sustainable they include meat
intake, the use of fossil fuels, appliances, air conditioning, suburban housing, ski runs, grazing of
livestock, plowing soil, industry, single family homes, logging activities, dams, reservoirs and
power line construction.

Supervisor Merrihew asked are they saying that those things are not sustainable for us as a
Council-member Ganther; Yes. Based on our current growth pattern they just or not sustainable
and need to be curbed or even done away with.

The term smart growth was also in Agenda 21 and smart growth under the category what’s
defining smart growth it includes things like housing needs to be stackable. What they’re saying
is folks need to move off of rural areas into the cities and the reason for that is, if folks are living
in buildings that are piled straight up rather than spaced out you eliminate the need for cars, you
are using less energy you can walk you can bicycle you have mass transportation. They talk
about having commercial on the first floor then your residential on all the other floors and that’s
the way they want all people to live.
In order to implement Agenda 21, ICLEI was formed and ICLEI stands for International Council
on Local Environmental Initiatives. It was ICLEI that was tasked with getting these Agenda 21
policies implemented at the local level. Schenectady County is a member ICLEI that gave us
some concern. We also learned the county had passed this Climate Smart Community Pledge. A
lot of things in there sound just fine from reducing carbon emissions to reduce energy demands.
But the use of smart community kind of triggered a little bell because in all the documents about
Agenda 21 and ICLEI they used a term smart community. There was one line item that
particularly concerned the board is where it said promote climate protection through community
land use planning. We can do our own land use planning, we have a comprehensive plan we
have a zoning ordinance. He found in doing some reading is what has happened in some
communities is that counties start pushing down this ICLEI agenda will tie funding and other
hooks in order to get you to buy into some of these zoning changes that are required.
There is no evidence that the county is trying to push anything down on the town. Some of the
folks that we talked to at the county don’t seem to know what Agenda 21 is or that ICLEI is part
of it.
So we figured before things start developing we wanted head that off with a letter to the county
legislature to say remember ICLEI and you’ve got this smart community pledge, we’ve got some
concerns about where this might be going, we want you to know we have those concerns before
anything detrimental to the town happens.

Council-member read his letter to the county;

March 5th, 2012

Honorable Judith Dagostino
Chair, Schenectady County Legislature
Schenectady County Office Building
620 State Street
Schenectady, New York 12305
Dear Chairwoman Dagostino:

        On behalf of the Town of Duanesburg Town Board, I write to you to discuss an issue of
concern that has recently come to our attention. In April of 2009, the County Legislature
passed a Resolution called “A Climate Smart Pledge”. The stated intent of this Resolution was
to promote environmental awareness throughout our County and to set some objectives regarding
reduced energy consumption, more efficient energy use, reduced emissions, the use of renewable
“green” energy sources, recycling and smarter community planning.
        The Duanesburg Town Board shares many of these goals with the Legislature. Energy
costs have skyrocketed over the past couple of years, consuming more and more of the Town’s
budget, which is already under the pressure of the difficult financial climate we are all
experiencing. Naturally, we are all concerned about conserving and preserving clean air, clean
water, and green spaces for our generation as well as future ones. The Town Board has already
adopted procedures to conserve energy, reduce energy costs, and preserve key green areas and
        That being said, the Duanesburg Town Board is concerned that the underlying objective
of the Climate Smart Pledge Resolution may be to implement the policies outlined in the UN’s
Agenda 21. We note that Schenectady County is a member of ICLEI, the International Council
for Local Environmental Initiatives. One of the main objectives of ICLEI is to promote the
adoption of Agenda 21 policies at State, County and Local Government levels. With that in
mind,the Duanesburg Town Board has reservations about some of the content of the Climate
Smart Pledge Resolution.
       In particular, we have concerns with the statement in the Resolution that encourages
“climate protection through community land use planning”. We are unclear as to what this
provision means or how the County Legislature proposes to meet this goal.
       As you know, our community has adopted its own land use planning ordinances including
the updated Town of Duanesburg Comprehensive Plan adopted in July of 2006. This plan, along
with our Zoning Ordinance, addresses responsible development and the preservation of open
areas, where and as appropriate for our community. One such example is our “Cluster
Development” policy, which requires that a certain percentage of land be set aside in perpetuity
for a development meeting this criterion.
       In contrast, some of the community land use planning techniques espoused by Agenda
21, and by extension the County`s resolution, are designed to support what has come to be
known as “Sustainable Development,” a program that can substantially restrict individual private
property rights. Importantly, Agenda 21 advocates the movement of rural residents off of their
land in the “suburbs” into “stackable” city dwelling units where they can use mass
transportation, with the goal of returning the residential property to its original state, all under the
mantra of the undefined term “sustainability.”
         To illustrate why the Duanesburg Town Board has concerns in this regard, we need only
look to some public statements made when Agenda 21 was adopted in 1992. UN Secretary
General Maurice Strong stated “current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent
middle class – involving meat intake, fossil fuels, appliances, air conditioning and suburban
housing are not sustainable”. Harvey Ruvin, a member of the ICLEI executive committee said
with regard to these policies “Individual Rights will have to take a back seat to the collective”.
We find these positions to be disconcerting. The Duanesburg Town Board believes that our “way
of life” is very much sustainable and we reject the notion that our individual property rights
should take a back seat to “the collective”.

