President Elect NSEA by jolinmilioncherie


									                                       Board Report

Date: 4/26/11

Name: Lynn Hoehn

Position: Pres. Elect

Name of Committee:

Committee Director:

General update since last meeting/conference call:
Held conference call regarding the restructuring of the NSEA Board. We are considering two
Option 1 - officers elected by the NSEA membership to two year terms in the same position. In
addition each Region would elect a Regional Representative to sit on the board as voting
members; they would serve as director/coordinators as well as representatives for their region.

Option 2 – all positions would be elected by the NSEA membership to two year terms in the
same position. Each year elections would be held for 3-4 board positions as well as the
President Elect. Positions would need to be rotated between the regions to prevent the same
position from being held by the same region.

Other recommendations:
Add VP of Conference Services – 2 year term which would serve as the conference co-chair
along with a co-chair from the region co-hosting the conference.

Term Limits – Two consecutive terms (4 years) as a voting member. Able to run again
following a 1 year break. Able to serve in non-voting capacity not eligible to serve as a voting

Considering whether there is a need for a VP of Finance.

Action Items assigned to me and results or progress:
Contacted Shirley Govindasamy from NEASEA – She is supposed to let me know when a new
VP of Conference Services is elected. She volunteered to help get conference planning started.

Issues that need attention and/or discussion:
I provided Joan Gamble with a list of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic
Serving Institutions, Historically Minority Colleges and Universities Consortium and Tribal

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