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                                                                                                 Resume: Kevin Ferry


         Kevin has a strategic approach in all of his creative thinking which is backed by insight and
         an end goal of delivering creative work that exceeds a clients needs. Kevin can indentify
         changing trends within the digital arena that grow both the businesses of the client and
         company. He has pitch winning ideas and can grow a creative floor from scratch that can
         work seamlessly alongside other departments.



         [What clients think] Full headed references available on request.
         ‘Kevin is passionate about great creativity and new technologies as a vehicle for his creativity’.
         Marketing Manager. Major Telco.
         ‘Kevin breathed enthusiasm, positivity and excitement into any project, while working to uphold the
         quality expected of all work of the brand’. Digital & Interactive Manager. Health and Pharma.
         ‘Kevin was responsible for taking the client and the agency management team to digital thinking and
         execution’. Executive Vice President. Top 5 advertising agency.


         Sputnik, Sydney, Aus Full time / Jan/ June ‘12
         Creative Director
         Business won: AVON, Westpac, Cancer Council and Google.
         Role; Part of the management team that build the Sydney office as a stand alone creative digital
         Key achievements: Delivered two major campaigns for Google and on the strength of the creative
         work Sputnik became the digital agency of record in Australia, the last campaign ‘Discover where
         your data can take you’ was adapted across Google Asia. Won 3 major campaign pitches for
         Westpac, and AVON awarded their business to the Sydney office after a 4 way pitch.

         303Lowe, Sydney, Contract / Oct/ Dec‘12
         Digital Creative Director.
         Clients: Aussie Loans, Creative Hoilday’s, Harley Davidson.
         Role; Bridge the gap between digital and offline towards more seamless integration.
         Key achievements: Creating a digital campaign for Aussie Loans that set the benchmark for all other
         digital comms.

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 Resume: Kevin Ferry

        [Zuni, Sydney, Aus] Full time / ‘10 to Aug ‘11
        Creative Director
        Business won: UNSW Australia Business School, Fuji Xerox, and Australia Institute of Management.
        Role; Build the creative profile by harnessing the creative crowd while growing the company with new
        business wins.
        Key achievements: Implemented a global ‘creative crowd’ and put in place a creative business model
        with a robust CMS that the whole business could tap into depending on the creative requirements.
        Winning three new clients in 7 months while setting up a creative department from scratch.

        [Bullseye Digital, Sydney, Aus] Full time/ ‘06 to Sept ‘09
        Creative Director
        Business won: George Weston Foods, Masterfoods, Westpac, Tourism NSW, Ciba Vision, Morphy
        Richards, Flight Centre, Goodman Fielder, Better Health Channel, Zoos Victoria, Hitachi, Roche,
        Australia Sports Commission, Brisbane City Council, APT Tours, Tourism British Columbia, Telstra
        Big Pond Kids.
        Role: Created and guided the creative team in producing award winning work that got a great ROI for
        the agency and its clients.
        Key achievements: In 3 years Kevin won over 17 major blue chip clients under his creative leadership.
        Grew and repositioned the agency from a tech web build house to a creatively lead agency,
        increased the staff from 15 to 80 people. Kevin grew Blackmores subscriber base to over 300,000
        active members. Built a creative floor in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Kevin also lead the
        creative and tech team in Bali. With just one idea generated over $5 million of free TV and press
        exposure from a creative online video Kevin wrote and art directed for the Australia Sports
        Commission. And in a marketing campaign for a financial company in 4 weeks of launch over 1,600
        new accounts were opened, generating nearly $100m in deposits.

        [Ai London, London, UK] Full time/ ‘05 to ‘06
        Creative Director/Head of Advertising.
        Business won: BMI, Reuters.
        Role: Developed strategic and creative digital marketing campaigns for National Express and NTL
        Telewest. Leading and guiding the company into a more integrated agency approach with
        experimental, mobile and TV thinking.
        Key achievements: On the strength of the digital work for the National Express, it was a first time a
        ‘digital agency’ in the UK was given the TV budget too, which used the digital idea in which Kevin
        originated, the campaign met all the clients targets. Kevin also shot and art directed 2 TV ads and
        generated 1.5 million in new business revenue.