        Since Congress would not adopt Agenda 21 in the 1990’s, President Clinton took matters
into his own hands and signed an Executive Order implementing it. J. Gary Lawrence, an
advisor to President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development said: “Participating in a UN
advocated planning process would very likely bring out many… who would actively work to
defeat any elected official… undertaking Local Agenda 21. So, we will call our process
something else, such as “comprehensive planning”, “growth management” or “smart growth”.
We believe that the Climate “Smart” Pledge adopted by the County is a clear example of how
Agenda 21 can be promoted under the guise of popular and trendy catch phrases, seemingly
unbeknownst to local municipalities.
       The Duanesburg Town Board is not alone in its concern with ICLEI and their objectives.
Communities around the country are coming to recognize the damage that the policies of Agenda
21 and ICLEI can have on private property rights.Many communities, including Carroll County
Maryland, Spartansburg South Carolina, New Rochelle New York, Amador County California,
Cleveland Tennessee and Charlottesville Virginia have already rejected Agenda 21 or withdrawn
their membership from ICLEI entirely. In fact, just last week, Ocean County New Jersey added
its name to this growing list by passing a resolution rejecting Agenda 21.
        In summary, the Duanesburg Town Board remains committed to the preservation and
conservation of air, water and soil resources. We treasure our green spaces, as the very essence
of rural life and as the very thing that draws us and keeps us as residents of Duanesburg. We
agree with most of the intent of the County’s Climate Smart Pledge. To that end, we have
developed a responsible Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance that puts emphasis on the
conservation and preservation of green space and rural lands, while promoting business growth
and development. We also welcome the opportunity to work with the County to improve our
focus in these areas. However, we will not do so at the expense of individual property rights and
individual liberty, or at the behest of international organizations such as the UN or ICLEI.
       Accordingly, we respectfully request that Schenectady County reconsider its membership
in ICLEI, and also consider amending the Climate Smart Pledge to reflect not only its desire to
preserve the environment, but its desire to protect the individual property rights of its residents.

                                                       John D Ganther
                                                       Duanesburg Councilman
                                               On behalf of the Duanesburg Town Board

cc: Duanesburg Town Board
   Duanesburg Town Clerk
   Schenectady County Legislature
Council-member Ganther; Some pretty bizarre changes to how land gets used has come out of
implementing Agenda 21 and implementing the policies that ICLEI promotes. A couple of
examples this gentleman by the name of Charlie in NJ who owns 4 acres of land with a small
stream. The EPA reclassified his stream to give itself authority over it and then imposed a 300’
buffer on either side rendering the majority of Charlie’s land untouchable. All he can do now is
mow it. During the last storm trees blew over but he is not allowed to clean them up nor cut
them for fire wood. In other words his land is no longer his to do as he pleases. In addition the
value of his property has dropped considerably therefore reducing his net worth.
Another example, also down in NJ this gentleman by the name of Bill was notified of a new
zoning regulation; the tree drip line ordinance. This passage means he cannot disturb the land
beneath the outer edge of the lines of each of the trees of his property. Since Bill’s property is
40% trees he now has lost the use of 40% of his property.

Council-member Ganther went to a meeting earlier this week at Schenectady County they were
soliciting input to create a climate action plan. This group is the Schenectady County
Environmental Advisory Council. The county is doing similar work to what SCEAC does,
making sure the environment is protected. So they’ll review land use and anything that might be
happening that might be impacting environment and recommend ways those problems can be
remediated. A lot of it was all good stuff talking about waste reducing, energy consumption
reduce CO2 emissions, what can we do in cities as far as mass transportation. Folks can do
energy audits to help make their homes more efficient.
The conversation came around to him one of the moderators looked to him as a town board
member how can you help the county reach these goals of the climate action plan.

Council-member Ganther told him that out in Duanesburg we already have a comprehensive plan
and in that plan it does address things like green spaces and he explained how the cluster
development policy works and how if you had multiple units going on a plot of land you’re
required a certain amount of that land be set aside.
He also mentioned to them that out in Duanesburg our goals are going to be significantly
different than in the City of Schenectady we’ve got limits on what we can do. For instance we
can’t ride our bicycles to work in order to put food on our table nearly all of us need to get in our
car and drive to work. We don’t have mass transportation we really don’t have any option.
One of the gentlemen asked Council-member Ganther if he would consider some sort of
restriction on development out in Duanesburg and would you recommend to the people in town
that they move into the city.
Council-member Ganther has done a ton of research to get to the bottom of it all.

