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How to Open a FUHR Sliding Door That is Stuck


How to Open a FUHR Sliding Door That is Stuck

More Info                                                         Published 6/20/2012

 How to Open a Stuck FUHR Sliding Door (handle turns but door won't open)
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           How the Lock Works:

           The three locking hooks are all connected to the same rod. When one hook moves, all three

           The hook latches of the FUHR sliding door lock automatically engage when the door is
           closed. Two springs are built into the lock, which constantly exert an upward (locked) force
           on the hooks. Hence, the natural position for this lock is "locked" position, rather than

           When the door handle is cocked in the unlocked position (when you open the door), the
           springs are compressed. The springs remain compressed until the trigger on the lock makes
           contact with the door jamb; the pressure on the springs is released and the hooks move
           upward into the locked position.

           The Problem with Your Lock Problem:

           If your door won't open but your handle still turns, the root of the problem is probably most
           likely that the hooks are stuck on the strike plate. The most likely reason this would happen

             All About Doors & Windows     |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                         Published 6/20/2012

is that the door panel is not square and level with the door frame. The hooks are put under pressure and
are in a bind. So, even though the handle moves, the hooks are wedged, stuck, in the strike plate and
the door cannot be opened.

How to Tackle the Problem:

   1. Make sure that the key cylinder in the door is actually unlocked, so that you don't break the
      cylinder while trying to fix the issue—or do more work than you have to to fix it in the first
      place. If your handle moves, the key cylinder is not locked. If your door is locked, turn the
      thumbturn to unlock it. From the inside, if the door latches on the left side, the thumbturn must
      be turned clockwise to unlock the door. If the door latches on the right side, the thumbturn must
      be turned counter-clockwise to unlock it.

   2. With the help of another person, see if you can work the hooks out of the strike. While one
      person is turning and pulling the handle (as though opening the door), the other person should
      move the panel up and down and back and forth. See if the hooks can be wiggled out of their

   3. If that doesn't work, remove a piece of the interior trim and expose the door frame from the
      inside of the house. This will allow you to see the hooks.

   4. Using a flat blade (putty knife or pry bar), you should be able to get in between the panel and

              All About Doors & Windows    |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                              Published 6/20/2012

       the jamb and move one of the hooks enough to pop the door open while pulling on the handle.
       Remember: all three hooks move together. If you move one hook, all three will move.

How to Keep the Problem From Happening Again:

The trick once you get the door open is to re-align the sliding panel and the door frame. There is
nothing wrong with your lock—over time, something has caused the panel and frame to get out of
whack with each other. The first step is to check the rollers. These may need replacing, but at the very
least, they need adjusting—if one roller is higher than the other, one side of the door is higher than the
other and the door panel won't be square with the frame.

For help adjusting your sliding door rollers, read: How to Adjust Sliding Door Rollers on our website,

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