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					How to register blog in webmaster tool

Google WebmasterTools is owned enterprises is a free servicesearch enginegiant, Google which allows us to monitor and optimize your blog
or website so that we can dicrawl and indexed properly by Google . This treatment is also possible to request the search engines do crawling
on your blog or website and monitor the 'health' of a blog / website. This matter is very important advantage of thebloggerin doing blog
optimization .
To be able to use the service GoogleWebmaster Tools you must first register using your Gmail account or other Google account. For those who
do not have a Google account please register first. Here's how to register and verify a blog at Google Webmaster Tools:
 1.) Open the page is then login using your Gmail account or Google account you.
2.) on page Google Webmaster Tools , Click the Add a Site and enter your blog address to be registered. Then click Continue .
3.) on page Verify Ownership we are asked to verify the blog. There are
4.) options in verified blog, saying:

  >> Use your Google Analytics account
      using Google Analytics code to your blog
  >> Add a DNS record to your domain's configuration
       Adding a DNS record on
domain registrarsor hosting provider
   >> Add meta
tagto your site's home page
 meta tag Paste code into the HTML code provided by the blog.
>> Upload an HTML file to your server
 We will be prompted to download an HTML file I provided       and then upload them to our blog.
   I suggest using the method Add meta tag to your site's home    page for more easily. Now here 's how to do verification using a meta tag:

 a.) On page Verify Ownership earlier, click Add a meta tag to yous site's  homepage
  b.) Then, copy the code meta tag was there .
 c.) Login to your Blogger account in the new TAP
 d.) Select Design >> Edit HTML
 e.) We recommend that you first backup your template by clicking Download Full     Template
 f.) Enter the code above meta tag between the tags <head> and <body> (you      can be put under the tag <head> or above tag <body> ,
select        one only)
 g.) Click Save Template . Now meta tag installed in your blog,
    follow the next step

4.) After installing the meta tag code, return to the page Verify Ownership and click Verify .

Now your blog is already registered and verified in Google Webmaster Tools . The next step much easier to blog dicrawl by spiderbot is
mensubmit your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools . Sitemap is used to memberiahu search engine on a blog or web page that dicrawl.
By making and mensubmit sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools , your blog has a greater chance for rapid dicrawl and indexed search engine

As for how mensubmit sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools is as follows:

1.) Log into Google Webmaster Tools dashboard of your blog
2.) Click Site Configuration , then select the Sitemaps .
3.) Click to Submit a Sitemap , then enter your blog's sitemap. Then Click Submit Sitemap . Now your blog is already listed in Google
Webmaster Tools and sitemap of your blog is tersubmit.

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