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Thank you for interest in Summer Conference Services!
Santa Clara University’s Summer Conference Program is dedicated to providing a positive and professional
experience for all groups utilizing campus facilities for summer conferences and camps. Through interaction
with guests of all ages, we have a unique opportunity to promote the University to future students, parents
and members of the community. Summer Conference Services is also a great opportunity to enhance your
skills and work with a great team in a fast-paced and dynamic environment!

The Conference Services Intern is expected to work effectively with a diverse range of individuals and
groups. He/She should be an effective communicator and troubleshooter, enthusiastic, self-motivated,
adaptable, and able to delegate and complete assigned tasks, and must possess a strong sense of
responsibility. The individual should possess superior planning and organizational skills, have a good
knowledge of campus facilities, and have the ability to make decisions with minimal supervision. The ability
to be diplomatic is essential in this customer service position.
A commitment to and appreciation of Santa Clara University is necessary. All staff members are expected to
have a professional manner and appearance when on duty.

• Plan logistical and administrative arrangements with various summer conference groups
• Serve as SCU Conference Services liaison with conference leaders and attendees both prior to conference
and while group is on campus
• Coordinate with necessary campus departments to arrange for services and equipment (Dining Services,
Custodians/Housekeeping, Facilities, Media services, and Campus Safety).
• Ensure all necessary camp/conference information is provided in a timely manner per the CS contract
• Coordinate meeting space and dining location needs
• Assist with light meeting preparation work (moving tables, chairs, boxes, etc.)
• Maintain housing assignments and accurate occupancy records for assigned conference groups
• Assist the Conference Services Coordinators with the organization, distribution, collection, ordering and
security of residence hall room keys and ACCESS cards
• Coordinate residence hall check-in/check-out
• Assist with registration and various administrative duties as directed by Conference Services Director or
Conference Services Manager
• Respond to the needs and requests of summer conference participants
• Work closely with Conference Services staff and SCU professional staff daily
• Enforce applicable University regulations and policies
• On-call hours during employment
• Monitor building key inventory and accounting for all keys for the building
• Ensure that all guest service equipment (i.e. fans, lamps, irons etc.) is on site and in working order
• Be aware of all facilities, policies and procedures related to the residence halls and verify information is
• Organize the Front Desk with necessary manuals, guides and supplies, replenishing as necessary
• Display relevant building, University and local information on the bulletin boards on the floors and in the
• Obtain all program information from Conference Services office prior to group arrival, review for
accuracy and submit to Front Desk
• Inspect all guestrooms prepared by Conference Services Staff prior to group arrival
• Complete room assignments prior to group arrival
• Compare Front Desk rooming list against completed Room List upon group departure
• Collect all conference guest evaluation cards and submit to office after group departure
• Inspect all building areas regularly and report maintenance or cleaning issues to CS management
• Monitor residential safety operations
• Resolve all lock problems and other guest facility concerns in a timely manner
• Ensure Front Desk Logs are accurately kept and reflect all building activities
• Work with CS coordinators regularly
• Apprise Management of all employee or customer concerns
• Monitor building vending areas; ensure that machines are in working order and well stocked at all times

• Ability to organize work and delegate to others. Supervisory and/or leadership experience required.
• Ability to remain calm under pressure and exercise good judgment based on existing policies and
procedures. Strong interpersonal skills.
• Dependability and willingness to work a flexible schedule including weekends and evenings.
• General knowledge of Santa Clara University.
• Valid US Driver’s license.
• Applicants must possess strong communication and organizational skills in order to work effectively with
staff, other University personnel and clients.
• This position requires a willingness to work diligently and independently.
• Attention to detail, patience and a professional appearance are important.

• 35 to 40 hours per week
• Dates of employment: June 1, 2007 – September 1, 2007
• Work schedule will vary according to Conference Services schedule; includes early mornings, evenings,
holidays, and weekends

• Paid Training at $10.00/hour
• Hourly Wages – $12.00 - $14.00/hour
• Housing on-campus in a single room for the duration of the conference season (June 18, 2007 –
  September 4, 2007). If you currently live in a residence hall you may request to remain in your room
  through June 17, 2007. On June 17, 2007 all team members will relocate into designated on-campus
  summer housing.
• Hosted meals at Market Square when available during the summer conference season
• Hosted group activities
                                           APPLICATION PROCESS

Application: Please complete and return the attached application to Conference Services (Benson 213) by the
appropriate deadline. You may attach a current resume, however you must still complete the entire application form.
A separate sheet with responses to the two application questions must be included with the completed application.
Please clearly print or type all information.
Available Positions: We are looking for 1 Conference Services Intern.
References: Please indicate three references who may be contacted prior to your offer of employment with
Conference Services. Your references should be familiar with your personality, work ethic, abilities and performance
Timeline: Below is an overview of the selection process timeline. Once all applications have been received and
reviewed, selected applicants will be scheduled for an individual interview.

             February 15, 2007                                      Application Deadline

           Winter Quarter 2007                                            Interviews

                  March 15, 2007                                      Final Decision Made
                                                              Conference Services Team moves into
          Sunday, June 17, 2007                                    Summer Campus Housing

          Monday, June 18, 2007                                  Conference Season Opens

              August 25, 2007                                  Conference Season Concludes

        August 25 – September 4,                     Conference Services Team moves out of Summer
                 2007                                                   Housing

                   If you have any questions, please contact Conference Services:
                                      Phone: (408) 554-4302
                                        Fax: (408) 554-2735
                                      Or stop by Benson 213

                        Thank you for your interest and Good Luck!

             Completed applications should be dropped off in Benson 213 or faxed to
                                                (408) 554-2735.
                                   Conference Services Intern Application
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
                          First                                  Middle                                 Last
Campus/Local Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Permanent Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
Current Phone Number: ____________________________________________                            ID#: _____________________
Email Address: __________________________________________________                             SS#: _____________________
Emergency Contact Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name: _________________________________________                             Relationship: _______________
School: _____________________________________________                        Major: ________________________________
Academic Standing Fall 2006: Sophomore                Junior       Senior       Other ______________________________
Have you worked for Conference Services before?  Yes, (Dates and Position Title_____________________)  No

 Questions: (please type or print responses on a separate sheet and attach to completed application)
    1. What special skills, interests and qualities do you bring to Conference Services?
    2. Describe how a past leadership experience has prepared you for this position?

 References:
    Please list the full name, relationship and a current daytime phone number for three references.
    1.    ____________________________________________________________________________________
    2.    ____________________________________________________________________________________
    3.    ____________________________________________________________________________________

Please carefully read the following statements and initial that you understand and acknowledge each one:
    1. I understand that if I am offered employment, I will as a condition of employment, be required to submit
       proof of my identity and legal right to work in the United States. _________
    2. I understand that, if I am employed, any false statement, misrepresentation, or omission of fact on this
       application or any supporting documents, regardless of when discovered to be false, may result in my
       immediate dismissal. _________
    3. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application and any supporting documents. I
       authorize Santa Clara University to investigate my past and present work, character, education, military, and
       criminal background, and to secure any and all information which may be pertinent to my employment
       qualifications from former employers, educational institutions, government agencies, and/or any references I
       have provided, and for those parties to provide information concerning my experience. I hereby release all
       parties from any liability arising from such investigation. __________

Signature of Applicant: __________________________________________________________            Date: ___________________________

Completed applications should be dropped off in Benson 213 or faxed to (408) 554-2735.