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Keep Trying To Quit Smoking


decide to try a medication or nicotine therapy to assist you in quitting smoking, try to follow the

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									Keep Trying To Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking can take several attempts, but you shouldn't give up. If smoking is something you
want to do for yourself, use the suggestions below to keep trying to quit until it works.

Maintain your commitment to quit smoking even if it hasn't worked yet. You don't have to give up on
quitting simply because it hasn't worked for you before.

Devise reasons to stop smoking that make sense to you and that are for you. Avoid using phrases or
words that indicate you should be making the decision for another person or society's benefit, to focus
on something good you're doing for yourself.

There are numerous programs and approaches to help you quit smoking so that if one approach
hasn't worked for you another might. Keep investigating and trying out different approaches. If you
decide to try a medication or nicotine therapy to assist you in quitting smoking, try to follow the
protocol to give it a chance to work instead of stopping if it doesn't seem to be working right away. Of
course this advice includes taking caution that you don't combine smoking with a nicotine
replacement therapy that can result in overdosing on nicotine.

Your body responds to changes you make in different ways at different times. Just as with modifying
diet or trying to exercise, if you keep at it there will likely be a time when it feels easier than it did on
prior attempts so that you're encouraged to keep with it.

If you have health insurance, the cost of cessation programs as well as medications are frequently
covered by health plans to help you quit.

Calculate how much you spend a day on cigarettes and if you spend less on a single day, save that
money towards something you want.
When you go out, try leaving your cigarettes at home. Many places don't permit smoking anyway and
if you're busy doing something else it will be easier to skip the next cigarette. If this option makes you
feel nervous, remember that you'll likely be able to buy cigarettes if you need them.

Don't smoke in your home. One way to greatly reduce your smoking is to require yourself to go
outside if you smoke. This will make smoking more inconvenient for you.

Decide whether you feel you'll succeed better by including others as your support to encourage you to
quit or whether it's something you want to do on your own. Support groups don't work for everyone. If
you feel additional pressure from your support group which can be upsetting, undertake quitting
without involving others.

Consider whether it might work for you to substitute healthy habits for unhealthy habits. If you can,
develop something new to do such as exercise that you can do instead of smoking. Some people
also successfully substitute drinking a glass of water or chewing gum, including nicotine gum, instead
of having a cigarette.

Quitting smoking is very difficult but you can accomplish this goal. Don't get discouraged and use the
tips above as you work towards quitting smoking.

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