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									                                                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                                                        October 15, 2010
                                                                        Contact: Xheraldina Cernobregu
                                                                        Phone: (038) 243 673
                                                                        Mob: (044) 120 266

Cooperation to Strengthen Local Consultancy Standards
Pristina (October 15, 2010) – The first group of 20 professional consultants in Kosovo who attended
the intensive Certified Management Consultant (CMC) training were issued certificates by Trajkovski
& Partners CMC Certified consulting company from Macedonia. The training was initiated by EBRD
Business Advisory Service (BAS) Programme in Kosovo, funded by the Netherlands Government,
and was carried out in cooperation with the USAID Kosovo Private Enterprise Program (KPEP).

CMC certification represents a mark of the highest quality consulting standards and indicates that
individual consultants meet the profession’s standards of competence and ethics. The CMC training in
Kosovo introduces internationally recognized standards in the consultancy profession. The training
program focused on providing local consultants with the skills necessary to design, manage and
implement consultancy projects at high professional and ethical standard, with methods and skills to
manage consultancy companies.

In addition, USAID will cooperate with the professional consultant community in Kosovo to provide
guidance in establishing an institute of management consultants (IMC) within the existing Business
Consultants Council. The goal is to promote the use of consultants in accordance with international

 “CMC training will equip local consultants with knowledge and expertise to establish and maintain a
professional consultancy association. Professional consultancy services will result in new
investments, jobs and sales for Kosovo companies” said Mark Wood, KPEP Director.

The certification will be delivered in cooperation with the International Council of Management
Consulting Institute (ICMCI), which is the global association of national management consulting
institutes from around the world.


For further information please contact Lindita Baleta, Communication Specialist with Kosovo Private
Enterprise Program, office tel: 038 223 006, mobile: 044 161 230

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