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									Going Deeper

PPC                                                LPO
                                                  Landing page
Pay per click is the
most common ad                                    optimization refers to
model, where ads
                           CPA                    improving your landing     CRO
are paid for per                                  page to increase
each click.                                       conversions, sales, or
                         Cost per                                          Conversion rate
                         acquisition is the                                optimization is similar
                         amount you’re                                     to landing page
                         paying per sale or                                optimization, but
                         per conversion.                                   focuses specifically on
                                                                           how you’re going to get
                                                                           the desired conversion
                                                                           from that click.
CPC                                               Impression Share

Cost per click is                                 This metric
the amount an                                     measures how many
advertiser pays                                   relevant keyword
per click.                                        searches your ad
                         KPI                      appears in.

                         Key performance
                         indicators are metrics
                         that your optimization                            Click through rate is
                         efforts are gauged                                the percentage of
                         against to measure                                people who click on
                         success.                                          your ads when they
                                                                           appear in a search.
 Return on
 investment means,                                Landing page
 how much did you                                 optimization refers to
 earn for every dollar                            your ability to
 you spent? Your                                  increase conversions,
 goal is to work                                  leads or sales from
 towards a positive                               your landing page.
You’ve written your first text ad, your goal
now is to diversify and create a series of ads
that will be relevant to different iterations of
your keyword.

An easy way to do this is create your first
concatenation worksheet to build out text
ad copy using Excel.

                                                   Concatenation is a
                                                   lesser utilized function in
                                                   excel that will allow you
                                                   to build out keyword
                                                   phrases by combining

                                                   Column A can represent
                                                   a variety of descriptive
                                                   words, colors, seasons,
                                                   model numbers, size,
                                                   style, fit... it depends on
                                                   the product or service
                                                   you’re selling.

                                                   This is an easy way to
                                                   populate and diversify
                                                   your keywords.

   When writing your ad,
   pay close attention to
   the display preview
   on the righthand side.
   This will give you an
   idea of how your ad
   will looks to potential
If you’re going to be using AdWords regularly, get     something unrelated to football, such as flowers,
to know their policies. Google expects you to get      your ad will be taken down.
familiar with their regulations, and your ability to
advertise will be compromised if you don’t.            Remember, the people most likely to flag you for
                                                       being inappropriate is your competitors. They
They will not stop you from entering anything in       will be keeping an eye on you, and will not let you
the ad box, but if your ad is flagged or taken          get away with ads that are falsely boosting your
down, it will hurt your account and your quality       impressions.

Never ever use high-ranking keywords if they
aren’t clearly related to what you’re advertising .
It may briefly bring you a few more impressions,
but you’re going to be swiftly flagged and

For example, if you bid on the keyword “NFL”
around the time of the Super Bowl to advertise

                                                            1) Title and Description
 The resource I recommend to keep up with
 changing AdWords policies is the official                   Be sure to insert the keyword you’re
 Inside AdWords blog, which is maintained by                using in both your title and
 Google themselves.                                         description. This increases you click-
                                                            through rate because the keyword will
 There is a lot of information about all forms              be bolded.
 of advertising, as well as changes in their
 policies. Here are a couple tips for easily
 boosting your click-through rate without                   2) Dynamic Keyword Insertion
 violating any Google policies:

                                                            Turn on dynamic keyword
                                                            insertion; this option means that
                                                            whatever the viewers type in the search
                                                            engine will actually be inserted in the
                                                            ad, within certain parameters. In your
                                                            ad they will literally see just what they
                                                            were searching for!
Split testing is a way of optimizing                because this has
combinations of ads and landing pages, by           been proven to be
splitting traffic between two groups and             the most effective
assessing which performs better.                    way to increase
                                                    conversion. Be
The key to split testing is to make one small       mindful when split testing,
change, so that you can more easily track           however, that the landing pages remain
what’s leading to the positive results. For         congruent and convey the same message.
example, keep the same keyword, the same
description 1 and 2, but change the title.          A lot of the changes that end up being the
                                                    most effective will feel counter-intuitive, so
You can always keep iterating the successful        remember to stay open minded and ABT
variations until you hone in on the highest         (always be testing!)
performing ads.

It’s important to have an ad in
combination with a landing page,

       PRO TIP
      Check out
      Copyblogger for a
      good collection of
      examples and case
      studies on split

                                        TESTING TOOL: UNBOUNCE
                                     Unbounce is a great resource for building and testing
                                     landing pages. It will even allow you to test landing pages
                                     that have already been built against other options, to ensure
                                     they’re fulling optimized. It also has a great 12 Step Landing
                                     Page Rehab Program that allows you to easily analyze and
                                     improve a landing page that already exists.

 1) Unique Selling Proposition
 Your title needs to be front and center. It
 should be very clear about what you are
 selling, and why the user is there.
                                                          6) The Backup Plan
 2) Benefits                                                If the user doesn’t interact with you, you can
                                                           leave in a little reminder that encourages
 Why are others using your product or service?             them to bookmark the page. They may not
 What does it offer over competitors? Is it                purchase now, but include a tagline that will
 cheaper, easier to use, smaller, faster?                  lodge your product in the back of their mind
                                                           until they are ready to buy.

 3) The Hero Shot
                                                          7) Call to Action
 The hero shot will grab people’s attention, and
 take up the prime real estate on your website. The       The call to action is the most important part, it
 golden triangle is an area on the top and left area      facilitates the sale. Be specific about what you
 of a webpage that is most viewed. Our eyes               want the user to do. Click Here, Get Started,
 naturally scan from the top left to right, then the      Submit Now, Buy Now! You can also add in
 top left and down.                                       phrases customers love, like Free Shipping!

4) Context of Use
 This is what the viewer will relate to. It could be an
 article, a reference, a testimonial, anything
 reaffirming the human side of your product and the
 people it serves.

5) Request for Data
 This is simply a text box, where users can submit an
 email address, a full name, whatever data you’re
 seeking. I’d recommend putting the request on the
 righthand side of the page, so people can read
 within the golden triangle and interact on the right.
BID MANAGEMENT                                                           REMEMBER

Once your campaigns are up and running,                      You can’t control the way that Google
you’ll need to exercise bid management.                      works, or how your text ads look. But
                                                             you can control the landing page, so be
When managing bids, you can’t change the bid                 sure that you take what the viewer
on a campaign, but you can change the bid in                 searched for and meet their needs.
two other ways:

1) Ad Group Level                                           2) Keyword Level
The first option is to manage bids at the ad group            You can also create a bid for each
level. The Ad Group contains a collection of                 keyword, which I recommend; the
keywords, so if you can apply a blanket rule it will go      more specific you are in this process,
into effect within all the keywords in that group.           the better results you’ll get.

Once you start getting some results,
you can go into your campaigns
and adjust your bids so that you’re
bidding more for the keywords that
are performing better.

We already know these three match
types: broad, phrase and exact.
Most people will start with broad
match because it gets the most
impressions and is easy to manage.

Once you get started you have the
ability to bid on more targeted
keywords and match types. Google
will also generate similar keywords          Inline Editing
           for you, which you can
             test out and manage             Once you have keywords in your campaign, you can use
                       based on how          the “Edit in Table” function. This allows you to actually
                         they                change bids quickly within the online editor. You can pause
                         perform.            or lower bids on keywords that aren’t performing well, and
                                             the changes will occur in real time.

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