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                                                                       PRO TIP
                                                           Note that you can add a maximum
 Now that the Ad Group has been created,
                                                           of 25 campaigns at one time. Don’t
 you must select your keywords. Your goal is
                                                           see this as a restrictive limitation,
 to select the right keyword/ad combination
                                                           but a useful guideline. If you’re
 to get the best conversions. A lot of this
                                                           exceeding this limit, your
 comes with practice, but I will go over some
                                                           campaigns most likely need
 of the best tools and methods for
                                                           tightening up for greater relevancy.
 approaching keywords.

                                                        Exact Match

                                                        Exact match means that you can’t put
                                                        anything before, after, or within the
                                                        keyword phrase. The search must be
                                                        exact. It’s the most restrictive of the
                                                        four, and should be used carefully.

                                                         Negative Match
                                                        The negative match can be useful for
                                                        counteracting the downside of a broad
Broad Match                                             match. For example, you can keep the
                                                        “rose” search relevant by making negative
The broad match means that anyone who types in a        keywords for the “Rose Parade” and
general keyword will see your ad. The positive side     “Pete Rose” to keep those searches from
of broad match is that you will probably get the most   cropping up.
impressions, but the downside is that it will draw up
matches from searches that are unrelated (for
example, a broad match for “rose” will also appear
on searches for the Rose Parade or Pete Rose)

Phrase Match

A phrase match allows you to lock a string of
words so that someone searching can only add
words before or after the keyword phrase.
                            USING THE KEYWORD TOOL
                  The Keyword Tool is critical for any Adwords campaign, because it helps you determine
                  what people are searching for and what keywords you should bid on. You will have the
                  option of narrowing your searches down through a variety of filters:

Match Types                 Keyword Search              QUICK TIP
You will have the option   Here is where you enter       One of the quickest ways to select your first
to select broad, exact,    search terms for your         keywords is to simply search for the top 10
and phrase match           keyword, such as a a          keywords from your main competitor’s
keywords.                  word, phrase, or a url.       website and add them to your campaign.

Broad match is
the most common
match type used
by advertisers. If
you’re planning
on using it, be
sure to have a lot
of specifications
and negative
keywords so that
you’re only
targeting relevant

     QUALITY SCORE                              KPI
      Your quality score is the ranking        KPI stands for Key                Location
      that google assigns your ad and          Performance Indicator,
                                                                                You can search under local
      keyword within an Ad Group. It’s         in other words the
                                                                                monthly searches, which
      dependent on variables such as           metrics you use to               focuses on a selected
      impressions served, click-through        measure the success of           country, or global monthly
      rate and cost per click.                 your campaign.                   searches, which applies
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great
tool for tracking your traffic
and expanding the depth of
your keyword research.

Browse Organic
Searches to see
what keywords
people are clicking
on Google to get
to your website.
This is important
because if you have
paid and organic
ads, you have a
50% chance of
getting clicked.                SEMRush                 SpyFu
Look at the top 10
keywords listed                 SEMRush is a free       SpyFu is another option for searching your
(note that the first             and easy way to         competitor’s keywords. The difference it offers from
will be missing),               discover what           SEMRush is that it allows you points of
and be sure to add              keywords your           triangulation, where you can compare and contrast
those to your                   competitors are         different options.
campaigns. You can              bidding on, and
add them to a new               when.
group called SEO
Keywords, and be                I’d recommend
sure to update and              paying for a pro
track them,                     account, because it
because they will               gives you 10,000
be different from                results per report,
the ones on                     organic and paid
Google’s Keyword                insights, and you can
tool.                           easily export all of
                                this data.

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