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2. What Does A Debt Management Company Do. The company uses your funds to pay off your monthly credit
card bills, loan payments, and other credit accounts.
4. For What Time Period Will The DMP (Debt Management Plan) Last. The duration of a DMP (Debt
management plan) depends on the amount of Debt you have and how much your monthly payment is. The
larger your monthly payment is, the faster you can complete your Debt management program. Your monthly
payment depends on what you can handle. The average Debt management plan lasts between two to five years,
but some can end more rapidly.

This company will also negotiate with the lenders on the Debtors behalf. During negotiations, the Debt
management company will attempt to persuade the lenders to drop interest and finance charges. There is no
guarantee that the negotiations will be successful, but most lenders are more flexible with third party organisation

      The research comes just weeks after a Which. Money investigation into payday loan companies found
   widespread poor practice, with some companies automatically offering consumers bigger loans each month.
  Other companies offered what we believe to be inappropriate rollovers, whereby repayment of the loan can be
                   deferred for several months in exchange for a high monthly interest charge.
      The charity also has concerns about the lack of credit checking. Rodger continued: Many payday loan
   companies actually advertise the fact that they dont check a borrowers creditworthiness, which can result in
  people accumulating multiple unaffordable high-interest Debts. We believe lenders should be obliged to inform
 credit reference agencies when a loan is taken out and check whether an applicant has any current outstanding

       One major payday loan website we looked at was even operating without a consumer credit licence.

       Consolidation means to combine a number of things together. Similarly, consolidating Debts means
   combining two or more Debts together. Usually this method is useful to somebody who has accrued a large
                  amount of credit card Debt and can't arrange the monthly payments on them.
   The most common kind of consolidation loan is a secured consolidation loan, which means you secure the
   loan on the equity in your home. This is a sensible option for those who are cash poor but house rich. This
     loan has to be taken by pledging collateral which is in most cases is your house. Preview the benefits of
                                       secured Debt consolidation loans.

       Cheap consolidation loans are loans that can be used to consolidate one or more credit card Debts.

                          There are so many questions from SME businesses that are looking for Debt finance of
 some sort or another. Valuable time is wasted by SME stakeholders trying to source the right deal from the right
 people at the right price for the right reason. It can be a minefield which may not be as desperate as leading to a
company downfall but lack of funds not available within a reasonable timeframe can spell the beginning of missed
            opportunities, months of struggle and eventually an insolvency disaster waiting to happen.
    Have you seen Dragon\'s Den on BBC2. What happens when the entrepreneur divulges the fact that the
    funding they are looking for is to go on wages. Yep, even if you\'ve not seen the show you can probably
guess. The entrepreneur walks away empty-handed. If you are just trying to repay Debt then perhaps it\'s time to
                              talk to the professionals and get some sound advice.

   One of the most popular Debt consolidation options used in the UK is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement,
   commonly known as an IVA. With an IVA you can consolidate your Debts and clear them in a fixed period of
  time. Typically you will make consolidated payments for a period of five years after which all remaining Debts
                                      will be written off leaving you Debt free.
   The most common form of Debt consolidation used by people in the UK is Debt management plans. A Debt
   management plan is an informal arrangement made between a person and their creditors to reduce the size
of their Debt repayments. Creditors are usually prepared to agree to such an arrangement if it prevents the Debt
     or from defaulting on the payments all together. Typically the plan will also mean that any interest being
   charged to the Debt is stopped and so the size of the Debt is no longer increasing. Although it is possible to
     arrange a Debt management plan yourself it is more common for the plans to be arranged by a third part
                  such as a specialist Debt consolidation company or the citizens advice bureau.

    The amount you pay each month will depend not only on the size of your Debts but also on what you can
    afford given your current income and essential outgoings. By entering into an IVA it is possible for you to
      reduce your Debts by as much as two thirds. IVAs are an excellent choice for many people with Debt
problems they aren\'t however suitable for everyone. Usually to qualify for an IVA you must have Debts in excess
   of 15000 and be in regular employment. If you do not meet this criteria then you will have to consider other

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 The guidance within this website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore targeted at consumers
              Solutions (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
     Delroy Corinaldi of CCCS said: \'Not only are money problems difficult to deal with at any age, they are
  particularly hard at an age when you will find it hard to increase your income. While most people would hope
 to have paid off their mortgage and other Debts by the time they are 70, this is a distant dream for a significant
                                              number of older people.

 Registered Office: Third Floor, North Wing, Metropolitan House, Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, SK8
 7AZ. Registered in England and Wales. Company No. 06437737 Other Offices: The Old Granary, Cotton End,
                       Northampton, NN4 8HP. Tel: 0800 644 6021 Fax: 0844 358 0557.

    people every day of the year will be. This is equivalent to Consumer County Court Judgements () were
 issued every day during 2010 and the average judgement amount was 3,312, This is predicted to increase in
 2011 the Citizen Advice Bureaux dealt with every working day in England and Wales in 2010,this is predicted
                                     to increase in 2011 people are seeking some form of formal Debt rescheduling every working day. properties
                                         wereevery day during2010 people a day became for more than12 monthsduring the 12 months to end
                                        October 2010 people reported they had becomeevery day during 3 months to end October 2010 is the
                                                   amount that the Government Public Sector net Debt (PSDN) will grow (equivalent to).
                                     Statistically, the average person in the UK has 2.7 credit cards, 3.8 store cards and 1.1 debit cards, for a total
                                        of 7.6 cards per cardholder. About 18% of all daily personal consumption expenditures in the country are
                                      made on credit cards. Add in store cards and debit cards and the figure rises to 24%. The average university
                                           graduate has nearly 20,000 of Debt. Average owed by every UK adult is 126% of average earnings.

                                       is the interest the Government has to pay each day on the UKs net Debt of 971 bn. This is estimated to rise
                                       to 182m a day in 2015-16. mortgage possession claims will be issued and mortgage possession orders will
                                         be made landlord possession claims will be issued andlandlord possession orders will be made will be
                                       made today with a total value of. number of new Debt problems dealt with by CAB each working day made
                                     redundant daily unemployed for > 12 month average household Debt personal interest paid in UK daily daily
                                   write-offs of loans by banks & building societies a property is repossessed someone will be declared insolvent or
                                      bankrupt total value of all purchases made using plastic cards today The average car will cost to run today
                                   -The average cost per day of raising a child from birth to the age of 21. The average person will save just per day.

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