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					                            Conference Services
                           Position: Tour Liaison

                                                                                  Hours: 35 per week.
                                                                               May and June: 11-7pm
                                                                                 July and Aug: 9-5pm
                                                                                    Monday to Friday
                           Specific hours will be set in co-ordination with the Front Desk Supervisor,
                                                Administrative Co-ordinator, Administrative Assistant
                                                                               Required to be on call
                                                                                RATE OF PAY: $TBD

Reporting to the Manager of Conference Services, the incumbent will be the liaison between
Conference services and several major client groups. These will include School and Tour
groups, the Ceremonial Guard and an English Language camp, Destination Canada.
Overall, the incumbent is responsible for various aspects of reception services, distributing
information and problem solving with the above mentioned groups.
In May and June, the duties of the incumbent are mostly public relations, to co-ordinate on-
site requirements for Ceremonial Guard, all military groups, school and tour groups.
Throughout the summer, the incumbent will liaise between the Ceremonial Guard, all other
military groups and Conference Services operations in matters relating to arrival dates,
space allocation, set ups, special events, distribution of keys, and any problems arising
during their stay. The incumbent will have regular contact with the Group Accommodations
Coordinator and occasional contact with the Director of Housing and Conference Services to
ensure all matters of service to the Ceremonial Guard meet the criteria set out in the
In July and August, the duties shift towards Destination Canada. In such matters as
arranging and changing numbers and locations of beds, meeting rooms and meals - the
incumbent will liaise between the administrative staff of the Language Camp, the Conference
Co-ordinator and the Manager, Residence Desk Operations.
As well, the incumbent will assist with any tour groups that are mainly athletic in nature.
These groups need extensive attention prior to arrival. Such tasks include ensuring rooming
list by deadlines, proper group preparation and facilitating any needs while on-site. Athletic
groups need to pay on arrival – invoicing them is not an option unless they are a Team
Canada group.
As a member of the Conference Services team, the incumbent will work closely with the
Front Desk Supervisor, Shift Supervisor and Conference Assistants to support the effective
delivery of services to Conference Services clientele.
If the incumbent wishes, a week’s holiday without pay may be taken at a time suitable to
business demands, and in agreement with the Management of Conference Services.


A comprehensive knowledge of all Conference Services processes related to schools, tour,
military groups and Ceremonial Guard is expected once trained.
     Pre-arrival checking of group packages to ensure completion, (includes keys, access
     cards, meal cards or tickets, room lists, and forms provided by staff of the reception
     desk) and distribution;
     To ensure rooming list is received at least one week prior to groups’ arrival. Notify
     groups when rooming list is late.
     To ensure rooming list is retrieved from the Housing Office, photocopied, and placed in
     the file in the office and the folder at the desk.
   Upon arrival of group, pre check-in introduction with the tour bus company
   representative and leader;
   Helping the group leader with check-in procedure, escorting the group to their allocated
   floors or rooms, explaining the prepared rooming list and physical layout of the floor),
   and payment;
   Entering data into the Conference Services computerised reservation system
   concerning all groups with which they work, including accurate arrival and departure
   dates, meal numbers, room blocking, room assignment and updating any other changes
   Providing room keys, access cards, linen turn-over schedules, meal schedules, special
   event co-ordination, helping with maintenance problems for the Ceremonial Guard and
   any military groups on behalf of Conference Services;
   Consulting with guests after check-in to provide more hands on client service such as
   dealing with any problems or complaints encountered;
   Recording and reporting any deficiencies and maintenance problems, which may include
   linen, missing or broken keys or locks for groups with which they work.
   Maintaining accurate records and documentation of incidents involving clients
   Liaising with Conference Services, our contracted Housekeeping Company and clients
   to set cleaning schedules for floors used;
   Upon group’s departure, inspection of each floor, to ascertain the need for extra
   Collecting mail from the Housing Office and delivering it to their respective guests;
   Moving furniture for room set-up, in conjunction with other members of staff, especially
   Conference Assistants;
   Daily consultations with the Group Accommodation Coordinator with regards to rooming
   lists and other administrative work with regards to group preparation;
   Aiding the Group Accommodation Coordinator with group communication prior to group
   Assisting with Conference Assistants as required.
   Other duties as required. (Please note that this position is expected to fill the voids in
   staffing and workload that may occur throughout the season. All efforts will be made to
   acknowledge these requirements as early as possible to ensure that the Tour Liaison
   realises what is expected.)


   The ability to work with deadlines
   Leadership skills
   Confidence, a sense of responsibility and self-motivation
   A sense of humour, tact and professionalism in stressful situations
   Ability to help move furniture occasionally for room set ups
   A team player
   The ability to communicate well with other staff and with the public
   Strong organizational skills are considered an asset
   Experience living in residence or working for the Housing office is an asset
   Previous experience working with children is an asset
   Knowledge of the tourism industry and customer relations, and of the attractions of the
   City of Ottawa
   Ability to be mindful of protocol when dealing with military groups
   Bilingual (English and French) preferred
   Basic cash knowledge an asset
   Knowledge of Conference Programmer an asset
   The amount of work will vary depending on the number of groups expected. The
   incumbent will be expected to work odd hours and days during July and August to fit
   around flight schedules of arrivals and departures for the Language Camp students.