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Useful vocab
Get on with – to have a friendly relationship with somebody
     e.g. Parents aren’t easy to get on with.
      I find it difficult to get on with my brother.

To talk over the problem – to discuss the problem

Fathers are often out of touch with a family life

Parents and children are sometimes not much emotionally close to each other

Generation gap - the lack (nedostatok) of understanding between generations caused by their different attitude
    (postoj) and experience

to take care of children - to be responsible for someone or something
     e.g. Our parents spent a lot of time taking care of us when we were young.

to bring up (the children) - to raise someone or something; to care for someone or something up to adulthood
     e.g. We brought the dog up from a pup

Young people get into quarrels/arguments with their parents for several reasons.

Household chores - Indoor chores might include cooking, setting the table and washing dishes; cleaning, sweeping
    (zametanie smetí), hoovering (vysávanie), dusting (utieranie prachu), mopping (zotieranie dlážky) and ironing
Answer these questions:

 What is your family like?

 Choose a member of your family and
 describe him/her. (appearance, character,
 hobbies, lifestyle, role in the family,
 clothing habits and your relationship to
Would you like to bring up your children in
 the same way you were brought up or
 would you change anything?

Why do you think there’s a generation gap
 between parents and their children in a
 teenage age?
Sample notes for the answer
 Teenagers
   - spend much time with their friends instead of parents
- Prefer making their own decisions
- Say that parents don’t understand them
- Think that teenagers don’t respect any adult
- Teenagers are impolite, rude and lazy
- To build a friendly relationship from the early childhood
- Talk to children about everyday problems
Are your parents strict or tolerant? What
 rules do they set?
How are the household chores divided up
 in your family?
Do you like the idea of a husband taking a
 paternity leave? Why? Why not?
Should children get pocket money? Why?
 Why not?
 You’ve just finished
  secondary school and think
  you deserve a rest. Your
  friends are planning a
  camping holiday at a seaside
  this summer and want to
  hitchhike to save money. You
  really want to go with them,
  but your parents are strongly
  against hitchhiking. Try to
  persuade your parents to let
  you go with your friend. Give
  reasons why you think it’s a
  safe and good idea.
 You share your bedroom with your sibling who is
  very untidy. What would you do to make him/her
  not leave his/her stuff everywhere, tidy up
  his/her books, not chat with his/her friends for
  hours and share the housework at home?
 A young couple wants to set up a family. Wife
  wants to have more children but the husband
  wants only one child. Discuss the advantages
  and disadvantages of family with one and family
  with many children. What will your future family
  look like?

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