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									                                          Factsheet on ACE Mentoring Programme and ACE Startups

The Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Mentoring Programme

The ACE Mentoring Programme was set up as part of ACE’s goal to provide startups with access
to funding, networks and mentors to help them grow into sustainable businesses. The Programme
aims to match all startups supported under ACE with a personal mentor, who will guide them on a
one-to-one basis during the early stages of starting up, for up to one year. The mentors, who are
experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors and professionals familiar with the startup sector,
volunteer their time in the programme on a pro bono basis. 27 mentors have signed up to date.

ACE Mentoring Sub-Committee

The Mentoring Programme is led by the ACE Mentoring Sub-Committee. The members are:

       Dr Steven Fang, Founder & Group CEO, Cordlife (Chairperson)
       Donny Soh, Chief Data Officer, Tactica Labs
       Jackie Lee, Managing Partner, Kyosei Ventures
       John Khong, Founder & Chairman, Niche Medical
       Ken Koh, Director, Talentpreneur Hub
       Manoj Sharma, Founder, DifferWorld
       Pamela Phua, Founder, DifferWorld
       Lee Soo Chye, Partner, Aequitas
       Chow U-Jin, Group Media Affairs Director, Cordlife

Mentoring Process

1) Upon grant offer, startups will be required to identify their own mentoring needs, which could
   be functional (e.g. marketing, financing, sales) or industry-specific (e.g. technical skills,
   industry knowledge, market access).
2) A networking session will be held for startups and the mentors to facilitate matching between
   them. Startups are to proactively contact the mentor(s) of their choice and confirm the mentor’s
   interest within a month. Both parties will inform the ACE secretariat once the mentor is
   agreeable. The secretariat will assist startups who are unable to find a mentor.
3) The secretariat will seek periodic feedback from the startups and mentors on their progress
   and provide support where required.

Selected ACE mentor profiles

Mr Adrin Loi, Executive Chairman, Ya Kun International

Adrin took over the business of Ya Kun Kaya Toast in 1998. In 2000, he set up Ya Kun (S) Pte Ltd. As
the Managing Director, he oversaw the entire food manufacturing facility, and was integral to the
company’s expansion through franchising. He established Ya Kun International Pte Ltd in 2001 and
grew it from just one outlet at Far East Square to 39 outlets island-wide. Today, Ya Kun is in countries
such as Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Philippines. Now, as Executive Chairman of Ya Kun
International, Adrin is still involved in every aspect of the business.

Adrin received the inaugural Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Entrepreneurship Award in 2010. He is
currently a member on the SOE Board of Governors 2012. Adrin is also a member of the Singapore
Prestige Brand Awards (SPBA) 2012’s Awards Organising Committee.

                                           Factsheet on ACE Mentoring Programme and ACE Startups

Boyd Au, Executive Chairman, 7 Notes Capital Pte Ltd

In 1984, Boyd and started Enzer with a partner and just S$10,000. As the Executive Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer, Boyd grew Enzer into a world renowned brand, with Enzer products sold in
33 countries. It won the Superbrands award for three consecutive years. The company was listed on
the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2001. Sales turnover reached S$80 million in 2006. In mid- 2007,
Boyd decided to retire and sold his shares in the company.

Being a passionate entrepreneur at heart, Boyd started 7 Notes Capital Pte Ltd to provide private
equity investment as well as training, coaching and mentoring on entrepreneurship to business
owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Boyd has trained and mentored over 300 business owners in a
variety of industries— from fashion & design to construction, media, telecommunication, and

With over 25 years of successful business experience, Boyd hopes to leave a legacy through
mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Mr Charlie Sim, Co-founder, Renovell Pte Ltd & Allied Intuit Pte Ltd

Charlie has co-founded a number of companies - Renovell Pte Ltd (a business growth services firm),
Allied Intuit Pte Ltd (an intellectual property management consulting firm) and Axis Intellectual Capital
Ltd (a regional IP brokerage firm). He has helped many organisations at various stages of growth,
from establishing the business to innovation, expansion, and risk management strategies. His clients
include government agencies, private institutions and individuals across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and
the Americas.

Charlie plays the role of mentor and confidant to local and overseas startups, lending his professional
and business experience and networks to help them grow and succeed. Charlie is a qualified patent
attorney and certified practising management consultant. Charlie is also known as an inventor with a
strong technology background, having developed voice recognition technologies, proton-exchange
membranes, and co-developing “the world’s first robot brain surgeon” (Herald Tribune).

Ms Elaine Teh, Executive Director, Octopus Group Pte Ltd

Elaine is a serial entrepreneur, having started 15 businesses. She has dabbled in entrepreneurship
since young, with sales and marketing being her love and forte. After graduation, she worked at the
largest rosewood store in Sydney, Australia, as a retail manager before starting a business offering
special interest tours to Chinese government bodies. Subsequently, Elaine worked in Hong Kong
before returning to Australia to launch two mobile phone stores before distributing the mobile phones
globally. Within 10 months, sales had reached A$10 million.