Supervisor Merrihew; Councilman Ganther did an excellent job on his letter to the county.
Several months ago watched the county meeting a recommendation that some chain saws be
banned in the county. They had referenced the fact that there had been resolutions passed by the
county in the past to protect the environment. What’s okay for the city is not okay for the Town
of Duanesburg. Then Agenda 21 information came to light and you put it all together. We really
need to be very vigilant in protecting ourselves. My concern is to the land use planning.
Everybody should be recycling everybody should be doing what they can to control emissions.

Supervisor Merrihew would like to know what our county legislators think. The very brief “hey
have you heard of this Agenda 21” in talking with them at events, haven’t had time to sit down
and talk to them to see if they have heard of it. Maybe they don’t know any more than we did.

Council-member Gather has a list of 15 different counties around the country who have
withdrawn or rejected it over the past year, which means first they adopted it, thinking they are
doing a good thing. This is getting more and more publicity. As people are learning about it they
are learning about it they are like wait a minute, we want to do all these good things but we don’t
want to have total upheaval to the way we live.

Council-member Leoni; hopefully they will educate themselves a little better. It’s appalling.
Why do you enact something you didn’t know anything about.

Council-member Ganther; If you look at ICLEI on the surface, the things that they’re espousing
sound like good common sense stuff. It’s the details you got to dig in.

Supervisor Merrihew gave the zoning report:
To: Rene` Merrihew, Town Supervisor and Town Board Members
From: Dale Warner, Building, Planning & Zoning
        ____ New One or Two Family Dwellings
         _ __ Permit Renewals
        _____New Residential Occupancies (not including one & two family)
        __2 _ Additions, alterations, repairs on existing residential dwellings
       _        Permit Renewals
           7    All other permits (pools, sheds, barns, garages, decks, plumbing, Etc.)
             ___Permit Renewals
        __ __ New Commercial/Industrial buildings
                Permit Renewals
        _____New Hazardous Occupancies
        __2__Additions, alterations, repairs on existing commercial/Industrial/Hazardous
        __ _ Permit Renewals
         _10 Certificates of Occupancy                 _____Operating Permits
         _      Temporary Certificate of Occupancy __1__Sign Permits
         __1 _Fire Safety and Property Maintenance (Public Assembly 50 or more)
         _1     Complaints/Violations                  ____ Stop Work Orders
         _      Septic System Construction/Repairs 1___ Demolition Permits
Zoning and Planning Applications:
         _____Variance                                _____ Home Occupation
         _____ Major Subdivision                      __ __ Minor Subdivision

           _ ___ Special Use Permits
Fees Charged:
Building Permits $615
Septic System Construction Fees $0
Planning and Zoning Applications       $0
Parkland Fees
Cell Tower (new and co-location)
                Building Dept. vehicles fuel usage __69.3___gallons

Report for the Village of Delanson
To: Sally Burns, Mayor and Village Trustees
From: Dale Warner, Building, Planning & Zoning
                 New One or Two Family Dwellings
                 New Residential Occupancies (not including one & two family)
Renewal 1       Additions, alterations, repairs on existing residential dwellings
                All other permits (pools, sheds, barns, garages, decks, plumbing, Etc.)
                New Commercial/Industrial buildings
                New Hazardous Occupancies

                Additions, alterations, repairs on existing Commercial/Industrial/Hazardous
         1      Certificates of Occupancy                       1    Operating Permits
        1       Fire Safety and Property Maintenance (Public Assembly 50 or more)
                 Complaints                                     Stop Work Orders
Zoning and Planning Applications:

                  Variance                                      Home Occupation

                  Major Subdivision                             Minor Subdivision

                  Special Use Permits

Fees Charged:
Building Permits
Planning and Zoning Applications
Hours Charged to Village
Clerk       1                    Building Inspector     2.5
Supervisor Merrihew gave the report for the Sewer District 1 & 2
SD#1 Cole Road pump plugged- a lot of plugged up pumps. Council-member Potter had
indicated that was due to baby wipes and also feminine hygiene products. It is really creating
costly repairs and unnecessary repairs. If residents could refrain from throwing those items in
your toilet it would be very helpful.

SD#2 They had to replace some floats, they had a problem with a pump station on So. Shore Rd.
and other regular maintenance items. We have approved the purchase of a utility cap for the
sewer district truck. They needed the utility box he needed something to carry the tools back and
forth. Thanked Gary, he found it on Craig’s List for $550.00 it was a $3000 cap. He said it is in
excellent shape and is exactly what he needed.