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                                                                                             Resume: Kevin Ferry

         [Rainey Kelly CR Y&R London, UK Consultant /’03 to ‘04
         Senior Art Director
         Role: Bridge between the digital and ATL creative department that made all ideas work across all
         Key achievements: Developed and created an interactive game for Virgin ‘Up Grade Your Life’ that
         won a Silver BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) Kevin also art directed two major print
         campaigns for Learn Direct UK Gov, flew to Scotland and overseen the print campaign for Marks &
         Spencer ‘kids back to school range’ a total of 30 shots were captured Kevin art directed the whole
         shoot which took him to Miami, USA.

         [AKQA, London, UK] Consultant /’03 to ‘04
         Senior Art Director and Concept Developer.
         Business won:, Intercontinental Hotels.
         Role: Developed strategic and creative digital marketing campaigns for, Nike, Sainsburys,
         Intercontinental Hotels. Kevin also showed how ideas could be translated into PR and experimental
         Key achievements: Retained on the strength of the digital marketing that Kevin developed.

         [Saatchis London, London, UK] ’03 to ‘04
         Senior Art Director
         Role: Senior art director that worked across Carlsberg and the NSPCC, with a more digital focus.
         Key achievements: Created a fully integrated promotion for Carlsberg; “Probably the best place in the
         world to buy a mate a beer’ harnessing pack, in-store, POS, live video feeds, to e-commence via

         JWT/ RMG Connect London, London, UK] Consultant / ’03 to ‘04
         Senior Art Director.
         Role: Senior art director that worked across all major accounts from HSBC, Shell and Kelloggs,
         bringing new digital marketing campaigns to life from execution to production.
         Key achievements: Developed and created a digital idea that was then used on national TV for

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 Resume: Kevin Ferry

        [Grey Worldwide, London, UK] Full time/ ‘97 to ‘03
        Creative Director/ Senior Art Director.
        Business won: Shopsmart .com, Weather Channel, Littlewoods Lotteries, Mirror Group.
        Role: Lead GSK and the Mirror Group in creative excellence and to embrace digital marketing.
        Key achievements: Kevin set up and introduced a creative digital department into the London office.
        Within his management role Kevin convinced the Mirror Group and GSK to spend their online budget
        with a traditional agency on the digital creative ideas that he originated. Kevin also repositioned
        Polygrip in a strategic idea that opened up an untapped new target market with 3 viral films. In his
        time at Grey Worldwide Kevin generated just over 15 million in new business revenue.

        [O&M Paris, France] Consultant /95’ to 96’
        Senior Art Director.
        Role: Worked on IBM combining thinking around digital, working in conjunction with the agency’s
        direct marketing team.
        Key achievements: Developed a direct and digital board game.

        [DBB, London, UK] Consultant Oct ‘95
        Creative Director/ Senior Art Director
        Role: Develop creative digital ideas for VW showcasing their innovation.
        Key achievements: Wrote, art directed and shot a TV ad for VW on a shoe string budget that became
        a viral hit, it then went on to win a D&AD.

        [Bates Dorland, London, UK] From ’89 to Sept ‘95
        Junior Art Director
        Role: ‘scare the senior creative teams with your ideas and passion’ Andrew Cracknell, ECD.
        Key achievements: Developed and art directed a look and feel for Duracell that was used across the
        whole Global network, at just 21. Won a Creative Circle Silver for a print ad the first month of been
        Working placements from ’87 to ‘89 at some of London’s top advertising agencies including:
        BBH London, Lowe Howard Spink, London, HHCL London, Y&R London, Saatchi & Saatchi, London.

