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                                                                           fRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2009

       PERSONAL INJURY                                           PlAINTIFFS' CONTENTIONS:
                                                                 The plaintiffs contended thatDr.
               Wrongful Death                                    Pepitone, during the Dec. 29,2005
                                                                 office visit, should havesuspected
    VERDICf: Defense.                                            unstable angina in a patient with
    CASE/NUMBER: LaDonna                                         many cardiac riskfactors who
    Mowrey, Jeannine Giem, James                                 complained ofchestpain upon
    Mowrey v. Stanley K. Kawanishi,                              exertion andat rest,andhe
    M.D., Ronald E.Pepitone, M.D. /                              should haverecognized a cardiac
    01CC01872.                                                   emergency thatrequired immediate
    COURT/DAlE: Orange Superior /                                hospitalization andmedical
    July24, 200S.                                                intervention.
    JUDGE: Hon. Steven L Perk.                                   The allegation against Dr. Kawanishi
                                                                 wasthatthe voluminous amount of
    ATTORNEYS: Plaintiff-Alton J.                                artifacts ontheJan.6,2006 exercise
    Smith ill (Law Office ofAlton].                              treadmill teststripsrendered the
    Smith, Costa Mesa).                                          testuseless, andDr. Kawanishi
    Defendant - Yuk K Law (Law +                                 should havetakenthedecedent to
    Brandmeyer, UP, Pasadena).                                   the cathlabforangiography. The
    MEDICAL EXPERTS: Plaintiff -                                 plaintiffs furthercontended that
    Colin M.Bloor, M.D., cardiovascular                          Dr. Kawanishi didnotperform
    pathology, San Diego; Bernard A                              the exercise treadmill testfora
    Michlin, M.D., internal medicine,                            sufficient amount oftimeto makea .
    San Diego; Fernando Zamudio,
    M.D., cardiology, SanDiego.
                                                                 DEFE~HANT'S CONtENtIONS: ..
                                                                 Dr. Pepitone argued thathe
    Defendant - Michael Chaikin, M.D.,                           actedreasonably byreferring
    cardiology, Pasadena; Michael C.                             the patient to Dr. Kawanishi fora
    Fishbein, M.D., cardiovascular                               repeatexercise treadmill test,and
    pathology, Los Angeles; William                              therewasnoindication-for himto
    Klein, M.D., internal medicine,                              hospitalize Mowrey on Dec. 29,
    Newport Beach.                                               2005 foremergency workup and
    rscrsTheplaintiff's decedent,                                treatment.
    Michael Mowrey, was a 59-year-                              Dr. Kawanishi demonstrated that
    oldcustomer service manager                                 he wasabletoreadthe.exercise
    ofa trucking company. Dr.                                   treadmill test stripsdespite the
    Ronald E.Pepitone, M.D., was                                artifacts, andhe found noevidence
    Michael Mowrey's primary care                               ofcardiac ischemia to indicate
    physician fora number ofyears.                              moreinvasive workup, such as
    Mowrey hadhypertension and                                  angiography.
    hypercholesteremia. In May2005,                             Further, with respecttocausation,
    Dr. Pepitone sentMowrey to                                  the defendant claimed thatthere
    Dr. Stanley K Kawanishi, M.D.,                              wasnoextensive narrowing of
    a cardiologist, to stratify his                             thecoronary arteriesfound at
    cardiac riskfactors. Dr. Kawanishi                          autopsy, andthe decedent diedof
    performed andinterpreted an                                 unpredictable andunpreventable
    exercise treadmill testas normal                            cardiac arrhythmia.
    Mowrey returned toDr. Pepitone
    onDec. 29, 2005, with thecomplaint                          INJURIES: Death ofMichael
    thathe washaving chestpain                                  Mowrey. Plaintiffs' lossoflove,
    upon exertion. Dr. Pepitone was                             companionship andguidance.
    unclear as to thecause, butreferred                         DAMAGES: $370,000 (pastand
    Mowrey toDr. Kawanishi for                                  future financial support); $135,000
    another exercise treadmill test to                          (loss ofhousehold services);
    ruleoutcardiac ischemic problems.                           $250,000 (past andfuture non-
    OnJan.6,2006, Dr. Kawanishi                                 economic damages).
    performed thetestandconcluded                               JURY TRIAL: Length, sevendays;
    thattherewasnoevidence                                      Poll, 9-3 (nonegligence as to Dr.
    ofischemia. Mowrey died                                     Pepitone), 1()'2 (nonegligence as to
    unexpectedly onIan.Ll, 2006.                                Dr. Kawanishi); Deliberation, one
    Plaintiff LaDonna Mowrey is 61                              day.
    yearsoldandthedecedent's wife;                              SETILEMENT DISCUSSIONS:
    Jeannine Giem andJamesMowrey                                Theplaintiffs demanded $250,000
    are thedecedent's adult children.                           eachfrom Dr. Pepitone andDr.
                                                                Thedefendants made nooffer.
                                                                RESULT: Defense verdict.

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