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made of organic materials that is proven more favorable to baby’s skin as compared to those used by

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									The Benefits Of Using Gerber Cloth Diapers
Many parents trust the name Gerber especially when it comes to the Gerber cloth diapers. Gerber
has earned the trust of many when it comes to items for babies. They are respected in this market
and their brand is among the first to be looked when parents buy items for children. This company
always put the children in their minds when they developed products, thus when you buy Gerber cloth
diapers, you are assured that you are only getting the best.
Why Choose Gerber Cloth Diapers?
There are numerous reasons why one should choose Gerber cloth diapers when it comes to their
baby’s needs. One major reason that draws many parents in choosing this product is because it is
made of organic materials that is proven more favorable to baby’s skin as compared to those used by
disposable diapers. The diapers are made of materials that can effectively absorb moisture but will
not trigger skin irritation and allergic reactions. These hypoallergenic materials used for the
manufacture of the Gerber cloth diapers are porous that delivers excellent ventilation for moisture.
When you use this product, you are also assured that you are saving money. This is the most well
known benefit in choosing Gerber. The reusable character of their diapers is another way of saving.
The product is also available in all size fits all which means that babies can use this not only during
infancy but also when they are a little grown up. Its durability allows it to be used over and over again.
While disposable diapers are being thrown after use, it takes many years before it decomposes
because of the synthetic fiber in it. Since organic products were used in making this, it naturally
decomposes and does not stay as clutter in the environment.
Prefold Gerber Cloth Diapers
One of the most competitive offers in the market for cloth diaper is the 12 Pack Prefold Gerber Cloth
Diapers. Prefold diapers are those rectangular diapers which has layering both on the sides and in
the middle. Those prefolds available in the market differ in layering and these have a great impact on
the performance of a diaper. The Prefold Gerber Cloth diapers are reusable diapers made out of fine
yarn with birds eye weave. This type of materials makes up a very soft Gerber cloth diapers for
babies. This is also made of 100% cotton weave which in turn is an absolutely fast absorbing and fast
drying fabric. They are structured to include a pad liner made of absorbent polyester to help eliminate
the moisture away from the skin of baby. The materials are also very sturdy and can withstand
numerous washes without quilting.
Another good thing about this diaper is the fact that they are not bleached. Studies show that
bleaching the fabric is not very much favored as this has the effect of lessening its study
characteristic. The usual size is 4x4x8 which means that it has four layers on both left and right side
while eight layers of cloth in the middle. This Gerber prefolds with its layering does not appear very
bulky, but can keep the babies super dry and cool for a long period of time. The simple instruction for
folding the diaper is included in the package. The product can be machine washed, but the use of
chlorine during washing is strictly discouraged as this can damage the fabric.
How to Use the Gerber Cloth Diaper?
Gerber cloth diapers are being put on babies just like any other cloth or disposable diapers. Allow
your baby to lie on his back then gently slip half of the cloth diaper on his bottom. In between the legs,
the other half should be folded neatly so that it will fit snugly especially around the legs. Then
carefully locked the snaps or carefully pin it on the side of hips. It is best to cover it with plastic diaper
cover or pants that can help leakage of the wastes. Always double check if the cloth diaper is already
wet or dirty so that necessary changes be made. The soiled diaper must be stored either in wet pail
or dry pail but make sure to use baking soda to ensure that there will be no build up of bacteria that
can lead to unpleasant odors.
Then, wash the diaper with the most effective diaper detergent. Choose a detergent for your Gerber
cloth diaper which contains an effective surface active ingredient so that it can address even the most
stubborn stain. Avoid also those which contain perfumes as these have chemicals that can trigger
skin irritation and allergic reactions in baby’s skin. If there should be any unpleasant odor, the use of
tea tree oil is also highly recommended for this diaper. It is also advisable to have the Gerber Cloth
diapers dried or machine dried for at utmost 90 minutes.

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