Alternative Provision � Managers Meeting by 2IlmwO


                   Date:10.2.12                                          NURTURE
          Venue: Parkwood Primary                                          GROUP

Present: chair Alison Smith
Tracey Mcphee (Westbourne), Vicky Woodhouse (Westbourne), Martin Harrison, Asrar
Qayum, (Lapage) Alison Waddams,*(Horton Park) Hash Mistry,(Horton Park) David Neem,
(Holybrook Primary) Karen Goldthorpe (Holybrook Primary), Trudy Pickles (Peel Park
Primary) Tahira Begum (Peel Park), Linda Couch, (Ley Top Primary) Lauren Bartle, Dawn
Peacock, (Parkland Primary) Deborah Clegg, (Parkland Primary) Beryl Ballard, (Parkland
Primary) Kelly Booth, (Oakbank School) Helen Foakes, (Brakenhill) Becky Albeitosa,
(Ryecroft) Anwen Thompson, (Thornton Primary) D. Trasjnar, (Thornton Primary) L. Marsh,
(Thornton Primary) G. Sutclife, (Greengates Primary) G. Evans, (Greengates Primary) D.
Kerr, (Whetley Primary) T. Nowakowski,* (Whetley Primary) Joanne Fieldhouse (Oakbank), S
Lake,*(Lidget green Primary) K Dennis, (UAK Keighley) J Whitaker, (UAK Keighley Martina
Walsh, (SEBD Team) Justine Gowers (taking minutes)

Apologies: Lower fields

Item   Notes:

 1     Introductions:

               Alison introduced Vicki Jones (EP) who had come to talk about her work around
                Foetal Alcohol
               Others present then introduced themselves and explained where they were in their
                interest in nurture groups

 2             Quality mark discussed, schools to consider going for the Quality Mark after 2
               Just finished delivering the accredited nurture group training with 30 people.
               The next training will take place at Future House and it will be only 3 days, 26th 27th
                June and the 1st October. Senior leader and teachers should attend the training if a
                school is looking at achieving the Quality Mark

 3             Vicky Jones presented re. foetal alcohol:
                 Doctor Kate Ward - based at Airedale hospital, deals with these children.
                 There is a support group and is based in the west - a formal meeting - is held
                   every term for parents and carers.
                 It is very difficult to get a statement for these children until their behaviour
                 All welcome to attend one of the meetings especially if they are dealing with the
                 Children who suffer from this syndrome are damaged for life, their brains can’t
                   repair themselves.
                 Babies who are drug dependent can correct the brain and are not left with the
                If a child does not progress in a nurture group setting they could be assessed
                 to see if they have something else.

 4            Martina Walsh then discussed instructional self talk.
                   Martina had been inspired by a visit to the Pheonix Centre
                   Here the children at snack time discussed everything that was happening
                      with the snack.
                   This prompted Martina to consider this as a strategy for learning
                   All at meeting received a copy of what Martina discussed.
                   All to do a task creating a script for snack time, to take away and bring back
                      to the next meeting.

 5     AOB:
              Sharing news with every body.
              Finished with the consultation, thank you to the schools
              Currently 25 primary schools with nurture groups and 4 secondary schools
              A big thank you to Parkland Primary for hosting the meeting that day

 6     Dates of future meetings:

                  Date                       Time                            Place
       Friday 23 March 2012            09.30 – 11.00 am       Thornton Primary
       Friday 18 May 2012              09.30 – 11.00 am       To be arranged
       Friday 29 June 2012             09.30 – 11.00 am       To be arranged

       There was the usual opportunity to stay on after the end of the meeting to network
       with colleagues/ask questions/consider assignments, etc.

Bradford Nurture Group Contact: Alison Smith - Mobile 07582 103051
                                             - E-mail


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