Dos and Donts by dffhrtcv3


Always   demonstrate a sense of fair play and impartiality in disposing of files /

 Exercise  the same prudence in official matters, which you would prefer in your
personal affairs.

 At all times maintain absolute integrity & devotion to duty.             Do nothing
unbecoming of a public servant.

 Be regular and punctual in attending office.
 Be prompt in redressing complaints and grievances.
 Dispose of cases promptly without undue haste.
 Always date your signatures.
 Record your decisions, particularly those involving financial implications.
 Closely monitor delays and disposal of files in your department.
 Provide job rotations to those who are on sensitive jobs.
 Be conversant with and follow the Rules, Regulations, Policies, Guidelines,
Systems, Procedures and practices pertaining to the work being carried out by you.
There could be changes, amendments or deletions. Consolidate them for clear and
unambiguous guidelines to promote the work climate.

 Keep short check lists of all essential procedures and refer them frequently.
 Scrupulously follow CDA Rules / Standing Orders.
 Always    record the minutes of any meeting / proceedings / committee at the
earliest possible, but not later than 48 hours of the conduct of such meeting and get
it signed by all the members. Circulate the minutes positively within 5 days
thereafter.    Delay in writing minutes of the negotiating committee, purchase
committee, tender committee, etc. provide scope for suspicions. Be prompt in
redressing complaints and grievances.

 Behave   with others, the way you expect them to behave with you. Always date
your signatures.

 Be vigilant in your dealings, conduct and behaviour.
 Take due care and caution to supervise your subordinates.
 Be  conversant with and work within the powers delegated to you under
Delegation of Powers.
 Ifdecision making is within your level / competence, act promptly and
communicate down the line, to avoid delays and losses.

 Corruption always starts in a small way – nip the bud in the beginning.
 Always  comply with the terms and conditions of the loan / advance granted to
you under the Company rules.

 Strictly abide by the law of the land relating to intoxicating drinks or drugs.
 Do not furnish any false information regarding your name, age, father’s name,
qualifications, ability or previous service or any other matter germane to the
employment at the time of employment or during the course of employment.

 Do not act in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the Company.

 Do not wilfully resort to insubordination or disobedience, whether or not in
combination with other, of any lawful and reasonable order of your superior.

 Do not absent without leave or overstay the sanctioned leave for more than
four consecutive days without sufficient grounds or proper or satisfactory

 Do not absent from the place of your work without permission or sufficient

 Do not take or give bribe or any illegal gratification.

 Do not neglect your work or be negligent in the performance of duty including
malingering or slowing down of work.

 Do not cause damage to any property of the Company.

 Do not interfere or tamper with any safety devices installed in or about the
premises of the Company.
Do not smoke within the premises of the establishment where it is prohibited.

 Do not collect without the permission of the Competent Authority, any money
within the premises of the Company except as sanctioned by any law of the
land for the time – being in force or rules of the Company.

 Do not sleep while on duty.

 Refrain from drunkenness or riotous or disorderly or indecent behaviour or
gambling within the premises of the Company or outside such premises where
such behaviour is related to or connected with the employment.

 Do not commit any act which amounts to a criminal offence involving moral

 Avoid habitual indebtedness.

 Do not make false allegations against any employee / Director or CMD of the

 Do not commit any act subversive of discipline or of good behaviour.

 Do not purchase properties, machinery, stores etc. from or sell properties,
machinery, stores etc. to the Company without express permission in writing
from the competent authority.
 Don’t engage or participate in any demonstration involving incitement to an offence.

 Do not be rude and brash while telling “No” to others.

 Do not be illogical and arbitrary in your decisions.

 Do not yield to temptation or run after petty gains, it may prove to be costly.

 Do not live beyond your means.

 Do not flout or circumvent the rules or regulations.

 Do not short circuit the prescribed systems and procedures.

 Do not cultivate friendship with Company’s dealers, contractors, suppliers,
transporters etc. .

 Do not accept frequent or lavish hospitality from any individual or firm having official
dealings with you.

 Do not delay decisions / disposal of papers / files.

 Do not take a decision in a case where you have personal interest or your relations
are involved.
 Don’t exceed your powers – financial and administrative.

 Do not misuse Company’s property, including vehicles, material and labour.

 Don’t associate with activities of press, radio, or TV without proper permission.

 Don’t criticize the Government and the Company.

 Don’t unauthorisedly communicate any information connected with your official

 Don’t give, take or abet giving or taking of dowry.

 Don’t engage directly or indirectly in any trade, business or employment.

 Don’t bring any outside influence to bear upon your superiors to further your
service interests.

 Don’t consume or be under the influence of intoxicating drinks / drugs while on
duty or in a public place.

 Avoid seeking / receiving cash donations and advertisements from contractors,
transporters, dealers etc., even for a good cause.

 Avoid signing the minutes or any other documents in back date.
 Do not deal with firms who do not furnish full and complete address or detailed

 Never delay submission of your TA bills / claims in settlement of advances etc.

 Do not be negligent or lack devotion to duty at any time.

 Never tamper with or forge any document.


  The above Do’s & Don’ts are only illustrative in nature and not exhaustive.

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