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					Xbox 720 Rumored to Have 16-Core CPU
Xbox 720 Rumored to Have 16-Core CPU – A new report claims that Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will be powered by an
advanced 16-core CPU. This is based on the idea that development machines, which are built to represent the level
of performance of the final product, are reportedly being equipped with a 16-core PowerPC processor from IBM.
According to the same source, Xbox-next would be released next year.

The report says that Durango developer kits were sent out last month and while they don’t resemble the finished
product as far as appearance is concerned, the guts of these kits is representative of the console that is expected
next year. We had already heard that the new Xbox 720, codenamed Durango, would pack something along the lines
of AMD’s Radeon 7000-series in terms of graphics, and XBW is reporting the same, along with a 16-core IBM Power

Xbox World states that the additional power on the console game could have been related to technology kinect 2
which is also rumored to be the superior features in the Xbox 720. Kinect 2 technology will certainly require a large
force due to the high degree of accuracy which is owned by him. Although Sony and Microsoft have denied the
appearance of the console game, but many developers are already preparing for the demo game can be played
on Xbox 720.

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