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									Getting Started
                                         YouTube (In-Stream) Ads
                                Advanced advertisers can consider serving ads on YouTube videos;
                                this includes streaming intro ads and text ads that appear on the
      Search Ads                bottom of the video. Note that you only need to pay for intro
The text link ads that          videos when users view the entire commercial; if they close the tab
appear on the top and the       or pause it before the ad is fully served you don’t need to pay for it.
side of the search engine
result page of google (see                Mobile Ads                             TV Ads
example below).
                                There is incredible growth in the        These are basically tv
                                mobile industry, which makes it          commercials, which are
      Display Ads               a great space to begin exploring.        usually reserved for large-
Display ads are visual          Mobile usage is starting to              scale brands and
banners that integrate images   eclipse desktop use, and as a            businesses. However, as
and copy. They sometimes        business you should be striving          your business grows it
contain blinking or             to get ahead of the game during          may become an option
movement to attract the eye.    this transition.                         for you.


                                                                                                Local Search

                                                                                                  Paid Ads

                                                Organic Search
                                                   Let’s start from the
                                                   very beginning. In order
                                                   to get started you must register for
                                                   an account on the Google AdWords page. If you
                                                   already have an email you use to access Gmail,
                                                   Google Plus, or Google Docs, you may use that.

                                                    Once you’re created an
                                                    account, you will choose         BE AWARE
                                                    two important factors: the
                                                                                  You cannot adjust
                                                   timezone and the
                                                                                  the timezone or
currency you’ll be using for these campaigns. The timezone sets a schedule        currency once you’ve
for the ads to appear, so location-specific businesses should take care to         registered!
register for the appropriate one.

Google will send you a verification email, and you will be unable to use
the account until you click the link to activate it.

 A Note on Billing
 Before starting your first campaign, be
 sure to fill in your billing
 information. As soon as your
 campaign is created, Google will
 immediately work within your budget
 and gets your ads started.
                                                        MANUAL                         AUTOMATIC
                   Once you register you
                                               Manual payments allow you         I’d recommend automatic
                   will have two payment
                                               to specify the amount that        payments, because it
                                 options:      Google will charge you in a       assures that your ads will
                                               certain period of time, such      never be paused if you
                                               as $200 a week or $1,000 a        forget to replenish your
                                               month                             account.
Once you’re fully registered, head to the campaigns page to
create your first AdWords campaign.                                                 PRO TIP
I would suggest selecting Search Network Only and All                        Note that if you are only
Devices for your first campaign. This enables an all inclusive                interesting in advertising
search network, which will include mobile devices, desktops and              in the United States, you
tablets. It doesn’t allow for more specific targeting, but will work
fine when you’re just starting out.                                           could be unintentionally
                                                                             overspending if you
When naming your campaign, try to stick to very relevant and                 select the United States/
consistent naming conventions that will remind you of what                   Canada button instead of
your goals are and what you’re advertising. When you are                     specifically choosing
managing a wide variety of campaigns, the names will become
more difficult to distinguish.                                                United States

                                                            A Note on Bidding
                                                           Google offers a variety of options for bidding
                                                           and budgeting, but I would strongly
                                                           recommend manually setting bids.

                                                           This allows you to bid on each keyword
                                                           individually, and set a minimum and maximum
                                                           amount rather than allow Google to set that bid
                                                           for you. Unless you have a completely unlimited
                                                           budget (and what business does), this is the only
                                                           option that allows you to set aside a certain
                                                           amount per day, week or month.

        There are a variety of ad extensions that you can turn on to
        leverage a local presence, products, call-in options and
        more. You can dive into these later when you become
        somewhat more advanced, but one that I would
        recommend for locations-specific businesses is the local
        extension, which allows you to target your ads and even
        add it into Google Maps and Google Places.
Once you’ve set up your account and created a             This is where you select from the five ad types
campaign, the next step is to create an Ad                outlined earlier, and proceed to create the actual
Group.                                                    ad. Your first ads will most likely be the simplest
                                                          and most commonly used, text ads.
I like to think of an Ad Group as a large
collection of keywords which are carefully paired         You have the ability to create top ads and side
with specific ads.                                         ads (seen below) in AdWords. The top ads will
                                                          appear above the organic search results, whereas
If you created, for example a general campaign            the side ads will be listed on the right.
for a florist in Topeka, Kansas, your next step is
to create an Ad Group specifically aimed at                Be sure to heed the character limits for both,
selling the product, a group of ads that promote          because Google will actually truncate your ad if
roses for $10.00 a dozen in Topeka.                       you exceed their

QUICK BREAKDOWN:                      TEXT ADS
The headline has a 25 character limit, so be sure
that it’s succinct and contains a call to action. It is
the bright blue link that users will actually click on.


                                                                                   This is the link that the
                                                                                   headline will lead to.
                                                                                   It’s very important that
                                                                                   the display url and
                                                                                   the headline link lead
                                                                                   to the same place, for
 Description                                                                       greater user experience
 The description is broken into line 1 and line 2, and they have a                 and increasing
 limit of 35 characters. I would recommend following up on the                     Google’s ability to
 attention grabbing headline by encouraging immediate action.                      improve your ad.
                                                                       PRO TIP
                                                           Note that you can add a maximum
 Now that the Ad Group has been created,
                                                           of 25 campaigns at one time. Don’t
 you must select your keywords. Your goal is
                                                           see this as a restrictive limitation,
 to select the right keyword/ad combination
                                                           but a useful guideline. If you’re
 to get the best conversions. A lot of this
                                                           exceeding this limit, your
 comes with practice, but I will go over some
                                                           campaigns most likely need
 of the best tools and methods for
                                                           tightening up for greater relevancy.
 approaching keywords.

                                                        Exact Match

                                                        Exact match means that you can’t put
                                                        anything before, after, or within the
                                                        keyword phrase. The search must be
                                                        exact. It’s the most restrictive of the
                                                        four, and should be used carefully.

                                                         Negative Match
                                                        The negative match can be useful for
                                                        counteracting the downside of a broad
Broad Match                                             match. For example, you can keep the
                                                        “rose” search relevant by making negative
The broad match means that anyone who types in a        keywords for the “Rose Parade” and
general keyword will see your ad. The positive side     “Pete Rose” to keep those searches from
of broad match is that you will probably get the most   cropping up.
impressions, but the downside is that it will draw up
matches from searches that are unrelated (for
example, a broad match for “rose” will also appear
on searches for the Rose Parade or Pete Rose)

Phrase Match

A phrase match allows you to lock a string of
words so that someone searching can only add
words before or after the keyword phrase.

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