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cloth diaper detergent chart which will tell you the detergent that will work best and is safe for your

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									Using The Right Cloth Diaper Detergent
Choosing Cloth Diaper Detergent
In choosing cloth diaper detergents, you need to choose that one that can clean it thoroughly without
any residue build up. Learning about the diaper detergents in the market will help you in determining
the best one and those which needs to be avoided. The first thing that you need to do is to check the
cloth diaper detergent chart which will tell you the detergent that will work best and is safe for your
diaper. If you already have a detergent in mind, check its surface active agent which is the main
ingredient of any washing powder. This chemical loosens and removes a lot of dirt in the diaper,
suspends this dirt in the water so that it will not be redeposited on clean laundry.
The next thing to consider in a detergent is the builder component. They usually build in the surface
active ingredients. They deactivate magnesium and calcium so that alkaline solutions are produced
which is the best aid for cleaning. Most cloth diaper detergents have a brightener content. This
chemicals acts like dyes on the fabric. An example is the blue tone from the brightener which can
hide brown or yellow tone in the fabric making it appear whiter. Be cautious because this chemicals
can trigger allergic reaction especially to the very sensitive skin of babies. Some detergents also have
enzyme proteins. This works by breaking organic stains like blood and oil. Unfortunately, these
enzymes might be reactivated if they get wet and may in turn cause rashes on babies.
Fabric softeners are also found as an active ingredient in most cloth diaper detergents. It works by
providing coating on the surface of the fiber that makes it smoother and also prevents the build up of
stain. The drawback, however, is that it lessens the absorption capacity of the fabric.
Cloth Diaper Detergent in the Market
Charlie’s Soap is one cloth diaper detergents that has made its name in the market. Originally, this
product was developed to be used in quality control laboratories of textile manufacturers. It was
specifically designed to work on fabrics effectively and safely. This product contains only natural
biodegradable ingredients which makes it truly environmental friendly. This works in numerous fabrics
including the micro fiber fabrics of cloth diapers. You will only be needing 1/8 cup of this detergent for
large washloads. It also contains no phosphates, dyes and brighteners, which are proven to cause
skin irritation and rashes for those with most sensitive skin. This also has the ability to effectively
removed entrapped odors in microfiber clot diapers. This also assures not to fade those colored cloth
The most recommended by cloth diaper manufacturers is Allen’s Naturally Laundry Detergent. This
liquid detergent cleans cloth diapers thoroughly yet very gently. After using this, you are assured that
there are no residue or perfume left on the fabric that can cause irritation. This product is completely
How to Wash With Cloth Diaper Detergents?
Before even washing the soiled diaper, check the washing instructions at the back of the product
because it differs depending on the brand. Following the instructions can work for a longer life of a
diaper. This is also necessary because there are products that need extra care during washing. Other
products may not need to be washed on a regular basis or required a certain type of drying.
When you are finally ready, you should be aware that there are two ways of storing soiled diapers.
The wet pail method allows all the diapers to be stored in a pail that is filled with water and the dry
method by piling the diapers in covered or uncovered pail. Either way, keep in mind to put baking
soda in the soiled diaper to prevent odor build up.
In washing diapers, it is always best to wash not more than two dozens at a time as too much friction
for wash overload can cause pilling of the cloth diapers. Check if the snaps of the diaper are properly
fastened just to make sure there will be no diaper chain during washing. Because detergent build up
is not favored, use less of this detergent as you will normally use. The washing of soiled cloth diapers
should be through cold wash, and then soak it for few minutes then rinse thoroughly. Rinsing is such
an important part, so make sure that the fabric is free from any bubbles of the detergent. If there is
undesirable odor, use a few drops of tea tree oil or some fabric odor eliminator.
After washing, the diaper should look and smell fresh with no traces of feces or urine and any other
unpleasant odor. When it is already properly rinsed, it is ready to be lined dry or be put in the machine
dryer. Remember that the heat from the sun or the dryer can help sanitize diapers. 60-90 minutes of
drying is ideal, but it is always best to check the drying instructions because it differs for every brand
of clothing diaper detergent.

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