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					                       Schuyler Community Schools, District 19-09123
                                       School Board Meeting
                          Schuyler Central High School Media Center
                                             May 18, 2009
       The meeting was called to order by president Wennekamp at 6:32 PM. Members present were
Wennekamp, Brabec, Mejstrik, Misek and Semerad; board member Parr arrived at 7:38 PM. Others
present were Superintendent Stevens; Activities Administrator Egr; Director of K-8 Education DeBlauw;
Assistant Principal David Cunningham; Principals from Schuyler Middle School, Stephen Grammer and
Bill Comley; Principal of the S.C.S. rural attendance centers and Curriculum Administrator, David
Gibbons, and Director of Facilities, Ron Mundil. All present participated in the pledge of allegiance.
President Wennekamp declared the meeting was preceded by advance notice and declared to be an open
       A motion was made by Brabec to approve the agenda, minutes, claims, and financial reports.
Semerad seconded the motion, motion carried. Representatives from the ESU7, Barb Friesth, Dee
Condon and John Wurdemann presented an overview of all the services the service unit offers. They also
reported that legislation passed in the spring of 2008 created new boundaries for all service units based on
school district and election precinct boundaries.

        BOARD REQUESTS/REPORTS – Discussion regarding monies available to fund the 2009-
2010 budget included a brief explanation of the request to Colfax County by Cargill Meat Solutions for a
property tax reevaluation. Schuyler Community Schools was informed 6.5 million dollars would be
received in state aid for the upcoming year, a $487,000 increase from last year. It was the general
consensus that the North Ward school building be left standing at this time and the removal of asbestos be
put on hold. A meeting between Central Nebraska Community Services, Headstart and SCS will be
scheduled to discuss possible common interests in developing the North Ward site. The maintenance staff
has requested an additional pick-up and a replacement lawnmower and snow blower. Carpeting for the
library/media center at SCHS and tile for the Schuyler Middle School showers will soon be installed; (the
board previously approved this work). Bids were sought for the phone system and security system at the
new elementary school. Mr. Stevens is seeking bids for upgrading the copiers/printers at SCS. The
negotiations committee has set goals for the upcoming certified staff negotiations; a meeting with the
negotiating committee will be held in the near future. Based on a recommendation from legal counsel the
ERIP (Early Retirement Incentive Program) will be revamped. Detailed changes to the SPED policy and
the FEMA policy were recommended by the NASB.

      Motion, Brabec, second, Semerad – Motion to approve the first reading of the updated Special
       Education policies. Motion carried.
      Motion, Brabec, second, Wennekamp – Motion to approve the first reading of the updated FEMA
       policy. Motion carried.
      Motion, Parr, second, Wennekamp – Motion to rescind board policy #408.06, Early Retirement
       Incentive Policy, effective immediately. Motion carried.
      Motion, Mejstrik, second, Semerad – Motion to resolve that the Schuyler Community Schools
       Board of Education will create a new ERIP policy for the 2009-2010 school year. Motion carried.
      Motion Misek, second, Brabec – Motion to accept the resignation of Karen Fejfar pending suitable
       replacement – ELL teacher at Schuyler Middle School. Motion carried
      Motion, Wennekamp, second, Mejstrik – Motion to approve the copier/printer machine contract
       with Eakes Office Supply for an amount of $104,000. Motion carried.
      Motion, Semerad, second, Brabec – Motion to approve the contract with Americom, Inc. for the
       phone and security system for Schuyler Elementary School for an amount of $33, 395. Motion
      Motion, Parr, second, Mejstrik – Motion to approve the contract with ShoutPoint/Infinite Campus
       for the emergency communication system for an amount of $5719. Motion carried.
      Motion, Brabec, second, Parr – Motion to purchase a Ford F-150 pickup truck from Reinecke
       Motor for the amount of $5600. Motion carried.
      Motion, Parr, second, Wennekamp – Motion to purchase a 72” Grasshopper mower from Pete
       Bolin Distributing for the amount of $18,565. Wennekamp, Brabec, Semerad, Parr, Mejstrik, aye;
       Misek, no, Motion carried.
      Motion, Parr, second, Brabec – Motion to renew the transportation contract with Ron Mundil and
       Renee Brabec for an amount equal to the % of increase that will be established by the certified-
       staff master contract for the 2009-2010 school year. An amended motion was made by Mejstrik
       and seconded by Wennekamp to table the original motion. The amended motion carried.

        ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS – Director DeBlauw reported that to date 120 kindergarten
students have been registered for the 2009-2010 school year. Principal Baumert reported that 120
students comprised the graduation class of 2009. Summer school will begin during the month of June.
Principal Gibbons stated that according to the Nebraska Dept. of Education our graduation rate is 80% so
we will meet our AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress). Activities Administrator Egr reported that prom for
2010 has been scheduled and conversations are taking place to try to cut costs for this activity. Two
seniors, Corey Kracl and Kaitlen Flynn will compete at the state track meet. Facilities Director Mundil
stated almost all funds needed for the new digital sign have been collected. Two of the modular
classrooms (previously sold) no longer used on the SCHS campus will be moved within the next two
weeks. Assistant principal Cunningham is working on revisions for the SCHS student handbook and will
present it at the June board meeting for approval. Principal Grammer gave an update of three grant
applications he is working on. Superintendent Stevens listed certified staff that have been hired and
positions still needing to be filled at SCS for the 2009-2010 year. The next meeting will be June 15, 2009
at 6:30 PM.
        A motion was made by Parr and seconded by Mejstrik to adjourn at 9:13 PM. Motion carried.

                                                           Respectfully submitted,
                                                                 Cathie Marking
                                                                 Recording secretary

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