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					1                      Minutes for meeting of Rockbeare Parish Council 6/7/09
                                  ROCKBEARE PARISH COUNCIL
Minutes for a meeting of Rockbeare Parish Council held at 7.30pm on Monday 6th July 2009 at Marsh
Green Village Hall.

Present:       Cllrs Colin Please (Chairman), Moira Trigger (Vice Chairman), Ian Please, John Trigger,
               Shaun Forsyth, David Dart, Cllr Peter Bowden (County and District Councillor), PC Dave
               Smith and 6 members of the public.
Apologies:     Cllr Derek Button (District Councillor), Colin Ivison,

1.      APOLOGIES: To receive apologies for absence. AS ABOVE

2       MINUTES: Minutes of the last meeting of Rockbeare Parish Council held on Wednesday 3rd June
        2009 were signed as a correct record of that meeting. AGREED
2.1     Resignation – Cllr David Dart has written giving his resignation from the parish council due to work
        and home commitments. For acceptance, clerk to inform the district council and advertise the

3       DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & RISK ASSESSMENT: To receive declarations of interest and
        to note any additional risks. NONE

        Mrs Berry has asked the Youth Club members and they have agreed they would like to paint the
        bus shelter – they chose cream and black and it was agreed that the paint would be reimbursed.
        Cllr Trigger agreed to purchase paint (graffiti proof if possible) and liase with Mrs Berry.

4        PLANNING for details
4.1      Decisions (for information)

4.2     Applications (for comment, support or objection)
4.2.1   09/0660/MFUL Former Nursery south of The Grange – change of use of land to form gypsy site
        involving 20 permanent residential pitches with ancillary day rooms and 10 transit pitches together
        with shower block, formation of new access road and internal driveways, vehicle parking areas,
        onsite sewage treatment plant and retention of associated engineering works. Amended plan for
        comment within 14 days. Agreed to adopt a slightly revised version of Mr Millers draft response as
        circulated to the parish council with the agenda which upholds the original submission that if the
        splay is not legally possible for the sake of highway safety an alternative access should be sought.

4.3     Copy letter Kate Little EDDC Head of Planning to Communities and Local Government –
        EDDC agrees with the view of many of its parish councils that the system of retrospective planning
        applications effectively allows a two tier system of applying for planning permission. Those who
        don’t bother to apply but build first and take the risk are seen to be effectively ‘thumbing their nose’
        at the planning system. Whilst it is not technically unlawful to apply for retrospective permission,
        EDDC propose to review their planning fees to double the charge for retrospective applications as
        a form of penalty. Response awaited from C&LG
4.4     Gypsy and Traveller sites – everyone will be aware that there is a need within Rockbeare and all
        parishes in Devon for the provision of more legal pitches to house our travelling community. Mr
        Randall has been pursuing his idea of encouraging parishes within our ward to consider provision
        of small one or two pitch sites within their parishes, which could be managed by the parish council
        and government funded. The option being to wait for EDDC to chose places they think would be
        best to meet the need, which may not be as satisfactory. It is known that small sites are more
        desirable and better for quality of life issues as well as integration with the settled community. Mr
        Randall has been in discussion with the Chief Executive and Local Policy department at EDDC and
        together with Mr Miller had a meeting with Sabrina Thomas the Gypsy and traveller Liaison Officer
        for DCC who actively supports the idea of parishes seeking their own small sites. Confirmation of
        the availability of government funding at parish level and canvassing of other nearby parishes is
2                          Minutes for meeting of Rockbeare Parish Council 6/7/09
         awaited. The parish council agreed in principle to support Mr Randall’s campaign regardless of the
         outcome of the current private application (above).

5        HIGHWAYS
5.1      Highways & Footpaths -to accept items to report – Grass is growing out of all the kerbs in
         Rookswood Lane, new bridge over A30 between Rockbeare and Marsh Green and over bridge to
         Westcott House on Rag Lane. Footpath opposite Jack in the Green still needs a digger to clear
         grass/verge back off the tarmaced foot way, the same needs doings all the way from Gribble lane
         all the way along London Road Straight as its now impassable with the buggy.
5.2      Water across the road by Trouts garage – clerk has been shown a letter to SWW from November
         2000 which discusses the issue as a leak. This is obviously an ongoing problem which now needs
         significant investigation by SWW/Highways.
5.3      The bridle path at the back of the manor at the bottom of Rag Lane (Manor to Westcott) is
         overgrown with grass and needs clearing.