In 2000, Elaine relocated to Singapore and diversified her portfolio into IT and building management
systems. She started Octopus Group with her business partner, Andy Lim, and ran several
entertainment outlets here with the innovative Octopus business model. She also founded Okeanos
Distribution Pte Ltd, which distributes Carlsberg in Singapore. She is also the Public Relations
Director of the International Business Women’s Association.

                                          Factsheet on ACE Mentoring Programme and ACE Startups

Ms Genevieve Heng, Managing Director, Chepstow Capital Advisors

Genevieve is the Managing Director of Chepstow Capital Advisors Pte Ltd. She has more than two
decades of financial experience in Asian markets, of which 12 were spent as the Managing Director of
CLSA Capital Partners’ mid-market Asian private equity business, managing investments and
divestments of portfolio companies in Southeast Asia and India.

As an equity fund manager, Genevieve has invested in eight companies across Asia and managed
several other investments in food, alternative power, ICT, wellness and capital goods.

She has an MBA from the London Business School and a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer and Information
Sciences from the National University of Singapore. She is also a CFA charter holder, a Chartered
Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designee and a CAIA Singapore Chapter Executive.

Ms Huang Shao-Ning (Leigh), Co-Founder & Deputy CEO, JobsCentral Group

Shao-Ning is the co-founder and Deputy CEO of JobsCentral Group. Her current work scope includes
strategic planning, product development, HR and finance. She helped to grow JobsCentral from a
two-man team in 2000 to more than 100 staff currently, in Singapore and Malaysia. JobsCentral was
acquired by CareerBuilder LLB (USA) in April 2011.

Shao- Ning manages Campus eFair, JobsCentral’s Career and Learning Fair and other key events.
Under her leadership, the Career & Learning Fair doubled in size, and the Campus eFairs emerged
as the top destination site for polytechnic and university graduate job seekers. She is also responsible
for the overall financial performance of the company and ensures that staff capabilities grow in
tandem with business needs.

Shao-Ning is currently mentor to two internet startups and investor in an animation studio.

Mr Lim Song Joo (aka SJ Lim), Founder & CEO, BWG Consulting Pte Ltd

SJ is principal consultant at BWG Consulting Pte Ltd, which he founded in 2011. Prior to founding
BWG, SJ Lim founded a company which was invested by SPRING SEEDS Capital. He made a
profitable exit after one and a half years.

In his 18 years in the high-tech sector, SJ was with General Electric (GE Capital), Hitachi Chemical,
DoVatron and Epan. He has accumulated experiences in strategic management planning,
procurement, e- commerce, and green field client acquisitions. His business experience spans
countries like China, Korea, Taiwan and the US, in a variety of industries such as high- tech, ICT,
creative media, and eldercare. His extensive networks in the supply chain industry translate to
valuable opportunities for startups under his wing which are looking to expand into the region.

He has mentored four start-ups, of which he has personally invested in two.

                                        Factsheet on ACE Mentoring Programme and ACE Startups

Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Startups

              ACE Startups aims to help entrepreneurial individuals take the first step to start and
              build their first venture into sustainable businesses and to develop entrepreneurship so
              as to create more and better jobs for Singaporeans.

Support       ACE will provide grant support of up to $50,000.

Eligibility   The programme is open to Singaporeans / Permanent Residents who are first-time
Criteria      entrepreneurs. In addition, the applicant should meet the following requirements at the
              time of application:

              a)   The applicant(s) must not have:
                   - registered or incorporated any business entity
                   - received any funding for the proposed business idea from another government

              b)   The applicant(s) must hold or propose to hold at least 51% equity in the company;

              c)   The proposed business idea should not be in the following categories: night
                   clubs, lounges, bars, foot reflexology, massage parlours, gambling, prostitution,
                   social escort services, employment agencies (including recruiting foreign work
                   permit holders and workers/ support staff, relocation services, and manpower
                   services), and geomancy.

Evaluation    Differentiated Business
Criteria       How does the company differentiate itself from its competition?
               How different or novel is the idea/product/service/business model/ process
                  compared to what is already in the market?

              Feasibility of the business model
               Is the revenue model sustainable?
               How does the company manage its cashflow?
               Does the business have the potential to scale up?

              Potential market opportunity
               What is the target market(s)?
               How sizeable is the targeted market(s)?
               How does the company reach out to its targeted market(s)?

              Management Team
               How committed and passionate is the team to the business?
               What skill sets does the team possess which are relevant to the business?
               How will the applicant(s) contribute to the business development?

