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					Round Table on Information Access
for People with Print Disabilities Inc.

2012 Annual Conference Program
Perth, Western Australia

Saturday 28 April - Tuesday 1 May 2012

Universal Access: Are We There Yet?

Association for the Blind of WA Inc.
61 Kitchener Avenue
VICTORIA PARK Western Australia

Enquiries to:
Tammy Axelsen, Administration Officer
Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities Inc
PO Box 229, LINDISFARNE, Tas, 7015 Australia
Ph: Mobile 0417 101 418
Fax: +61 3 6265 1519

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Please note: the conference program may be subject to change without notice
Welcome to the 31st Round Table Conference “Universal Access: Are We There Yet?”.
Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities was established in 1981. Its
aim is to facilitate and influence the production and use of quality accessible formats for and by
people with print disabilities.
This year's program includes a wide range of topics in the areas of universal design, recreation
and entertainment, education, production, and library services.
The theme will be explored through a mix of presentations, panel discussions and workshops with
a technology exhibition being held in association with the conference.
We welcome you to Perth and to the 2012 Round Table Conference.

I would like to thank the Round Table Executive, the Conference Organising Committee, friends
and colleagues at the Association for the Blind of WA, staff at the Mercure Hotel and all the
presenters, our organisers, trade exhibitors and delegates who have made this conference

Chris Whitelock
2012 Conference Convenor.

 Conference Program 2012024                                                                        2
Our sincere thanks go to the sponsors of this year's conference:

Association for the Blind of WA Inc.
For production of accessible format conference materials, donating the use of the conference
venue and facilities, conference bags and staff time to assist with the conference and its planning.

Australian Government’s Department of Families, Housing, Community
Services and Indigenous Affairs, National Disability Conference Funding
For the provision of funding to assist with travel, accommodation and registration costs for
consumers to attend the 2012 Round Table Conference.

Vodafone Foundation
The Vodafone Foundation Australia has supported the 2012 Round Table Conference by making
a donation which was used to purchase USB sticks for distribution of conference information to

 Conference Program 2012024                                                                        3

HumanWare is the global leader in the provision of intuitive, intelligent solutions that enable
people with a print disability to participate effectively in today's information intensive society. We
offer a collection of innovative products, including BrailleNote, the leading productivity device for
the blind in education, business and for personal use; the Victor Reader product line, the world's
leading digital audiobook players; the SmartView family of handheld and desktop electronic
magnifiers; Trekker Breeze, the all-in-one handheld talking GPS; and myReader2, HumanWare's
unique "auto-reader”.

Pacific Vision International
Pacific Vision is an established supplier or Low Vision and Blindness equipment. We pride
ourselves on customer satisfaction and service. With people on the ground in all States we can
provide the support necessary to cover all facets of clients requirements. We will beat any pricing
offered on equivalent products no matter where you are situated.

Quantum, Reading Learning Vision
Quantum, Reading Learning Vision is dedicated to serving the needs of people with Print
Disabilities by providing access to information and tools for greater independence in all areas of
life, especially in areas of education, employment and retirement. We provide a range of
electronic magnifiers, electronic Braille displays and note takers, 'text-to-speech' devices, DAISY
players, accessibility software for computer users, as well as training and also our dedicated
Software Support phone line.

 Conference Program 2012024                                                                              4
Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd
Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. are proud to present PTX1, the world’s first DAISY player that uses the
DAISY Online Delivery protocol under the name of PLEXTALK. With this player people can enjoy
a new reading experience. They can listen to books immediately after borrowing them with no
need for a computer.
Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. is the world's largest manufacturer of DTBPs and a leader in digital
recorders and software since the initiation of the digital talking book players and the creation of
the global standard DAISY in 1990's. PLEXTALK assistive technology products are created to
improve the quality of life, self-reliance and independence of their users.

Vision Australia
Vision Australia’s Information Library Service (VAILS) provides information and reading in
accessible formats for people with a print disability across Australia. We have a wide range of print
alternative books, magazines and newspapers available to Library members in audio, Braille and
for download.

Come and talk to us at our display table to hear about some of the exciting developments for
members of the library.

VOICEYE, Inc. is the developer of the revolutionary assistive technology product VOICEYE, which
enables users to create “Accessible Paper’’ for those with print and vision impairments so that
they can easily access printed information using the VOICEYE code (2-dimensional code). We
have been working with this technology since 2003.

The VOICE Maker software is loaded as an Add-In to MS-Word, whenever you have a document
that you want to make accessible, just click on the Add-In and create the code and then the
material becomes accessible to the user. It takes just a few seconds. We also have available to
the Adobe InDesign version (Publishing Software) of VOICEYE Maker, so those of you creating
your documents in Adobe can create VOICEYE codes as well.

