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					                              Sudafed Bill/Snot Tax
                   Stop SB 3 (New, replaced SB 50) and HB 79
                                         Support HB 80
             SB 3 has made it out of the Judiciary Committee with a 7-4 vote
SB 3 and HB 79 would call for Sudafed and other OTC cold medicines with similar ingredients to
be prescription based in an effort to curb meth in KY. This will cause higher healthcare cost on
families. However, HB 80 is a reasonable compromise that would allow for a meth offender
registry. This is not a perfect solution but it is the one that can preserve the most freedoms for the
most people as the legislature will do something, so if they must, it should be this and not punishing
all Kentuckians for a fractions of the populations mistakes. For an analysis of a hearing on this last
year CLICK HERE also for more information from a national organization opposing this in KY
and other states CLICK HERE

SB 50 was defeated and so now they are trying it only slightly less bad version SB 3. They
successfully rammed it through the Senate and now it is in the House.
                Call the Legislative Message line in Frankfort: 1-800-372-7181

                                TTY Message Line 800-896-0305

                     Tell the operator you would like to leave 2 messages:

Message 1: Goes to YOUR Representative, House Leadership, and the House Judiciary
Committee: "Please oppose HB 79 requiring a prescription for Sudafed and other OTC drugs.
Support a reasonable alternative in HB 80"

Message 2: “I would like to thank Representative Brent Yonts for sponsoring HB 80; a
reasonable compromise on Kentucky’s Meth problem”