              An evaluation panel of a team of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and angel investors
              will evaluate the applications based on the above criteria and decide on the funding

                                       Factsheet on ACE Mentoring Programme and ACE Startups

    Company       Brief Business Profile              Entrepreneurs’ Profile          Mentor

                  ALL ID Asia has developed an        Founder: Alfred Leong
                  integrated Automatic                                                Mr Lim
                  Identification and Data             Alfred graduated with a         Song Joo
                  Collection solution suite called    Bachelor of Sciences            (aka SJ
                  Pesona for ID and smartcard-        (Honours). He started off
                  based tracking. Targeting           as a sales executive in a
                                                                                      Founder &
1   All ID Asia   corporate clients, the Pesona       tech company, moving his
                  suite of software provides an       way up to being a director      CEO, BWG
                  integrated platform for             before he left his job to set   Consulting
                  identification card management,     up All ID Asia.                 Pte Ltd
                  visitor management, and
                  specialised smart card              Contact:
                  personalisation systems.  

                  ARCSIS is collaborating with the
                  Food Innovation & Resource
                  Centre (FIRC) to develop
                  healthier options for a range of
                                                      Founder: Caleb Leow
                  specialty dishes inspired by
                  different places around the
                                                      Caleb is currently an
                  world.                                                              Incubated
                                                      undergrad student at NUS.
2   Arcsis                                                                            by NUS
                  Through food innovation,                                            Enterprise
                  customer-centric design,
                  interesting automation and fully
                  customisable options, ARCSIS
                  aims to provide every customer
                  with a satisfying dining
                  experience in a cosy setting.

                  The essential 21 century party
                  tool for today’s fast-paced
                  entertainment packed world.
                  BBP tells you where the coolest     Founder: Subaish s/o
                  parties are and – more              Rajamanickam
                  importantly – which of those                                        Ms Elaine
                  parties your friends and            Subaish is currently a final-   Teh,
                  acquaintances are at.               year student at SMU. He         Executive
    Biggest                                           has accumulated event           Director,
3   Baddest       BBP is a mobile app akin to a       management experience           Octopus
    Parties Inc   compass to the party world.         through work and                Group Pte
                  The app will be a one-stop          internship.                     Ltd
                  guide for partygoers, offering
                  information about clubs, drink      Contact:
                  specials, location based            subaish@biggestbaddestp
                  services such as where are the
                  nearest watering holes, cover
                  charges, and redemption of

                                   Factsheet on ACE Mentoring Programme and ACE Startups

                BBP will be a free-for-download
                mobile app compatible with all
                smartphones. It will sync with
                the user’s existing social media
                apps to procure information
                about social circles and
                preferences. In short, it’s a
                hybrid between Facebook and
                Foursquare with a party twist.

                Coordsafe promotes better
                eldercare in a fast- paced
                society. Its key product,
                Coordsafe, is a GPS/GSM-
                enabled bracelet which syncs
                with multiple platforms such as
                computers and mobile phones.

                The water-proof, safety lock
                function sends out an alarm if it   Founder: Jack Li Hui          Mr Hui Wing
                isn’t secured properly or                                         Feh, Co-
                removed accidentally.               Jack worked in a              Founder &
                Coordsafe allows perimeters of      government-linked
                Safe and Danger Zones to be         company for the last eight
4   Coordsafe   set, so once the wearer leaves      years, managing key IT
                the Safe Zone or enters the         projects.                     ODM
                Danger Zone, Coordsafe will                                       Innovations
                send out an audible reminder.       Contact:                      Pte Ltd
                Coordsafe also records the
                routes taken in the last 24
                hours, which helps in tracking
                the wearer in case of

                Coordsafe can be further
                customised and the technology
                embedded in items which are
                emotionally significant to the
                wearer, such as bracelets.

                                                    Founder: Gim Huat
                Discarver aims to develop
                smart solutions for car owners.     Gim Huat has worked in
                By making available up- to-         the telecommunications
                date information on the health      industry, where he
                of their cars and timely advice     established a track record
5   Discarver                                                                     by NTU
                when problems are detected –        in developing innovative
                which helps mitigate the cost of    solutions in the telematics
                repair and maintenance—             space. He also has
                Discarver aims to give car          experience with hardware
                owners a peace of mind.             electronics projects.

                                     Factsheet on ACE Mentoring Programme and ACE Startups

                  Greendot aims to bring the next
                  generation of “green fast food”
                  and inspire social
                  consciousness in consumers,
                  starting with youths.

