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Once you’re comfortable managing keywords          shock the system
and bids, you can start managing ad groups.        too much at once,
Your goal is to make sure you’re having the best   you may hurt your quality
ad appear with the highest performing keyword      score.
                                                   Only focus on the top performing ads, and
Remember that there is a cost to testing ads;      create a couple permutations at a time. Test for
you will invariably end up putting money into      a week or two, pause the lower performing ads,
ads that won’t perform very well, and if you       then test the new iterations.


AdWords Editor is an excellent application for
improving campaign performance while saving
a lot of time. With AdWords Editor you also
have the ability to work offline, which means
you can take your work on-the-go.

AdWords Editor was actually developed
internally by Google account managers, to
optimize their own experience. It allows you to
to synch your AdWords account with the
Editor, track your changes, duplicate
campaigns and edit them easily using the find
and replace function.

Educational                                          Tools

• Pursue some extra AdWords training               • Efficiently test and build out your
  through completing the Google Certification         keyword list with Copyblogger.
                                                   • Easily manage keywords and
• Take part in courses such as this AdWords          campaigns with Google AdWords
  seminar held by Cardinal Path.                     Editor.

• For building landing pages, check out some       • Implement split tests and multi-variant
  of the resources and case studies at Anne          testing using Google Website
  Holland.                                           Optimizer.

• Interact with other search engine marketing      • If you want to build a website
  professionals on the SEMPO (Search Engine          without any coding or HTML,
  Marketing Professionals Organization)              Unbounce makes it easy to create and
  website. Participate in forum discussions and      test a webpage.
  access white papers and industry research.
                                                   • Keep track of competitors and test
• Keep up with the policy changes and new            your keywords against Google’s with
  features by following the Inside AdWords blog.     SEMRush and SpyFu.

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