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                                                                                              Resume: Kevin Ferry

         [Barking College of Art and Design London, UK ]
         4 year course completed with distinction in ‘87
             Year 1 and 2 studied in depth graphic design, illustration, typography, printing and photography.
             Year 3 and 4 studied marketing theory and practical with strategic analyst and commercial
         Brands worked on
             Finance: Halifax, Virgin, Lloyds, Abbey, Czech Telekom, ANZ, Westpac, HSBC.
             Automotive: Land Rover, VW, Mazda, Honda UK, Castrol, Shell.
             Beverage: Worthington’s, Tennents Pilsner, K Cider, Coke, Carlsberg, Jack Daniels,
             Retail: Woolworths, Superdrug, Marks and Spencer, Masterfoods, Sainsburys, George Weston
              Foods, Home Shopping Europe, Goodman Fielder,Villery and Boch.
             Travel: Flight Centre, Tourism NSW, APT Tours, Hertz, Posthouse Hotels, BAA, National Express,
              Intercontinental Hotels, BMI, Spirit of Tasmania.
             Education: UNSW Australian School of Business, AIM- Australia Institute of Management.
             Health and Leisure: Littlewoods Lotteries, Holmes Place, Blackmores, Trocadero, , Australia
              Sports Commission, Better Health Channel, Nike, Soho Sperm Bank, Zoos Victoria.
             Pharma: GSK- Ribena, Beechams Flu Plus, Polygrip, Roche, BUPA.
             FMCG: Ciba Vision, Starburst, Meadowlea, Duracell, Mars Foods, Nestle, Unliever.
             Electrical: Remmington, Morphy Richards, Hitachi, Hoover.
             Fashion: Lee Jeans, Ben Sherman, M&S, Avon.
             Government: COI UK Gov-New Deal, Mobile Theft, Energy Saving Trust, Post Office, Learn
             IT/Telcom: Compaq, Fuji Xerox, Hitachi,, Google
             Media: Virgin, NTL Telewest, Weather Channel, Mirror Group, Sporting Life, NSPCC, Powergen,
              Mercury Records, Homechoice, Reuters,Telstra Big Pond Kids.
             Charities: NSPCC, Red Cross, Cancer Council Australia.

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 Resume: Kevin Ferry

        Skill tags
            Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, PPT Presentations, client facing, concepting , strategy,
             management, pitch winning, management, innovation.
        Innovation highlights:
            For the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival - Australia’s first ever live tweet stream from a
             runner. Kevin implemented this into his social media strategy for Blackmores.
            Launched Blackmores Kids Vitamins in Australia and was part of the team that was involved in
             its product development.
            Created and developed a digital platform for charities to reach the community to make the world
             a nicer place to live around daylight saving- Give Your Hour.
            In ’09 introduced a CMS system for Blackmores main website with smarts that delivered be-
             spoke content and tailored product messaging, within this introduced a first for Blackmores –
            Developed a mobile application for students called: ‘The Knowledge Box’
            Running nut who runs on the road or beach – Roll call: 2010 National and NSW state 2k beach
             champion at Surf Life Saving Association Championships. Paris Marathon currently best time
             2:48, and Olympic Masters Sliver medalist in the 2k beach run.
            My family, the 5 women in my life; Paula (my wife), Mia, Ella, Anna (my daughters) and ‘Tinker’
             the cat.
             •       D&AD for VW – Cinema ad that went viral and received a commendation in 00.

             •       D&AD for Soho Sperm Bank. Commendation Viral 01.

             •       Creative Circle Silver for Woolworths .

             •       Creative Circle Bronze for Land Rover 03.

             •       British Interactive Media Association BIMA Silver Virgin Up Grade Your Life 05.

             •       ADMA Bronze for Blackmores Weight loss online campaign 09.

             •       IAB Finalist Brand retention and Loyalty for Blackmores main website 10.

             •       SiteCore Global – Winner for Blackmores brand website. 10.

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                                                                             Resume: Kevin Ferry

















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 Resume: Kevin Ferry

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