Council-member Frisbee; We went through a lot with the Ash Lane bridge, spent what looked
like a lot of money with our temporary bridge. The other night we had an ambulance call on Ash
Lane and I really have to thank the guys here for what we did we were able to drive the
ambulance across the bridge we were able to drive a fire truck across the bridge. What’s a life

Supervisor Merrihew; That was a very sound decision that we made, it was just in time, because
in this situation minutes counted. That is exactly why we did it, we were afraid something like
this would happen.

Resolution #91-12- Council-member Frisbee motioned, seconded by Council-member Leoni to
award the leachate hauling contract for the Town of Duanesburg landfill to Blue Diamond
Septic. For discussion: Supervisor Merrihew; I did receive the recommendation from H2H and
he had reviewed the cost quotes submitted by Precision as well as Blue Diamond. Blue Diamond
did have the lower bid, they have adequate pollution liability insurance and it is a savings of $45
a load over the other company. They also are the company that has the bid for hauling the sludge
out of our sewer districts. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members Frisbee, Leoni, Ganther and
Supervisor Merrihew.

Resolution #92-12-Council-member Leoni motioned, seconded by Council-member Frisbee to
authorize the Supervisor to sign an engineering contract with Lamont Engineers for the Wells
Road culvert replacement project. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members Leoni, Frisbee,
Ganther and Supervisor Merrihew.

Resolution #93-12-Council-member Ganther motioned, seconded by Council-member Leoni to
authorize the Supervisor to sign an agreement with the Village of Delanson to provide highway
services. For discussion: Council-member Leoni; this is an extension to the agreement at the
same level of reimbursement. The signing of the union contract we would have a better idea
what to charge for the services. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members Ganther, Leoni, Frisbee
and Supervisor Merrihew.

Resolution #94-12-Council-member Frisbee motioned, seconded by Council-member Leoni to
authorize the Supervisor to sign an agreement with the Village of Delanson to provide Building
Inspector Services. For discussion; Supervisor Merrihew; It is the same contract as last year
because there were no pay increases for employees at town hall. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-
members Frisbee, Leoni, Ganther and Supervisor Merrihew.

Resolution #95-12-Council-member Leoni motioned, seconded by Council-member Ganther to
authorize the Supervisor to sign agreement between the town and Princetown to provide highway
services. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members Leoni, Ganther, Frisbee and Supervisor

Resolution #96-12-Council-member Frisbee motioned, seconded by Council-member Ganther to
accept the Mariaville Fire Department Service Award Program certification of fire personnel that
have earned their required points for 2011; For discussion: This has been posted as it’s required
by law, it has been posted for at least thirty days at the fire department and we all need to sign it.
Lars Breckenridge 70                                Robert Chandler Jr.      96
Mark Deleva           102                           Ralph DeNofio           107
Gary Engle             83                            Phillip Engle           82
Seth Goldstein       111                             Eric Horn               80
Scott King             84                            Lawrence Lucks         108
Ralph Pannitto        85                            Brian Renaud             86
Melissa Renaud       118                            David Schaub            114
James Sowizdral        54
Charles Snyder       111                            Douglas St. Andrews       75
Thomas Bulman          97                           Richard Donohue           64
Ronald Kutz            62                            Kenneth LaBelle Sr.      62
Raymond Stone Jr. 77                                 James Weakley           115
Richard Weakley        71
Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members Frisbee, Ganther, Leoni and Supervisor Merrihew.

Supervisor Merrihew; Back in January of 2011 we had sent a request for a speed limit reduction
on Darby Hill Rd. February 13th 2012 we received a letter stating a letter they did indeed grant
that reduction. When we tell people it takes a little time, it takes a little time. In the meantime
we had a request up at Duane Lake and they denied that one fairly quickly

Council-member Frisbee; A resident approached her asking at the intersection of I-88 and 7 she
wanted some information on what kind of accidents we were looking at, at that corner. She
thinks we need a stop light or blinking light said people are running through the stop sign.

Attorney Siegel; That is a state road, it is not our jurisdiction.

No other business, privilege of the floor opened at 8:45pm

Carl Petrone- Millers Corner Road- Thanked the town board for their investigation on Agenda
21with the county, especially on the area of sustainable development. As the supervisor said we
should find out from our representatives how they feel on this. It would be nice if maybe they
could visit us. It is remarkable how something like this could slip by unnoticed. It is like out
Congress they sign it first and then they read it later. It just is not right. Councilman Ganther did
a real great job.

No one else wished to speak floor closed at 8:46PM.

Council-member Frisbee motioned to adjourn seconded by Council-member Leoni. All in favor.

I, Leah M. Lennon, Town Clerk of the Town of Duanesburg, do hereby certify that this is a true
and accurate transcript of the regular town board meeting held at the Duanesburg Town Hall,
5853 Western Turnpike Duanesburg, NY on Thursday March 8, 2012.

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