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									                              Top 5 Cars for First Time Buyers

Buying a car for the first time can be a daunting task. With so many options, models, packages,
colours, and manufacturers to choose from, this decision is not a simple one. For some reason,
however, some people put less thought in to this decision than in to the decision of whether
they want fries with their burger. If you are a diligent consumer, though, you will surely weigh
your top few options against each other. There are 3 important criteria for first time buyers –
safety, price, and durability. First time buyers are usually young drivers and, accordingly, should
buy cars with impeccable safety ratings.

In no particular order, Here are the top 5 cars for first time buyers:

Hyundai Accent

Simply put, this car offers more bang for the buck than any other car in its class. Despite its
diminutive sizing, the car rides like a larger car and is great over bumps. And despite its low
price, the interior is comfortable and great aesthetically. Best in class fuel economy and a sleek
exterior make this an excellent car for those looking for an excellent ride with excellent value.
Hyundai Elantra

If you are looking for something a little larger and more luxurious than the Accent, the Elantra is
your best bet. Best in class fuel economy means that, despite the higher price point, you will be
saving money down the road. The Elantra is an elegant and sleek 4 door sedan and has
impressive leg room. The interior is a step up from the Accent and is truly impressive.

Honda Civic Sedan
The Civic Sedan is larger than other cars in its class and is significantly more practical than the
Accent when it comes to passenger space. This car is also extremely quiet on the road. The
interior, however, feels less polished and elegant than the Accent’s, as its plastic paneling is
much harder. The car drives well, but the interior leaves something to be desired.

Chevrolet Sonic Sedan

If you are a stickler for interiors, this car is for you. Its extremely comfortable and attractive
interior includes triple cup holders, multiple glove compartments, storage areas, and adequate
passenger room. The drive, however, is quite rough compared to other cars in its class and
pales in comparison to the Accent.

Nissan Versa

The complete opposite of the Sonic, the Versa is all about the ride. This car rides better than
anything in its class and has amazing interior space to boot. The interior however, is
desperately lacking any sense of comfort or style. Cheap carpets and hard plastics will repel
those looking for a great interior; if you don’t care about interiors, however, the Versa is a great

Buying a first car can be an extremely overwhelming exercise. The best approach is to rank your
criteria and pick a car that suits your needs. Plus, remember that the addition of certain
packages can drastically alter the feel and performance of a car. Choosing a car is a
commitment that cannot easily be reversed – do the research and truly weigh your options
before pulling the trigger.

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