 Conference Program 2012024                                                                           5
Saturday April 28
9.45am: Registration

Time                      Session

10.00-10.30am             Morning Tea on arrival

10.30am-12.30pm           Australian Braille Authority Annual Meeting
                          – Guide Dog Discovery Centre
                          Chair: Christine Simpson
                          See separate Agenda

12.30-1.30pm              Lunch

1.30-3.00pm               ABA Meeting continued – Guide Dog Discovery Centre

3.00-3.30pm               Afternoon Tea

3.30-5.00pm               ABA Meeting continued – Guide Dog Discovery Centre

5:30pm – 7:00pm: Welcome Function and Tour of the Association for the Blind of WA Inc.
7:00pm: Blind Citizens WA invites you to their Quiz Night

 Conference Program 2012024                                                              6
Sunday April 29
8.30-9.15am: Registration
9.30am-5.30pm: Technology and Services Exhibition

Time                Session 1: Welcome and Keynote Speaker (Theatrette)

9.30-10.45am        Conference Announcements and Roll Call
                    President’s Introduction
                    Brian Conway, President,
                    Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities Inc.
                    Keynote Address
                    Pauline Hoffman, National Director,
                    Tape Aids for the Blind, Durban, South Africa

10.45-11.15am: Morning Tea

Time                Session 2: Recreation (Theatrette)

11.15am-            The National Year of Reading and what it means
1.00pm              Sue McKerracher, The Library Agency
                    The Social Media Access Project: practical resources for people with
                    print disabilities
                    Dr Scott Hollier, Media Access Australia
                    Round Table Information Session

1.00-2.00pm: Lunch

Time                Session 3: Widening Access (Theatrette)

2.00-3.00pm         Web based alternate format production
                    David Vosnacos, Manager Special Projects,
                    Association for the Blind of WA Inc.
                    Universal access on DAISY playback hardware and software.
                    Hiromitsu Fujimori, R&D Team Manager, Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd

 Conference Program 2012024                                                                     7
Sunday April 29 (continued)
3.00-3.30pm: Afternoon Tea

Time                Session 4: The Braille World (Theatrette)

3.30-4.00pm         An international book treaty – a WIPO SCCR update
                    Maryanne Diamond, Chair World Blind Union

4.00-5.15pm         Meet our Exhibitors
                    Brief presentations from organisations providing trade exhibits

6.45pm: Pre-Dinner Drinks – Mercure Hotel
7.15pm: Conference Dinner – Mercure Hotel

 Conference Program 2012024                                                           8
Monday April 30
8.15-8.45am: Registration

9.30am-6.00pm: Technology and Services Exhibition

Time                Session 5: International Developments (Theatrette)

9.00-9.15am         Conference Announcements and Roll Call

9.15-10.30pm        Update on the ICEB and Braille21 Congress
                    Mary Schnackenberg and panel

10.30-11.00am: Morning Tea

Time                 Session 6A: Approaches to Accessible        Session 6B: Workshop
                     Information provision                       Chair: Josie Howse
                     Theatrette                                  Australian Braille Authority
                                                                 Executive Committee Member
                                                                 Conference Room 1 & 2

11.00am-             There is still a place for cassettes        Australian Braille Authority
1.00pm               Pauline Hoffman, National Director,         Workshop
                     Tape Aids for the Blind                     Tactual Graphics Production:
                     RNZFB burn on demand DAISY                  When, Why and How?
                     Neil Jarvis
                     Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
                     From specialised to mainstream
                     Tony Iezzi, Manager Information Library
                     Service, Vision Australia
                     Leading from behind
                     – ABWA’s second mover approach to
                     Chris Whitelock,
                     Director Information Services,
                     Association for the Blind of WA Inc.

 Conference Program 2012024                                                                     9
Monday April 30 (continued)
1.00-2.15pm: Lunch

Time                Session 7: Unified English Braille (Theatrette)

2.15-3:30pm         The Trans-Tasman UEB proficiency experience 4 years on
                    Frances Gentle, RIDBC Renwick Centre & Pacific Chairperson, ICEVI
                    Maria Stevens, Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
                    Josie Howse, NSW Department of Education and Communities
                    Rapid Braille
                    Leona Holloway, Vision Australia

3.30-4.00pm: Afternoon Tea
4.15-5.15pm: Round Table Annual General Meeting (Theatrette)
                Chair: Brian Conway
                See separate Agenda
5:15pm:         Wine and cheese evening
                Hosted by the Australian Braille Authority, WA Regional Forum

 Conference Program 2012024                                                             10
Tuesday May 1
8.15-8.45am: Registration

Time                Session 8: Education (Theatrette)

9.00-9.15am         Conference Announcements and Roll Call

9.15-10.30am        Vision Expanded Core Curriculum Accreditation Project
                    Deborah Nathan, Vision Education Service WA
                    I can read too
                    Shirley Henderson, Lesley Maher and Nikki Gray
                    Vision Education Service WA

10.30-11.00am: Morning Tea

Time                Session 9: Access and Resources (Theatrette)

11.00am-            The Trusted Intermediary Global Accessible Resource project
12.30pm             Chris Whitelock, Director Information Services,
                    Association for the Blind of WA Inc.
                    From Policy to Popcorn – the consumer-led push for audio description
                    Robyn Gaile, Blind Citizens Australia
                    Apps and Universal Access
                    Chris Whitelock, Director Information Services,
                    Association for the Blind of WA Inc.

Time                Plenary Session (Theatrette)
12.30-1.00pm        Chair: Elisabeth Wegener
                    Closing Session
                    Chair: Brian Conway

1.00-2.00pm: Lunch

 Conference Program 2012024                                                                11
Tuesday May 1 (continued)

Time                Workshops - Theatrette
2.00- 3:30pm        Workshop A - Synthetic Narration
                    Greg Kearney, Manager Accessible Media,
                    Association for the Blind of WA Inc.
                    Workshop B – Using Microsoft Word’s “Save as DAISY” add-in
                    David Vosnacos, Manager Special Projects,
                    Association for the Blind of WA Inc.

 Conference Program 2012024                                                      12