                  Greemdot recognises that
                  many consumers, including
                  youths, are keen to explore
                  plant- based e.g. vegetarian
                  diets but lack accessible,
                  quality alternatives. In addition,   Co-founders: Justin Chou
                  they might have some pre-            Zhi Qi, Fu Yong Hong,
                  conceived notions or                 Leonard Ryan Lim Shu Jie
                  stereotypes about such diets.                                    Incubated
    Greendot      To address these gaps,               The co-founders are
6                                                                                  by NUS
    Gourmet       Greendot aims to change the          undergraduates at NUS
                                                       and MDIS.
                  perception of plant- based diets
                  by providing nutritious yet          Contact: Justin Chou
                  convenient and tasty meals in
                  visually- attractive packaging,
                  targeting students in tertiary
                  institutions.Greendot aims to
                  achieve a triple bottom-line by
                  pursuing a sustainable
                  business model, making a
                  positive impact on the
                  environment by encouraging
                  more consumers to go green,
                  and giving back to society by
                  reaching out to the less-
                  privileged groups.

                  Innervative Learning believes
                  that youths need knowledge
                  outside the classroom to
                                                       Founder: James Chia
                  navigate our increasingly-
                  complex world. To reach out to
                                                       James graduated from an
                  these tech-savvy youths,
                                                       Ivy League university. He
                  platforms which they live and
                                                       was working at a
                  communicate in, such as
    Innervative                                        government agency until
                  mobile apps, have to be used.
7   Learning                                           he founded Innervative
                  Innervative Learning's key
                  product, Econopolis, is a mobile
                  application which shares the
                  thrill of learning economics and
                  financial management
                  principles to youths aged 12-18.
                  Most games attempt to teach
                  financial literacy concepts, but
                                   Factsheet on ACE Mentoring Programme and ACE Startups

                Econopolis goes beyond that to
                bring core economics principles
                to life in an interactive role-
                playing management game.

                The user gets to create a city
                on a newly- discovered planet
                and make economic decisions
                on what to build and what
                policies to pursue in order to
                grow their economy. They are
                constantly challenged to steer
                their cities through economic
                crises, eventually emerging as
                an Economic Powerhouse.

                An online B2B platform that
                enables deal sites to source for
                products on a global platform.
                Uberquery’s partner deal sites       Founder: Yow Yong Hui
                will be able to schedule their
                deals and settle fulfilment terms    Yong Hui is an Economics
                with the supplier or retailer        major at the University of     Mr     Manoj
                quickly and efficiently on a         Sydney. He is currently on     Sharma,
                single platform.                     a hiatus from his studies to   Founder,
8                                                    pursue his first business      DifferWorld
    Pte. Ltd.
                This platform brings together        venture.                       Pte Ltd
                deal sites and primary
                producers with excess goods          Contact:
                inventory. This is similar to
                marketplace sites like
      , where primary
                producers, suppliers and
                retailers convene.

                Wan La is a financial portal
                which offers bite-sized quality
                trading strategies and
                                                     Founder: Wilson Ong Wei
                techniques. Users indicate and
                                                     Zheng and Maslema
                the type of information they
                                                     Zainal Abidin
                wish to receive and these will
                be pushed to them.
                                                     Wilson is an
                                                     undergraduate at SMU,
                Targeted at young                                                   Incubated
9   Wan La                                           majoring in Accounting. He
                professionals who are                                               by SMU
                                                     has more than five years
                interested in learning or
                                                     of experience with trading.
                improving their trading skills but
                do not have the time to go into
                in-depth research.
                The website will help amateur
                traders/investors avoid major
                pitfalls and make more
                profitable trades through real-

                                    Factsheet on ACE Mentoring Programme and ACE Startups

                 time information and real- life

        is an online
                 platform that aims to breach the
                 current convention by providing
                 every composer an opportunity
                 to self-publish and share their
                 compositional talents via
       ’s digital music
                 score distribution platform.       Founder: Tan Siow Wee

       ’s automated          Siow Wee is a certified        Mr Charlie
                 system helps composers free        regional application           Sim, Co-
                 up time to invest in creative      engineer in a Taiwanese        founder,
     Windphony   output while         MNC handling electronics       Renovell
10   .           manages their sales, distributes   component distribution. He     Pte Ltd &
     com         their music and markets their      has spent more than 20         Allied Intuit
                 talent to the world.               years with a local band.       Pte Ltd

        is also a real       Contact:
                 market assessment platform for     siowweetan@windphony.c
                 every composer to get              om
                 feedback and test the response
                 of the music industry to their
                 work. Through this platform,
                 they can potentially jumpstart
                 their career in the music

                                                    Co-founders: Thomas
                                                    Wong and Daniel Yap
                 ZiniCat is your foodie buddy,                                     Ms
                 constantly learning and seeking    Thomas has management          Genevieve
                 to understand your food and        and strategy consulting        Heng,
                 dining preferences. Through        experience in China and
                 creatively re-applying current     Singapore, and business
11   Zinicat     technologies used in financial     development experience in
                 analytics, the app is able to      the financial sector. Daniel   Chepstow
                 deliver highly- customised food    has experience in financial    Capital
                 recommendations based on           and social analytics and       Advisors
                 user profiles.                     project management.


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