6        REPORTS
6.1      Community Policing – PC Smith – During this period there were 9 crimes recorded for the Parish.
         This is a substantial increase on normal which we feel may be in part attributed to a recent arrival
         in the area on whom we are keeping a close eye.
         1) Card Fraud-Domestic related, offender arrested and result pending.
         2)Assault-Domestic related, Marsh Green, offender arrested and cautioned.
         3)Criminal Damage-house window smashed in Lowbrook, undetected
         4)Criminal Damage-window at the school, undetected.
         5)Burglary non dwelling-School sheds broken into, charity mobile phones stolen, undetected.
         6)Theft from motor vehicle-indicator taken from moped in Lowbrook, undetected
         7)Theft non specific-solar lights from a garden in Rookswood Lane, undetected.
         8)Criminal Damage-graffiti-enquiries ongoing
         9)Criminal Damage-graffiti-enquiries ongoing
6.2      Health and Safety – To accept items for action - none
6.3      Parish Field – agreed that the chairman will form a small group to become a committee and get the
         necessary work organised, there will need to be formal contracts and measured spaces put in
         place – we can get help if required from other newly formed associations.
6.4      Playing field – Rockbeare Village Hall –
         County and District Cllr Derek Button/District Councillor Peter Bowden–
Firstly, thank you all for your kind welcome and letters and emails of support. I look forward to serving you for the next four years
and ask that you always feel free to contact me at any time. Please do not wait for me to appear at your next meeting before
raising an issue or asking a question - my email and phone etc are below.
Before I make my report I would like to pay my respects to my predecessor, Derek Button. I hope you will join me in thanking him
for his valuable contribution over many years.
As you may recognise the past couple of months have been quite hectic. For this one occasion only I will list the committees in
which I have a direct input as a member of Devon County Council and the revised list in East Devon District Council.
DCC - Children and Young Peoples Services Scrutiny Committee; Farms Estate Committee; Public Rights of Way (V.
Chairman); East Devon HATOC and County Committees; Foster Panel (East) and the Local Access Forum (PROW).
EDDC - Scrutiny Panel Overview and Co-ordinating Committee, Corporate Risk Management Group (Chairman and Member
Champion) and Resources ThinkT ank, amongst others.
I remain a board member of Leisure East Devon and have been appointed to the South West Regional Flood Defence Committee,
the Local Strategic Partnership and the board of The Maynard School.
I have received a full copy of the Outline plans for the Science Park, The highway plans for Jnc 29 and other major applications –
including the ‘traveller/gypsy site’ in Rockbeare.
Presently I am involved with final plans for the new car-park for Broadclyst Primary school, and a new crossing and refuge on the
old A30 at Clyst Honiton. I hope to be part of an in depth review of Clyst Vale Community College and its needs (monies are
already being used to upgrade the accommodation). I am also discussing means whereby we can reduce traffic speeds through
Ratisloe and a review of Lengthsman service procedures to try and prevent breakdown of road surfaces due to poor or badly
maintained drainage systems. I cannot imagine that the list will get any shorter.
Cllr Peter N Bowden CC
DCC Broadclyst & Whimple Division. Email:
EDDC Broadclyst Ward. Email: Tel: 01404 823450 Mob: 07711 132440
6.5      Rockbeare School Governor – Cllr Mrs M Trigger – no report this time
6.6      Exeter International Airport Consultative Group – Cllr Mrs M Trigger report;– no report this time
3                           Minutes for meeting of Rockbeare Parish Council 6/7/09
7       FINANCE
7.1     Funding; resurfacing of the playground at the village hall- the parish council have been asked if
        they would contribute to the immediate issue of restoring the old surface and consider part funding
        a lower maintenance surface in the future. Immediate restoration will cost £750.00, quotes are
        being obtained for a low maintenance surface and expected to be in the region of £7000 dependant
        on medium used. Agreed to fund the immediate renovation of the current surface, on the basis that
        it will be well maintained and looked after until funding can be found for a low maintenance surface
        can be funded.
7.2     Cheques for approval:           DAPC membership 2009-10                             £160.90
                                        SLCC law of allotments book                         £20.95
                                        T Bell Clerks expenses 1st April – 1st July 2009    £257.30
                                        T Bell Clerks remuneration1st April – 1st July 2009 £863.78
                                        Rockbeare Village Hall Play ground (resurface bark) £750.00
                                        Cheques agreed
        Balance of account at 1/709 Natwest Current Account plus and reserve account both closed and
        funds transferred to the new Co-op account £13495.57 (of which £1100.23 is Prowtings fund)

8.1     Allotments – update (see above)
8.2     Parish Plan – is still in process
8.3     Housing Needs Survey - John Scott from the Community Council of Devon brought the findings of
        the housing needs survey which was carried out recently with the parish plan questionnaire. There
        were twelve people found to have a housing need, eight had a housing need and lived in the parish
        or had a link with the parish, one did not and was excluded, one could afford an open market house
        and two surveys gave incomplete information so could not be considered. Two of the households
        could look at shared ownership, six needed social rented property. There are about 50
        council/social rented house in Rockbeare, but these do not currently have any priority for local
        people. In conclusion a need of 8 homes was found. If the parish wishes to proceed and look for a
        solution it may be considered to link up with a neighbouring parish (Clyst Honiton has recently
        proved a need for four houses). This is a financial viability question, as most housing associations
        will not look at sites smaller than ten houses. This may be through an exception site (a site solely
        for affordable houses using land which would not normally be accepted fro development purchased
        at a depressed value), or as a percentage of 40% requirements of new development, or as a
        community land trust. Mr Scott is to submit a summary of results to the parish newsletter and the
        parish council formally accepted the report and thanked Mr Scott for his time.
8.4     Flood group – there is a new addition to the group who is also a structural engineer.
8.5     Flood Fair – Saturday 18th July 2009, 11am – 4pm at Kings School Ottery St Mary
8.6     Sustainable Communities Act - If you can think
        of an idea that would improve the sustainability of your local community ( that can be in economic,
        social, environmental wellbeing terms) - proposals must require action from central government,
        such as a change in legislation, a transfer of responsibilities from one public body to another, a new
        national policy, or to change or strengthen an existing policy - your proposal must be of specific
        relevance to communities in East Devon.
8.7     Maroons for the Royal British Legion two minute silence – agreed to order maroons.

Members Remember! You must declare any personal or prejudicial interests at the start of the meeting (item number 3).
Make sure you say the reason for your interest as this has to be included in the minutes. If your interest is prejudicial
you must leave the room.
Dates of forthcoming meetings:
7.30pm Wednesday 5 August 2009                                                Rockbeare village hall
7.30pm Wednesday 2 September 2009                                             Rockbeare village hall
7.30pm Monday 5 October 2009                                                  Rockbeare School
7.30pm Monday 2 November 2009                                                 Rockbeare School
7.30pm Monday 7 December 2009                                                 Marsh Green Village Hall

Where marked *Parish Councillors only – these are information evenings and not public meetings

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